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Types of Heating Systems for Commercial Buildings

Types of Heating Systems for Commercial Buildings

industrial heating maintenance in MOAmerican Services industrial heating equipment installation near Wood River knows that there are many types of efficient heating systems to select from for commercial buildings. Examples are; radiant heating, eat pumps, radiators, and more.

Radiant heating systems function by supplying heat directly to the floors or to wall or ceiling panels of your commercial building. Radiant heating systems depend on transfer of heat or delivery of heat directly to objects in the room. This type of radiant heat is called “infrared radiation.”

Radiant heating is far more efficient than baseboard heat or forced air because there is no loss of heat through the duct system that forced air must travel through before entering the room it is heating.

Steam radiator systems are another option of heating for commercial spaces.  Steam radiators utilize  a boiler which actually heats water to a boiling point into steam.  This steam then moves through the pipes and it does not require pumping. One drawback to steam heating is that it requires a period of time before the system is hot enough to heat the room.

Heat pumps are yet another type of heating source and it can be a liquid or air source. Liquid heat pump systems are usually made up of several heat pump units located above the ceiling tiles on each floor of a high-rise building. A water loop is required to provide heat to the refrigerant at the heat pumps. The water loop then collects more heat which  is usually from a boiler inside the building.

No matter what type of efficient heating system you choose for your commercial building, contact us today at American Services.  We can help you with installation and maintenance of any heating service select.

The Best Cooling Systems are Energy Efficient

The Best Cooling Systems are Energy Efficient

industrial cooling in MOAmerican Services commercial cooling maintenance service near Fenton knows that in today’s market most cooling systems have an energy efficient design in order to save commercial businesses on energy costs.

Cooling systems must be designed with specific qualities in order to meet standards for the commercial industry.  In fact many systems today are almost completely maintenance free.

Other specs include; ensuring the protection or the system so it is free of dust and allergens, providing flexibility for adaptable cooling systems, and energy efficiency-which may be the most important aspect of cooling systems in today’s commercial market.

Many industry experts today say that utilizing water for cooling systems is the most efficient method of cooling today.  This principal is based on the fact that water has a high capacity for transporting energy efficiently compared to air systems.

One such cooling system is called evaporative cooling.  This type of cooling mechanism uses water to cool for spot cooling for approximately five hundred sq. ft. or less

Another energy efficient cooling option is a configuration that blows cool air from all 4 sides.  This type of cooling system does not generate enough cool air to cover as much area as the evaporative coolers.

In commercial buildings, superior climate control one that is energy efficient, will keep your costs down.

Other commercial cooling system options include; single or modular units, roof mounted HAVC systems which connect the  heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems together in one  classification.

When it comes to installation and maintenance of your commercial cooling system, it is recommended to spare no expense when selecting a licensed commercial installation and maintenance contractor.

In commercial buildings, superior climate control one that is energy efficient, will keep your costs down.  To learn more about energy efficient cooling options for your commercial space, contact us today at American Services in MO.

Advantages of High Density Cooling Towers

Advantages of High Density Cooling Towers

Industrial cooling in MOAmerican Services commercial heating and cooling installation in  St. Louis, knows that there are advantages to the use of high density polyethylene based plastic cooling towers for commercial cooling.

Not only are polyethylene based plastic cooling towers becoming more popular in the U.S., but are growing in popularity in the Middle East as well. Cooling towers manufactured in the U.S. have been integrated into an advanced, solar-powered cooling project taking place in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi project is a pilot program which was implemented in order to offer rooftop air conditioning to some of the city’s commercial buildings via concentrated solar panels that will provide clean renewable solar energy to the building during peak demand hours.

“Essentially, the project is using solar power to produce cold water that is used to provide air conditioning,” explained Mohammad Alkarmi, CEO of Limitless International Corp., Raleigh, N.C., the exporting organization that sold the plastic cooling towers to the project’s management. Limitless International is the authorized agent for Delta Cooling Towers in the Middle East

The benefits of the system include significant energy cost savings, but also peak shaving from the rooftop solar cooling technology, which will result in better grid efficiency and reduced emissions.

