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Signs Your AC System Needs Serviced

Signs Your AC System Needs Serviced

cooling systems in  MOIf you are unsatisfied with the performance of your current cooling system, it’s probably time to investigate options for a new HVAC system. The need for high quality commercial cooling system near University City  can be addressed by American Services HVAC service in Missouri. Air conditioning repair is as obvious as a complete breakdown or a major performance issue. There are some other subtle hints that your system may be in need of repair. These signs should be taken as indications that the system is trying to tell you something. As is the case with most things mechanical, dealing with the problem early is usually easier and less costly.

Even though most air conditioners do not operate silently, excessive noise is typically a sign that there is a problem. You should also take heed of any noises that seem excessively loud or that arise unexpectedly. These may indicate a problem in development. In some cases, you should immediately turn off your AC and call a professional technician as further operation could damage the system. Also consider calling for professional assistance should your AC make an unusual sound or one that you have never heard before. For help with industrial cooling in Illinois contact American Services.

Higher than average energy bills is often a sign that there may be an issue. Even though it seems like common sense, keeping a close eye on your energy bill during the cooling season can help you find any spikes in energy consumption. These are often indications that you have a blocked airflow problem, perhaps caused by a clogged air filter or even inadequate levels of refrigerant.

If Inadequate cooling is the problem, then obviously steps must be taken. Fixing existing equipment is often a more desirable option than replacement. While you can’t necessarily expect your 10-year old AC to work as well as it did the day it was installed, you should make sure that you have the cooling experience you need to stay comfortable in your home.



Maintaining Your Geothermal Heating System

Maintaining Your Geothermal Heating System

commercial heating in MOGeothermal heating draws on the latent thermal energy of the ground below your property to heat and cool buildings throughout the year. It is a growing trend in America and it is also popular in other areas of the world. For those who are familiar with geothermal systems, you may already know about one of its most important benefits: the system has minimal maintenance needs. While furnaces and air conditioners require frequent, routine maintenance to upkeep their performance and efficiency, a geothermal system tends to be much more durable.

There are a few things you should do to make sure your system continues to operate effectively. First, installation is crucial. If you want to be able to rely on your geothermal system year after year for excellent heating and cooling, then it needs to be professionally installed. Find a qualified HVAC company with experience with these types of systems. For commercial heating service in Missouri, American Services can assist.

As with any HVAC system, its size must match your property to prevent short cycling and extra wear and tear on components. Dirt and debris can damage any of the indoor parts of your geothermal system, from the heat exchanger to the blower motor. During geothermal maintenance, your technician has the opportunity to clean sensitive mechanical components so that your system will continue to work effectively. 

Your geothermal system relies on the cleanliness and integrity of your air ducts. If the air ducts that distribute the heated or cooled air throughout your home are leaking or damaged, your geothermal system will not be able to keep your home comfortable. There are various types of loop designs available for geothermal systems. It depends upon the unique circumstances of each project. What a maintenance visit can do for your pipes is make sure they are not leaking or in need of repair. Since these underground pipes are one of the most important components of your geothermal system, it’s important to make sure they remain in good condition.


Liquid Based Active Solar Heating

Liquid Based Active Solar Heating

solor heating in MOAmerican Services heating installation service near Fairview Heights knows that solar liquid collectors are a viable option for central heating systems.  These are the same systems used in solar water heating.  Flat plate collectors are the most prevalent type available, but another version is the evacuated tube and concentrating collectors.  These are heat transfer fluid heating systems which use water, antifreeze, or other types of liquid which can absorb solar heat.

The controller operates a circulating pump to move the liquid through the collector.  As the fluid moves quickly through the system.  “Heating a smaller volume of liquid to a higher temperature increases heat loss from the collector and decreases the efficiency of the system. The liquid flows to either a storage tank or a heat exchanger for immediate use. Other system components include piping, pumps, valves, an expansion tank, a heat exchanger, a storage tank, and controls,” says

In distributing heat for liquid systems, there are many options such as radiant floor, hot water baseboards, or even radiators, as well as forced air heat.  One of the best distribution methods is radiant floor heating for liquid solar systems because it works very well even at low environmental temperatures. Standard water heaters can be used as a back-up supply of heat.  Radiant slab systems finished with tile can take longer to heat than other distribution systems, but once they are heated up, they work very well to provide consistent heat.  The downside is that carpeting and rugs will lower the effectiveness.

“Hot-water baseboards and radiators require water between 160° and 180°F (71° and 82°C) to effectively heat a room. Generally, flat-plate liquid collectors heat the transfer and distribution fluids to between 90° and 120°F (32° and 49°C).”

Air Quality in Commercial Cooling Systems

Air Quality in Commercial Cooling Systems

commercial cooling service in MOThere are many things that people can do to help ensure that the air quality of their commercial space is as healthy as possible. Many structures are built without regard for the fact that often indoor air can easily be worse than the air outside. Chemical cleaners and products along with machinery and appliances can all contribute to contaminants in the air that workers and possibly customers are exposed to.

