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Commercial Refrigeration is Going Green

Commercial Refrigeration is Going Green

commercial refrigeration repair in MOAmerican Services commercial Refrigeration Installation in Fenton knows that the initiative to provide cleaner air and establish a greener environment is everyone’s responsibility.

Grocery stores restaurants bars and other businesses are not what we normally think of as being green businesses. The Montreal Protocol changes all that, the pressure this legislation brings about on these types of businesses is to get their act completely cleaned up by 2030. Currently commercial refrigeration relies heavily on R22 as a refrigerant; this refrigerant’s days are numbered. R22 has been found to deplete the ozone layer.

Under the world wide phase-out of ozone depleting HCFCs (Hydro chlorofluorocarbons), which includes the refrigerant R22; the time is now to start thinking of other alternatives, Green alternatives to be specific.

* January 1 2015: U.S. is required to reduce its consumption of HCFC’s by 90 percent below U.S. baseline cap.

* January 1 2020: U.S. is required to reduce its consumption of HCFC’s by 99.5 percent below U.S.
baseline cap.

* January 1 2030: U.S is required to reduce is consumption by 100 percent below U.S. baseline cap.

What these numbers mean is that within the next 4 years the United States will be required to
be 90 percent below its previously allowed usage cap of R22. R22 Has been the most commonly used refrigerant for many decades.

A Natural Alternative R744

A carbon dioxide called R744 is a refrigerant grade CO2, and can be used for variety of refrigeration uses. R744 offers a more ecofriendly option to R22.

Advantages of R744
– Low toxicity
– Nonflammable
– Zero ozone depletion potential
– Very low global warming potential
– Excellent thermodynamic properties and low energy requirement

Off Peak Cooling Systems

Off Peak Cooling Systems

cooling repair in ILOne of the most important topics today in the commercial refrigeration and cooling industry is green energy.  The search for ways to produce and manage energy more efficiently continues to grow. Recent advances in technology have resulted in an innovative way to utilize energy wisely through the use of off peak cooling systems. Off-peak cooling is extremely beneficial as it uses energy at night when the demand is low. A good example is air conditioning which demands large volumes of energy. Diverting some of that energy and cooling your commercial facility in the evening and night hours will reduce the pull off the energy grid at peak demand times during the day.

This redistribution process channels the demand for energy and helps lessen occurrences of brown-out or blackout events. Another benefit is to take advantage of lower energy rates during off peak times. Another advantage to off-peak cooling systems are they not only shift the demand for power to a different time of day, they maintain a much more stable cooling environment.

This stable environment can provide the same cooling capacity with less energy consumption. Energy companies have to meet the demands for energy during peak periods; they accomplish this by bringing less efficient dirtier plants online. These same companies purchase energy from other power plants on the grid at premium prices, care to guess who these charges are passed along to? They continue to expand their facilities when they can’t meet current demand, making the energy grid more efficient by distributing the demand for energy and reducing energy consumption using off peak cooling systems.

These Green Energy technologies help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, an slows down the need for the construction of more energy plants.

To learn more about how you can save on commercial cooling services in Collinsville Illinois, contact American Services today.

Green HVAC Alternatives

Green HVAC Alternatives

HVAC services in MOAmerican Services HVAC installation in St. Louis knows that energy experts say saving energy with a “green HVAC system” can help reduce your overall heating and cooling costs by 30 percent or more. HVAC contractors warn the do-it-yourself enthusiast that the green HVAC system should be installed by professional Personnel such as American Services.

With heating and cooling services responsible for up to 50 percent of energy bills, the efficient green HVAC system is rapidly becoming a critical requirement in both residential and commercial buildings.

Most HVAC systems were installed before 1992 and rated at 10 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) or less. These aging HVAC units continued to drop in SEER ratings year after year. Finally in an effort to increase the efficiency of HVAC systems the Department of Energy mandated and increased minimum SEER ratings from 10 to 13 in 2006. Today manufacturers of HVAC equipment are producing green high-SEER HVAC systems with ratings of 20 SEER or greater.

Replacing the pre-1992 HVAC system with the green HVAC System technology today could reduce your heating and cooling energy costs by up to 50 percent of your total energy bill.
Industry experts recommend replacing traditional HVAC systems with similar ‘green’ high SEER units to dramatically reduce energy costs.

