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Why Upgrade to Commercial HVAC SYSTEMS?

Why Upgrade to Commercial HVAC SYSTEMS?

HVAC services in MissouriAmerican Services HVAC installation and repair in Missouri knows that enhanced efficiency, greater occupant comfort, and public relations which promote environmentally responsible choices-are all reasons to update your commercial HVAC system.  If that’s not reason enough to upgrade your buildings’ existing HVAC system, what about the risk of complete equipment failure?

A major university in the southwest completed a complete HVAC upgrade six months ago and is already experiencing additional system capacity, with cutbacks in lab exhaust. The systems are still being tweaked, but officials are certain they’re saving energy. A University source says” We’re  constantly engaged in energy audits in our properties, with our  HVAC upgrade installation complete, we are beginning to understand our building’s performance.”

Maintenance Staff who monitor the project monthly via real time find that the benefits are in the form of reduced energy expended in an environmentally safe process. The primary benefits
have been a reduction in energy cost, and decrease in maintenance cost.

Three separate facility managers help make the case for HVAC upgrade and retrofitting.

1. Arizona State University officials commented,” We could not obtain repair parts, so we limped along under manual control for several years.

2. Spokesman for Brookfield Properties Corporation,” we replaced the items because some of the existing drives were starting to fail, they were operating at 100 percent which is not efficient.
Implementing an HVAC upgrade we immediately began to improve reliability, and energy savings.

3. Toyota Motor Sales U.S. operations sources reports” We are in the process of replacing many self-contained, single and multi-zone package rooftop HVAC Boxcar units that have exceeded their useful life.” “ Making the decision to implement HVAC upgrade retrofit installations, results in better control and interface, with the most energy efficient units from a life cycle cross perspective.”

Regardless of the HVAC system or methodology selected, building owners or facility managers can exceed expectations during HVAC upgrades with a bit of planning, implementation, and open communication with the contractor, such as American Services in St. Louis MO.

Commercial Heating Systems

Commercial Heating Systems

heating systems in Saint LouisAmerican Services Cooling and Heating maintenance near Glen Mills knows that commercial heating systems come in many forms, your specific commercial heating system needs will require you to research the systems available. This will cost time and expense but there will be a pay-off in the long run. Because of the assortment of heating systems available to you, maintenance costs should be a factor and play into your decision making process.

Here are a few commercial heating installation systems available:

1.  From a consumer’s viewpoint the number 1 system will be the natural energy systems. These systems are not only good for the environment, they are also more efficient.

Due to the high initial installation expense of these types of commercial heating systems, they are many times used for the larger businesses.

One of the most long term methods of heating is the oil and or gas steam commercial HVAC system. This system operates when oil or gas  are used to heat, then condense and eventually pass steam through pipes. Commonly known in the industry with the least effective and efficient commercial heating system, steam takes longer than most systems to circulate heat. This is because of the delay between boiler start and steam heat circulation.

The third option is the gas or oil water system.

This commercial heating system using water based HVAC, though similar to the steam heating concept, the steam will pass through to radiators positioned throughout the commercial building site. The downside with this commercial heating system is that water systems are extremely inefficient, and an air clearing system must be initiated each time the heat is engaged.

Heat pumps are another option available.

This is an extremely efficient means of heating a commercial installation project. This is a technology used in refrigerators, extracting heat from cold air in this application using a refrigerant and pumping the heat generated through a commercial property. It should be noted this system does not require a fuel source.


Matching your Kitchen Equipment with Your Menu

Matching your Kitchen Equipment with Your Menu

restaurant equipment repair in MOSelecting the right restaurant equipment is one of many endeavors of a successful restaurant operation. The right equipment will minimize energy costs resulting in a more efficient, productive, and profitable business.

One aspect to take into consideration is your menu.  Considering the foods you make most often and plan ahead to make the best decisions regarding which equipment is best for your commercial kitchen.  This will prevent unnecessary costs and headaches down the road.