“We believe that this unique cooling tower technology is the ideal solution for cooling applications in the Middle Eastern countries, where very high temperatures accompanied by high humidity — especially in the gulf region — would prevent most metal cooling towers from lasting very long because they would rust and corrode easily,” Alkarmi said.

The solar powered air conditioning project was a demonstration of the option to use the sun’s energy to provide cooling even in the heat of the desert. “Essentially, they are simply using the hot water that is coming from the solar panels to get cold water from the chiller,” Alkarmi stated.

The cooling towers play a vital role in the overall cooling system performance, and the reliability of the tower reliability was an important consideration when selecting the design.


“The HDPE plastic cooling tower will never rust or corrode, as opposed to either stainless steel or galvanized metal clad models, which will eventually rust and corrode,” Alkarmi said. “The Delta HDPE design does not require any coating or galvanizing or other exterior protection. It simply will never rust or corrode, and will last well over 20 years.”


The warranty coverage period was increased from 15 to 20 years because of the products history of long term performance.

Alternative Heating Sources

Alternative Heating Sources

solor heating in MOAmerican Services Heating and Cooling installation service in Missouri knows that there are many options when it comes to commercial heating systems.

One such option is for heat transfer fluids.  If you are considering solar heating heat transfer systems, be sure to consult the local authority in your area to find out what exactly is required for your geographic area.

Water is one type of substance that is effective as a heat transfer fluid, particularly with its low viscosity property which makes it easy to pump. Drawbacks are its low boiling point and high freezing point, and the fact that water can be corrosive and cause mineral deposits.

Glycol and water mixtures are made up of a 50/50 or 60/40 glycol-to-water ratio. Ethylene and propylene glycol make up the properties of antifreeze.

Hydrocarbon oils have a higher viscosity and lower specific heat than water meaning they need more energy for circulation.  With a low freezing point, these types of oils tend to be relatively less expensive than some others.     The basic categories of hydrocarbon oils are synthetic hydrocarbons, paraffin hydrocarbons, and aromatic refined mineral oils. Synthetic hydrocarbons are relatively nontoxic and require little maintenance. Paraffin hydrocarbons have a wider temperature range between freezing and boiling points than water, but they are toxic and require a double-walled, closed-loop heat exchanger. Aromatic oils are the least viscous of the hydrocarbon oils.

Refrigerants are commonly used in refrigerators, air conditioners, and heat pumps as the primary heat transfer fluid. They generally have a low boiling point and a high heat capacity which enables a small amount of the refrigerant to transfer a large amount of heat very efficiently.

If you currently own a refrigerant-charged solar system that requires maintenance, contact us today at American Services and we will sent out a qualified technician.

Active solar heating uses solar energy to heat transfer fluid or air, which then transfers the solar heat to an interior  storage system for later use. Solar heating systems can be implemented as a supplement to other heating systems such as radiant heating, boilers, heat pumps, or forced-air heating systems.

Active solar heating systems are actually most cost-effective in cold climates that have good solar resources.  Liquid and air systems are good choices for forced air supplemental heating. Note that commercial systems usually come with warranties of 10 years or more and usually last much longer.

Tips for Buying Used Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Tips for Buying Used Commercial Refrigeration Systems

walk in refrigeration repair in MOAmerican Services offers a wide range of commercial refrigeration services in St. Louis County, including installation, repair, and maintenance.

If you are looking for a new refrigeration system for your commercial operation, here are some costs saving tips.

The draw to buying a used refrigeration system can be alluring particularly if you are trying to save on expenses and stay within your business budget.  Keep in mind that you should be cautious and be sure to meticulously inspect the used unit so you don’t end up paying more for parts and repair than you paid for the used unit itself.

Regardless of whether you decide on a new or used refrigeration unit, establishing a routine schedule for cleaning and maintenance are the best ways to ensure years of worry-free service from your commercial refrigerator.

In order to make sure you purchase the best possible pre-owned commercial refrigeration unit there are several considerations you may want to consider;

  • Thoroughly inspect the unit inside and out for any signs of excessive wear and tear. Tune in to areas such as the door gasket and evaporator fins. Cracked or dried out gasket will need to be replaced. If the evaporator fins are damaged or bent, the machine will deliver decreased performance.
  • Look for signs of mold or corrosion. Check the frame and doors or anything else that is metal for signs of corrosion that indicates poor maintenance, if it smells musty or moldy, do not purchase that unit because the odor will adversely affect the flavor of fresh food.
  • Call the manufacturer with any questions.