New HVAC industry technology has produced non-traditional HVAC techniques. These technologies are developing quickly, and may be a better suited application for your commercial installation requirements than the efficient Green HVAC system.

Some of those non-traditional solutions are:
1. Automated ducting
2. Evaporative and indirect cooling
3.Geothermal heating
4, Thermal storage
5. Radiant heating and cooling

For a quote on HVAC services, or to order installation today,  contact American Services HVAC installation and repair in Saint Louis MO today.

Light Duty Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

Light Duty Restaurant Equipment and Supplies

restaurant equipment repair in MOSelecting the perfect  supplies and equipment for your food service business can be quite a process, but it need not be overwhelming, here are some helpful tips:

Gathering knowledge about which products you need according to what your menu offers can help guide you. Your Chef can be a valuable source for determining what light duty restaurant equipment and supplies you should purchase, and which ones you should not.

Before any purchase is made, look for a blue NSF sticker on restaurant equipment!
If the equipment has not been approved by the National Sanitation Foundation, it is not suitable for commercial food service. Restaurant inspectors, who find non-NSF approved restaurant equipment during routine inspections, can and do levy heavy fines for such violations.

Light Duty Equipment options
* Countertop cooking equipment: Anything from microwave ovens to cheese melters   choosing the right countertop cooking equipment that adds versatility to your food service operation is the goal.
* Concession equipment: Hot dogs, nachos and popcorn are not just for game day. Determine how concession equipment’s quick service turn around on fast food items can increase sales and profits for your business.
* Food Prep: Obtaining proper food preparation equipment and supplies saves time and more importantly money. Determine which food prep equipment will support your menu and improve your restaurant’s efficiency.
* Storage and Transport: Every organized and professional kitchen must have food storage and transport plans. Everything from shelving systems to food storage bins and dish storage carts are included. Paying attention to detail here will save headaches down the road.
* Catering Supplies: Caterers are both Chef and event planners which means there can be hundreds of details for each event. Choose those supplies which help you streamline your catering business efficiency.
* Catering Equipment:Planning the event, preparing the food for the event, and delivering the food on time are just a few of the tasks the caterer has to accomplish. Wondering about whether or not you have the right equipment is something you cannot afford to do. Research caterer equipment options, or employing a restaurant consultant are just a few things that will help you determine your catering equipment needs.

To get a quote on new restaurant equipment installation in Overland, contact American Services today.

Natural Energy Heating Systems

Natural Energy Heating Systems

heating repair in St. LouisAmerican Services Cooling and Heating installation in Overland knows that the utilization of sustainable resources for the installation of commercial heating systems is a viable option today.

Some energy sources that power these systems are solar, and  geothermal power. HVAC options like these systems are not only eco-friendly, but in the long run will prove more energy cost efficient than the traditional oil and gas option. Some industry experts agree that initial installation costs can be an expensive investment and generally reserved for larger businesses.

Commercial heating alternatives

Gas or oil water systems:
This system is similar to steam heating in concept, there is a water heating method, usually a boiler, then  pushed through radiators throughout the property. This system is somewhat inefficient because you must clear the air in the system when  the heat is engaged causing delays in heating ,and creating unnecessary energy costs.

Heat Pump alternatives:
Another efficient alternative method of heating a commercial building is the implementation of the heat pump. The technology is similar to how a refrigerator works. The process essentially extracts heat from cold air.  Consider how warm the coils on the back of a refrigerator gets, add a refrigerant, and subsequently pump the heat that was generated throughout the commercial property.  This is an
extremely efficient system as it requires no fuel source to function.

Some commercial heating selection tips:
HVAC professionals suggest don’t just add up the installation costs to determine if your system is truly worth a sizable investment but suggests calculating the first several years of ownership of your new commercial heating system to better establish its “cost” versus energy savings.

You can also offset these costs using high efficiency systems. These superior systems are rated with high annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings and possess an Energy Star seal of approval and most generally are elgible for rebates. Finally you must consider the climate, A mild climate requires a different system than one with extreme temperatures during the winter and summer months.


Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Tips

refrigeration services in MissouriAmerican Services refrigeration maintenance service in Bridgeton Missouri knows that the best way you can extend the life of your commercial refrigeration system, is to perform proper refrigeration maintenance. Setting up a series of preventive maintenance checks and services schedule will help prevent any expensive repair and replacement costs down the line.