Standard kitchen equipment needs:
– Refrigeration equipment
– Food preparation machines an areas
– Cooking equipment

Proper refrigeration equipment is very important because it prevents bacterial growth, and promotes extension of the shelf live for perishable foods. Equipment such as food processors can speed up cook times, saving on manual preparation and reducing overall costs.

But perhaps the largest investment you will have in your restaurant kitchen will be your cooking equipment.  Some of the items you will need include; ranges or open burners, deep fryers, broilers, and ovens of one sort or another.

Your Chef is an excellent source of information, when it comes to what you need to purchase for your kitchen. The Chef is an expert because he/she is familiar with your menu and knows what type of equipment will promote efficient preparation of the type of food he/she prepares.

Other influences on determining your restaurant equipment

  • Cooking techniques/ Serving size
  • Fuel options such as wood, natural gas, electric steam and heating oil.

Planning and predicting for future expansion or additional restaurants should be kept in mind by the successful restaurant owner. Another excellent option for the restaurant owner is to consider a restaurant design consultant who has the knowhow to incorporate your equipment into your kitchen layout. Keep meticulous records on your equipment maintenance and be sure to stay familiar with equipment warranty and location of warranty documents.
You should also keep a phone list of professional maintenance personnel such as American Services restaurant equipment maintenance and repair in Sunset Hills.  You can rely on us when you need service for any of your restaurant equipment.

Efficient Commercial Cooling Alternatives

Efficient Commercial Cooling Alternatives

cooling and heating installation in MissouriAmerican Services Heating and Cooling services in Collinsville knows that there is an energy efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning in commercial buildings. Radiant cooling is a comfortable, quiet system designed to be passive, using off peak electric power at night. This reduces the need for energy intensive HVAC air conditioning during the day. In addition radiant cooling offers the ability to downsize chillers and eliminate individual air conditioning units.

One advantage of radiant cooling is making use of the energy storage capacity of concrete floors for cooling a commercial structure. When a radiant cooling system is used, energy moves toward the cooled surface, thereby lowering air temperature.

Temperature fluctuations and drafts found in traditional HVAC systems are eliminated by radiant cooling technology. It is especially effective in high glazing areas where solar gain can be an issue.

Radiant cooling systems provide several options for offering ultimate comfort while also providing energy efficiency.  One type of radiant system can both heat and cool; additionally in some climates in North America the system may do both throughout the day. Some designs can even transport heat from one side of the building to the other. Because of the fact that radiant surfaces are often cooled just a few degrees below the desired indoor air temperature, there are many options for cooling sources such as night fluid cooling, hydronic loops and indirect evaporative cooling.

Advantages of radiant cooling systems;

– Eliminates the need for individual air conditioning units
– No draft or temperature swings for the ultimate in comfort
– Centrally located mechanical equipment offers simplified maintenance and ease of operation
-Thermal energy storage in the panel structure, walls and partitions that are exposed, helps   reduce peak loads for optimal energy efficiency
– Eliminates fans and blowers which disperses dust and other allergens. Improving air quality.

Water Heater Preventative Maintenance

Water Heater Preventative Maintenance

heating services in st. louisAmerican Services Cooling and Heating maintenance in Clayton knows that water heaters may be the last thing many commercial building owners will perform preventative maintenance on. Fortunately most general maintenance problems have easy solutions that can insure lower costs and improved longevity. Water heaters remain an extremely critical part of an apartment building’s operation. You can expect the average life span of commercial water heaters to be between 4 and 8 years. Water quality and environment can affect the average life span of commercial water heaters.
The most common occurring problems are caused by improper air circulation is negligence. Developing a preventative maintenance program for your water heating system will prevent costly repairs and customer complaints long term.

Commercial size water heaters can be overwhelming because there are many different types of commercial water heaters on the market, It’s important to be aware which type of water heater you select. For example, gas water heaters require oxygen fuel and a source of ignition. Without fresh air the flame cannot survive and the water will not be properly heated. Making sure you have access to ample air and open spaces is one simple way to avoid premature maintenance issues.  Water not getting hot in a timely manner means it’s time to investigate the function of your heater and the water system itself.