Keep in mind that  many experts feel buying used commercial refrigeration units are the worst products to buy used because compressors on used models have a potential to burn out. Replacing the compressor on a refrigeration unit can cost $1,000 or more.

HVAC Rooftop Systems Maintenance

HVAC Rooftop Systems Maintenance

commercial HVAC installation in MOAmerican Services Commercial HVAC maintenance and repair service serving St. Louis County knows that maintaining rooftop HVAC systems properly is vital to prevent expensive problems down the road.

Here are a few useful tips from contractors on servicing and maintaining HVAC rooftop units.

According to Steve Moon, Elkton Maryland; “When I think about rooftops, I think of lack of maintenance for that unappreciated soldier sitting up on the roof, all by himself, until he breaks.”

Regularly scheduled maintenance on HVAC units is the only way to ensure the HVAC system is in good running condition.  Sometimes convincing commercial building owners to spend the money on proper maintenance is not always easy, according to contractors.

“The downfall is that packaged units are typically the easiest ones to service, but they get the least amount of service because they’re out of sight,” he continued. “It’s up there, and as long as it’s working, they don’t want to know about it. They don’t want to poke the bear,” says Moon.

Educating commercial building owners is an important factor improvement in rooftop maintenance. Regular maintenance will cost an owner a specific amount, but lack of regular service checks will result in higher cost for business owners.

“The biggest tip is to find clients who are willing to spend the money for a mechanic to do a proper inspection, not a fly by,” said Ronald Sage, vice president of Westside Mechanical Inc.  “If it’s a 130-ton VAV [variable-air volume] RTU [rooftop unit], with an ERV [energy recovery ventilator], Aaon, or a little 5-ton RTU, they all have specific requirements. Each task takes time for a mechanic to do.”

Lack of service education is bad for the consumer as well as the HVAC contractor who may lose work to companies not performing proper maintenance.

One method of making sure that rooftop HVAC systems are operating properly is to make sure the surface they sit on promotes efficiency.

“I have seen the ambient temperature well over 120˚F here in Florida on the roof because of the color of the roof being black,” said Chris Johnson, HVAC sales consultant, Sunrise, Fla.,  “This causes many premature failures that could be prevented if the roof around the rooftop unit is cool sealed with a light-colored coating. Remember design temperature is 95˚ — talk about capacity loss.”

Changing fan belts regularly is another important tip for HVAC systems.

For more tips on HVAC maintenance or repair, contact us today at American Services in St. Louis.

Keeping Restaurant Equipment such as Beverage Systems Clean

Keeping Restaurant Equipment such as Beverage Systems Clean

restaurant equipment beverage systems in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment maintenance service near Maryland Heights knows that it may seem like an easy task to keep your beverage system clean, but this is one of the most important parts of maintenance for restaurant beverage systems.

Keeping your draft system in top operational condition can be very profitable for restaurant owners. With a beer draft system, the tubes and other components are very susceptible to yeast and mold-as well as other contaminants.  These germs grow inside faucets and other parts and bacteria can even make its home in the beer lines regardless of the cool temperature.

Here are some tips to maintaining draft systems and more specifically keeping them clean yourself;

  • Clean your system at least twice per month
  • Clean all components thoroughly, remove faucets and other parts from the beer towers and be sure to clean every component individually with hot soapy water and a brush.  Be sure to clean those hard to reach areas as well
  • Be meticulous about keeping clean beer lines, be sure to clean the beer lines thoroughly to ensure overall cleanliness of your system and prevent bacteria from taking over
  • If you have a rep from your beer distributor clean the lines, note that it’s possible that the distributor may spend more time on his/her own brand, neglecting your other lines-their competitors.  If you suspect this could be the case, be sure to clean the lines yourself
  • Schedule thorough cleanings with your staff once or twice a month to be sure you maintain accountability for your establishment.