Listed here are a few of the common problems caused by poor maintenance practice ,and failure to implement a preventive maintenance program designed specifically for your commercial refrigeration systems.

  • Failure of thermostat: generally caused by high amp draw do to dirty condenser coils.
  • Failure of fan motors: caused by dirty coils blocking air flow
  • Compressor failure: normally caused by dirty condenser coil& high head pressure.
  • Wire deterioration (burning): Caused by excessive amp draw from the elevated head pressure and dirty coils
  • Increase in energy cost: due to longer run times caused by dirty condenser coils.

These are just a few problems caused by lack of maintenance there are many more. These are the most common encountered out in the service field. These are expensive repairs that can occur on weekends, holidays, or after duty hours when repair service comes at a premium. Initiating a few simple steps and implementing a maintenance schedule will guard against equipment failure. These maintenance practices will also extend the life of coolers, freezers and refrigeration systems.

Some common commercial refrigeration energy saving tips that can help save you unnecessary energy expenditures include;

1. Keep the condenser coils clean and decreased.
2. Inspect coils once a month.
3. Inspect and insure automatic door closers operate properly.
4. Make sure gaskets seals are in good condition and working properly.
5. Service ice machines twice a year, well water may need servicing more often.

Energy-Efficient Cooling Alternative

Energy-Efficient Cooling Alternative

cooling service in MissouriAmerican Services commercial Heating and Cooling installation in Jefferson County knows that a quiet, energy efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning in commercial buildings has been developed and is known as  Radiant Cooling.

This cooling process has been designed as a passive system. Radiant cooling uses off- peak electric power at night, minimizing the need for energy draining air conditioning operations during daylight hours.  This provides the flexibility in downsize chiller units, completely eliminating the need for individual air conditioning units.

The Radiant cooling process makes use of the energy storage capacity of concrete floors for the purpose of cooling the commercial
unit. In this cooling system, energy  moves to the cooled surface, thereby lowering ambient air temperature. Radiant cooling helps eliminate the drafts and temperature fluctuations commonly associated with traditional HVAC installed systems.

Radiant cooling is also effective in areas where high-glazing  and solar gain could be a concern. Radiant cooling is especially effective in avoiding problems with mold and allergens spread by forced-air systems. This makes Radiant cooling systems a perfect application for hospital and healthcare environments.

Radiant cooling systems offer many great advantages. They can be combined and work with existing HVAC  systems already in place to conserving energy during peak hours. Radiant systems offer the ability to accurately control and vary temperatures throughout the commercial installation.

Key Benefits
– Energy savings average from 17 percent in cold ,humid climates to 42 percent it warm dry climates.
– Effective for building designs incorporating large glass surfaces
that carry high direct solar loads
– Allows you to establish a centralized location for the control system and mechanical equipment simplifying installation operation and maintenance
– Systems can be designed to transfer heat away from one area of a building to another.

Understanding Your Restaurant Equipment Needs

Understanding Your Restaurant Equipment Needs

restaurant equipment installation in BellevilleAmerican Services restaurant equipment installation in Chesterfield knows that the modern world of restaurant equipment can be surprisingly difficult to navigate.  Selecting the right equipment does not have to be a chore. Using the helpful guide below will help you in selecting the right equipment for your business;

– Commercial Ice Machines
selecting a machine that fits your
theme including; classic cubes, shaved, large, small cubes,  determine which is best for your restaurant.
– Commercial Dishwashers
there are several types and sizes available depending on whether you will you be washing more dishes or more flatware glasses. Determining your restaurants theme and what equipment must be cleaned and turned around quickly to the dining room will influence your decision.
Commercial Refrigeration
– Determining your cold storage needs is a decision that is vital to your restaurant business,  be sure to research this purchase carefully with the experts.
– Commercial Convection Oven
This equipment is critical if you’re short on time or staff. Especially if you need to produce large amounts of baked food. Balancing your equipment needs with your restaurant’s requirements will produce benefits for your kitchen.
-Commercial Ranges
Normally a staple in all professional kitchens deciding what application is best for your kitchen will take a little research.  Reviewing your menu is a great way to determine what type of commercial range you will need.
– Frying Machines
normally a staple in most professional kitchens, selection of this equipment will depend on the volume of frying you intend to do light, medium, or large orders.
– Warming & Staging areas
keeping food safe and free of contamination is without a doubt the most important item for successful restaurant operations.
Keeping already cooked food warm and properly warming up cold food with the right the equipment is essential. Using your menu and your restaurant theme, determine the size and quantity that will most benefit your restaurant operation.