Mixing or crossover is a problem caused by the mixing of cold and hot water leading to luke warm water all throughout the building complex. Single handed showers or faucets are most often the problem in this instance. Keeping your water system and water heater properly serviced and regularly maintained will prevent these problems.

Most major maintenance repair cost can be summed up in three words- lack of maintenance. Being familiar with your water heating system, having an experienced water heating system expert such as American Services on call will allow you to operate your commercial business more efficiently.

Maintaining Refrigeration Systems Properly

Maintaining Refrigeration Systems Properly

refrigeration repair in St. LouisAmerican Services restaurant equipment repair in Ladue knows that for those businesses that deal with food such as restaurants and grocery stores, having an inefficient or poorly maintained refrigeration system can cause your business unnecessary maintenance and repair cost.

Commercial refrigeration systems are a critical and essential part of doing business daily.  Significant financial loss can occur when commercial refrigerators or freezers breakdown.  More often than not poor maintenance and improper employee use are to blame.

Inadequate maintenance can be attributed to the number one cause of unnecessary equipment failure when it comes to commercial refrigeration. Owners with an already tight budget hesitate to diagnose or spend money on a regular scheduled maintenance program. Additional items, such as dirty coils and the inadequate monitoring of Freon levels also commonly contribute to insure a breakdown of the equipment.

Lack of refrigeration

On many occasions it’s merely a defect in the door, the liner around the door, or employees leaving the door slightly ajar that can cause lack of proper cooling. It’s possible over time the doors begin to require a little extra push, this will also cause a loss of refrigerant or loss of product. Another possible source will be in the closing latch itself, if the locking surfaces are not engaging properly, the door not being properly shut, will cause a loss of cooling.

Frequent trips in and out of the cooler will help produce inadequate refrigeration, keeping lights on inside of your refrigerator units will help keep temperatures up. Overall it’s important to implement a regularly scheduled maintenance program for your refrigerant equipment. Encouraging your employees to become part of this program will provide success, and reduction in maintenance cost down the road.

Selecting the Right Restaurant Equipment for your Business

Selecting the Right Restaurant Equipment for your Business

restaurant equipment repairAmerican Services restaurant equipment service in University City knows that starting out in the restaurant business requires you to make several decisions, some which can be overwhelming. Researching the market, gaining knowledge, visiting wholesale restaurant equipment auctions and making use of buying guides, will help push you in the right direction when selecting the right equipment and supplies for your eatery.

Heavy Duty Equipment Selection

Heavy Duty Equipment helps to complete the majority of the work day in and day out. Modern day restaurant equipment can be complex, but selecting the right equipment does not have to be a chore.  Here are some helpful tips;

– Commercial ice machines may not seem important, but selecting the correct shape from classic to chewy or nugget ice, big or small could actually improve your profits.

– Commercial restaurant dishwashers include several types and sizes, it’s important to rely on your research and buying guides to determine what’s best for your company.

– Commercial convection ovens are very beneficial, particularly when time and staff are critical and you have a large volume of food that must be prepared. Research the benefits that this oven can provide your kitchen.

-Commercial refrigeration, cold storage is one of the most vital to your successful food service business, research all you can and select the right equipment for your operation.

– Commercial ranges are another critical piece of equipment you will need to research thoroughly. With the variety of options and models available it may seem overwhelming.  Be sure to utilize your research skills to find the right range for your restaurant.

-Commercial fryers may be recognized as the staple in a majority of professional kitchens. Find which one fits your restaurant’s theme.

– Warming trays and temporary storage promote food safety which is paramount in your successful food service business, keeping and storing your cooked foods warm and safe for consumption for your customers. Research and planning before purchasing your equipment will ensure success in your business.

HVAC Upgrade Installation

HVAC Upgrade Installation

HVAC Heating and Cooling Services in MOAmerican Services specializes in HVAC installation near Overland.

American Services knows that almost every facility or maintenance department manager has heard about an HVAC upgrade installation that turned into a long lengthy lesson on what not to do, although there is no magic answer that will cover every single problem of the HVAC upgrade installation.

Facility executives and maintenance department managers can eliminate potential problems by taking into account from start to finish every single detail, checked double checked and, triple checked. This includes the pre planning reasons for upgrading system design, specs, and shop drawings and most importantly the verification of energy cost savings projected.