People with asthma or allergies can be highly affected by moldy, stale, stuffy environments. Furthermore, it isn’t good for those without these health concerns either, especially for those who have to spend a lot of time living or working in bad air. Faulty heating or air-conditioning is yet another source of the problem. Equipment damage is something that has to be accounted for when tying to provide clean fresh air to spaces. The presence of molds and excess humidity are also concerns that must be eliminated to keep the air healthy.

Depending on what concern you have and are trying to fix, there are plenty of steps that can be taken to correct poor air quality. Ventilation upgrades can be one solution, so can purchasing new or repairing old heating and air-conditioning units. Cleaning or replacing older building infrastructure can also help.  Deteriorating pipe insulation, fire retardant, old ceiling tiles, lead-based paint dust, the list of potential issues goes on and on.

Additional potential solutions for bad air quality are minimizing or eliminating sources of moisture to decrease the capacity for mold and mildew growth. Using a quality dehumidifier might be necessary. Natural or mechanical air circulation aids may be in order as well. For professional help with upgrades and problem solving concerning  commercial cooling in Webster Groves, American Services can provide answers and assistance.



Radiant Heating Panels

Radiant Heating Panels

industrial heating service in MOAmerican Services heating installation service in Saint Louis MO knows that when it comes to alternative sources of heating, there are many choices available for commercial spaces.

One example is wall and ceiling mounted ceiling panels which are comprised of aluminum and can be heated with electricity. Another heating option for heating panels is to utilize tubing which carries hot water.  The disadvantage of hot water tubing is the concern for water leaks inside the walls or ceilings-thus most commercial radiant panels are electrically heated.

Radiant panels can cost a lot to operate but they can supply supplemental heating supply for individual rooms or can be used when conventional heating systems are not an option.

The advantage to radiant panels is that they have the fastest response time of any other heating method and the panels can be individually controlled in every room.  Using this heating method for rooms that are infrequently used can provide overall cost savings and a fast method of heating rooms to a comfortable temperature within minutes.  These systems should be set to on the minimum heat settings to prevent pipes from freezing in geographic areas where subzero temperatures occur.

“Radiant heating panels operate on a line-of-sight basis — you’ll be most comfortable if you’re close to the panel. Some people find ceiling-mounted systems uncomfortable because the panels heat the top of their heads and shoulders more effectively than the rest of their bodies,” says

To learn more about alternative heating methods in Missouri, contact us at American Services commercial heating cooling in St. Louis today.  We are happy to give you information on heating products and services near Sunset Hills today.

Cleaning Commercial Refrigerator Systems

Cleaning Commercial Refrigerator Systems

restaurant refrigeration in MOAmerican Services commercial refrigeration repair service in Missouri is committed to offering tips for business owners to keep their refrigeration equipment in the best possible working order.

Be sure that your machine is unplugged before you begin any cleaning of your unit.

Note that there are several parts on a unit that need to be cleaned regularly including;

Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is located in various spots and can usually be found by checking the owner’s manual or asking our technicians to point it out when we are doing regular maintenance checks.  The coil needs to be cleaned monthly.

Remove lint and dust with a commercial condenser coil cleaner you purchase from your local kitchen equipment retailer. After cleaning the fins, straighten any bent fins with using a comb.

Fan Blades and Motor

The fan blades and motor on commercial refrigerator both needto be cleaned on a regular monthly basis, with a soft cloth on the motor as well as the blades.  Be sure to cover the motor with a dry cloth when you clean the fan blades to prevent moisture from entering and causing damage.


Refrain from using steel wool, or harsh cleaning chemicals (including bleach) when cleaning the interior of your unit, which could damage the finish and leave strong smells which could affect the food.  Use warm water and mild soap instead. On a weekly basis remove the door gaskets and allow them to soak in warm water and soap for around a half an hour.  Then remove the gaskets, dry and replace.  Make sure they still create a good seal once you have reattached them.  Remove and clean the shelves once a week as well.

The Right Commercial Ice Machine Restaurant Equipment

The Right Commercial Ice Machine Restaurant Equipment

restaurant equipment ice machine in MOAmerican Services offers restaurant equipment installation near Collinsville IL.  We know that most restaurants serve cold drinks and beverages as well as using ice to stock salad bars or make blended frozen cocktails.  Therefore purchasing the right size ice machine is imperative for most restaurant operations to run smoothly.  Running out of ice is not an option.

Commercial ice machines come in several different configurations such as a simple ice bin and scoop to a single serve beverage dispenser or even a large hotel dispenser.

The ice machine size is calculated according to ice production in a 24 hour period.  The following factors should be considered when restaurant equipment such as ice machines are considered;

  • The number of patrons you serve daily
  • The areas where ice is used in the restaurant
  • The type of ice you need

When it comes down to the actual size of the ice machine many restaurant owners take a stab in the dark, particularly for 1st time restaurant owners. Additional Sizing Considerations for Commercial Ice Machines

The most important information is how many customers are served, be sure to consider future goals if your establishment is growing.