Alternative Commercial Heating Solutions

Alternative Commercial Heating Solutions

Commercial Heating Repair in MOAmerican Services Cooling and Heating Installation in St. Louis County knows that no one can predict how high heating oil prices climb. As fuel expenses rise there has been a tremendous increase in interest for alternative heating methods.

The time to find cleaner energy efficient alternatives for  commercial heating installations is now. With increasingly new technology in the solar heating field; geo-thermal heating field, and the new alternative stove systems are becoming more affordable and available. There has been an increasing shift away from fossil fuels, and gaining momentum toward healthier, more eco-friendly energy sources.

Solar Heating Systems are classified passive or active.  Passive solar systems rely on building designs to collect and hold sunlight. Building orientation is critical, large south facing windows incorporating thermal mass surfaces capture and hold  sunlight storing it for future use.
Active solar heating systems employ several units that work together they are: solar collectors, heat pumps, exchangers ,storage tanks ,and controls that gather, transfer, and disperse heat throughout the installation site. One distinctive difference between active and passive solar heating is active solar systems which rely on electricity to move the gathered heat from the solar collector and then distributes heat throughout the commercial insulation.

Geothermal residential heating systems require the use of the earth’s heat as a source.  As the temperature of the earth remains constant just below the surface, underground piping can then be installed with a fluid to absorb the heat. The fluid is then pumped into the home where a heat exchanger collects the heat then engages a fan that distributes the heat  throughout the structure.  Existing ductwork and infrastructure can be used making this heating system cost efficient. Like the Solar heating system, the Geothermal heating system will never run out of its heat source.

Alternative Stoves
Using fuels such as corn, wood or wood pellets have seen a huge  increase in sales. People are searching for alternative heating methods that are affordable, eco-friendly, and are purchased domestically. Wood and corn which are easily obtained can be locally grown and are much more affordable than heating oil or even natural gas.  These stoves in many scenarios are used to supplement existing conventional heating systems. One major advantage that these alternative heating systems offer is convenience. In addition there is no costly rebuild or upgrade needed in order to implement these alternative heating stoves.

In today’s market there is a thriving  competition among alternative heating companies to satisfy customers thus driving price down, so there has never been a better time to implement new energy efficient heating systems.

How to Avoiding Set Backs During HVAC Upgrades

How to Avoiding Set Backs During HVAC Upgrades

HVAC services in Saint LouisAmerican Services HVAC installation service in Missouri knows that Project interruptions and delays and cost overruns all seem to be normal operating procedure when it comes to HVAC upgrade installations.  To emphasize this, most organizations ignore overruns until The HVAC upgrade project reaches around 15 percent of the original estimate. When you start adding project delays the budget can become restricted and can force cutbacks on the upgrade

project. If that’s not enough to contend with, there are also concerns about occupants’ wellbeing. Avoidance of these disruptions causes many building executives to put off implementation of HVAC upgrades for as long as possible even to the point of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs.

American Services knows that cost overruns and  project delays are easily avoidable. While uncertainty can be associated with almost every renovation project, building executives can greatly reduce these risks by understanding the factors causing overruns and project delays and then simply taking steps to avoid them.

One of the most common causes for cost overruns is an unrealistic initial estimate many budgets are based on. If a special need arises or equipment costs increase, the budget does not allow for extra costs. Simply put, the most serious error is giving an estimate without considering other project factors.  Managing the budget week to week will insure a successful HVAC
upgrade installation.

Poor scheduling produces both delay and cost overrun.  Factors such as inclement weather and lack of accessibility can result in delays. It is advisable to schedule your HVAC upgrade project when the least number of building occupants will be disrupted.

With every HVAC renovation upgrade project, there are unplanned circumstances which can lead to a change in work orders.  Examples are; a need to replace isolation valves, or a need to reroute equipment.  Of course, careful planning can reduce the impact of hidden work to a manageable level.