Most of the major problems will occur between unit designer, the contractor, the vendor and the facility executive. Scarcely productive, more time could be used for understanding the existing system faults or condition of the poor performance. The acceptance of a poor job completed by the contractor is one of the short comings we are talking about.  These deficiencies are presented as problems with controls or building automation, (EMS) or energy management systems, receiving complaints about comfort and air quality also result in higher than normal operating cost.

Like many commercial installation projects, the optimal time to avoid such problems is before the installation.  American Services conducts the pre-installation phase, finds and fixes responsibilities, and documents communications and all changes. If energy cost projections and improved performance verification checks are contracted, we can easily develop controls and methods that measure results. Implementing these steps in the process of American Services HVAC commercial upgrade installation, can prevent the deficiencies noted above.

To set up an appointment for an HVAC contractor to give you a quote on your HVAC upgrade project, call American Services in St. Louis MO today.


Prompt Service for Your Refrigeration Service Needs

Prompt Service for Your Refrigeration Service Needs

refrigeration installation in MissouriAmerican Services commercial refrigeration repair in Edwardsville knows that most commercial refrigeration contractors are familiar with the customer’s requirements and possess the skills and equipment to complete the installation successfully.

The commercial refrigeration process includes many facets in the chain to accomplishing a successful installation. At American Services, our installation specialists take complete responsibility for the entire process from beginning to end in order to ensure that all goods and parts in the refrigeration units are maintained at the highest quality level.

The service provider professionals at American Services are recognized for their support in maintenance repairs. The next support level comes from the refrigeration service providers; they are concerned with maintaining the customer’s reputation at all costs. With years of experience behind these successful companies, it has enabled them to come up with bright and innovative techniques for maintaining the commercial refrigeration unit and commercial refrigeration installation process.

When breakdowns occur, commercial businesses need prompt attention prompt attention, immediate evaluation and technical expertise. Our company provides just that, and will also have a strong technical support package available on short notice.

Our reputation as a contractor in this business depends partially on how quickly we respond to commercial refrigeration repair.  Delays in repairs can quickly accumulate cost for your business which translates to thousands of dollars in downtime.

The professional commercial refrigeration installing contractor at American Services will insure that the installation project and maintenance tasks will not conflict with the daily operations of your business under any circumstances. Providing experienced engineers to respond to any emergency situation will keeps us at the top of our profession and keeps you doing business as usual.

Proper Installation of Commercial Cooling Systems

Proper Installation of Commercial Cooling Systems

cooling repair in MOAmerican Services Heating and Cooling Systems in Fenton knows that today’s commercial cooling systems are designed to be energy efficient and nearly maintenance free.

  • In order to be installed in a commercial building, a cooling system must meet certain expectations and requirements. The contractor for commercial cooling systems must consider the following:
    Appearance, though not a major component in the technical aspect, it remains important in the way a cooling system flows with the commercial building.  In other words all the ductwork being visible in the ceiling requires the cooling system be installed properly.
  • Health-the commercial cooling system must ensure the protection and elimination of any dust, air or potential allergens found inside the building. This can protect the contractor from liability issues down the road.  A commercial cooling system that operates clean and quietly.
  • Flexibility-Increasingly, customers are choosing commercial cooling systems that can be designed and adapted to energy efficient sources. For example, a solar source as an alternate energy efficient source might be considered.
  • Energy Efficiency- the most important aspect in the commercial cooling system installation process. Many industry experts agree the shift to integrate water for the making of such cooling systems is the most efficient system designed today. This is based on waters high capacity to transport energy, which is far superior when compared to air.

    Considerations for the consumer:
    – Superior climate control one that is energy efficient, will keep your organization’s cost low
    – Commercial cooling system options, single or modular units, roof or ground mounted.
    -HAVC considerations, this system ties heating, air conditioning, and ventilation all into one system.
    – Installation, spare no expense when selecting your commercial cooling system installation contractor. Following this process will insure an energy efficient, clean, and environmentally green system.