Keep in mind that the 24 hour yield for ice machines is affected by ambient air and water temperature.  Excessively hot and humid environments may require a water cooled machine instead of an air cooled type model.

Be sure to overestimate the total production of your establishment by around 10 to 20 percent in order to allow for growth, this will also cover fluctuation in business when seasons peak as well as environmental factors that can affect ice production-particularly with smaller units.

Proper Ventilation Helps Ensure High Air Quality for HVAC Systems

Proper Ventilation Helps Ensure High Air Quality for HVAC Systems

commercial HVAC in MOWhether you are in the process of designing and building, retrofitting, upgrading, or adding to an existing facility, there is a wide range of solutions to meet your unique challenge. It is important to seek out the best available technology to preserve resources, slash heating and ventilation costs, and shrink your environmental footprint. For help with commercial HVAC installation near Chesterfield contact American Services for help.

For your next ventilation project, start with the premise that almost every building or enclosure requires some type of ventilation to prevent the buildup of harmful gases and contaminants. Fresh air is needed to replace stale air. New air is needed to replace exhausted air. At the same time, depending on the climate and season, tempered air is needed to satisfy your ventilation requirements. Design strategy to optimize indoor air quality (IAQ) by delivering cost effective, environmentally sensitive, reliable, and durable customer-driven solutions.

Proper ventilation requires also that there be a movement or circulation of the air within the space and that the temperature and humidity be maintained within a range that allows adequate evaporation of perspiration from the skin. It might be the case that the discomfort, headache, and lethargy commonly associated with poor ventilation were caused entirely by the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide and the decrease in the oxygen content of the air.

A simple roof ventilator is essentially an opening in the roof with a cover to keep out rain and to prevent winds from interfering with its functioning. Natural convection is an appreciable aid to ventilation in a large building only if it contains sources of large amounts of heat. A further useful adjunct is a fan in the roof ventilator. The addition of distribution ducts to the fan and a system for forcing air into the building provides greater efficiency.

Install Renewable Energy Systems

Install Renewable Energy Systems

cement slab floor method in MOAmerican Services heating and cooling instillation and repair near Chesterfield knows that the heat of summer arrives, many commercial businesses start looking for ways to save money on cooling expenses.

One cost effective way to cool industrial buildings is to consider passive solar design to cool your business.   Passive solar systems can really help lower cooling costs when they are designed correctly with overhangs using reflective coatings on windows, exterior walls, and roofs.  Consider placing thermal mass, like concrete slab floors or heat absorbing walls, close to windows for another passive cooling method that can really save on cooling costs.

Solar arrays and wind turbine systems are a couple of examples of renewable energy cost effective systems.  Thinking about installing a renewable energy system at your building, like solar arrays or a wind turbine? Increasing the energy efficiency of your commercial building is a great plan if you are preparing for commercial renewable energy systems.

According to, “efficiency upgrades can shrink the energy load of your building by as much as 35 percent, which will allow you to maximize the proportion of clean power generated on-site at the least cost. In other words, energy efficiency gives you the most bang for your renewable energy buck.”

The Environmental Protection Agency offers the following resource sites to help businesses learn more about renewable energy products at; “EPA’s Green Power Partnership”, or “EPA Guide to Clean Energy Financing Programs”, or “Power Purchase Agreements.”

If you consider the Power Purchase Agreement program, there are actually no upfront costs because according to, “the end-user, don’t own the solar panels. Instead you buy solar power as a service much like you already do for grid-based energy from a utility. At the end of the month, you pay only for the solar energy produced on-site and purchase the remaining energy you need from your utility. A solar energy services firm assumes all performance and economic risks because it owns and maintains the equipment on your site.”

To learn more about renewable energy sources for your commercial building, contact us today at American Services today.

Tips for the Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Tips for the Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

commercial refrigeration maintenance in MOIn addition to cleaning your commercial refrigerator regularly, there are some other things you should do every other month in order to keep your commercial refrigerator operating in optimal condition.

American services commercial refrigeration service near Fairview Heights knows that scheduling routing maintenance checks to your commercial refrigeration system is imperative.  Most commercial refrigeration manufacturers suggest routine maintenance programs that you can enroll in to have your refrigeration system checked out regularly.  Maintenance technicians such as our professional trained staff at American Services can detect potential problems before they result in costly breakdowns.

“Check the door gasket for a proper seal. In order to assure the door or drawer is properly sealing, insert a dollar bill between the gasket and door frame and close the door. The bill should give some resistance when you pull on it. If it falls to the floor or slides out easily, the door is not properly sealing, and you need to replace the gasket,” says

In order to ensure safety of food be sure to check the holding temperature.  The holding temperature should actually be checked several times per day.  If he holding temperature is too low, food can spoil resulting in increase in expenses.  Low temperatures in commercial refrigeration systems could be caused by blocked vents or even a malfunction of the system itself.

Be sure to keep interior lights replaced when needed.  This will allow employees to quickly be able to identify food that they need rather than hanging inside the refrigerator with the door open  while searching for food items.  Be sure to replace old bulbs with those of the same wattage to be sure proper illumination is attained.