For more information on restaurant equipment maintenance, repair, or installation, contact us today at American Services in St. Louis MO

Ensuring Heating Efficiency is Good for Business

Ensuring Heating Efficiency is Good for Business

industrial heating maintenance in MOCommercial business and property owners have more flexibility than ever when purchasing new energy-efficient heating equipment. Initial costs can often be recovered in a relatively short period of time with lower monthly energy bills over time. Often there are even credits and incentives that many energy providers offer customers to perform upgrades. Increasing the returns on business investments is a primary goal and upgrading out of date systems is often a good way to get things started.

Smart business does not always mean giving up on current equipment. If acceptable heating equipment is already in place, there may be other ways to put our money to good use to make things run more efficiently. Structural enhancements may be in order to make sure that heat produced isn’t escaping. Looking at things like window quality, insulation capacity, and the state of heat delivery components could make a big difference in maximizing energy efficiency and overall profitability.

Here are some easy ways to help ensure maximum heating efficiency. The warm air in a heated home escapes wherever it can. Under the door is the common site for heat loss or cold air entry. Door sweeps are available at building supply centers for as little as $10. Better yet, they can be installed without having to take the door off its hinges. 

Rooms in many buildings may have cool air escaping out through the electrical outlets on walls that face outdoors. A simple draft check will let you know if this is the case. Hold a lit incense stick near the outlet in question to see if the smoke is being drawn out of the room. If this is the case just plug the outlet with inexpensive outlet safety caps to correct the problem. For more complex issues with commercial heating maintenance in St Louis, American Services can help you along the way to a solution.

Upgrade to a High Velocity Cooling System

Upgrade to a High Velocity Cooling System

cooling efficiency in MOWhile, the traditional HVAC systems may seem to be the preferred choice for some, savvy business owners should still consider a high velocity system to completely replace their existing  air conditioning systems. Many think that they can reuse their existing ductwork however the duct work used in high velocity systems is very different than the conventional duct work. A high velocity HVAC system becomes a far better alternative, in terms of installation and operating costs.

For those who need a more convenient cooling solution, a high velocity HVAC setup may well be the smart choice. These types of HVAC systems force air into buildings at a high rate of speed. This force creates a multitude of air currents that evenly distribute the cooled air in a much shorter period of time. 

High velocity HVAC systems also offer other benefits to users. The ductwork necessary for a high velocity system is considerably less intrusive and installed far more affordably. Due to their smaller size, the ducts can be placed far more advantageously and exactly to a customer’s specifications. Lastly, they take up a much smaller profile in a room and blend in with décor to a far greater degree.

It only takes two visits a year from your local Sears technician to help keep your system running at its best and save you energy. Our heating and cooling 10-point checks can make sure your unit is ready to tackle any harsh temperatures. Make preventive maintenance your new routine today and help safeguard against costly breakdowns in the future. For industrial cooling solutions in Missouri, American 

If you’re looking for an HVAC provider of cooling, heating, refrigeration or restaurant equipment, American Services  Cooling installation and repair in Missouri can meet your needs. We offer 24 hour emergency service, licensed professionals to handle your service requests and we guarantee you’ll be happy with your American Services experience!

American Services proudly serves the following industries;

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Refrigeration is at the Top of Restaurateurs’ Priority Lists

Refrigeration is at the Top of Restaurateurs’ Priority Lists

missouri refrigeration serviceCommercial refrigeration units are necessary pieces of equipment for most restaurant kitchens. They are one of the most important areas of any restaurant or commercial kitchen. Made specifically to keep cold foods cold and reduce the risk of food borne illnesses, the standard reach-in refrigerators and freezers are the most common types purchased or leased. However, more specialized units are also available for more specific applications.

Owning a restaurant is a can be a stressful and labor intensive undertaking. The process of starting, expanding or renovating one can be even that much tougher. There are so many details to account for and to manage. Careful planning and resourceful decision making needs to be part of the process for things go smoothly. Locating a reputable and helpful distributor and equipment service firm can help immensely. That is where American Services comes in.

Restaurant owners and managers have to ensure that perishable goods are kept at the appropriate temperature for safe use.  For restaurant refrigeration service in Illinois, contact American Services. With the vast selection of commercial refrigerators, they can help find the perfect fit for your food service operation. With their refrigeration options, you’ll find money saving energy efficient models that cut utility costs. A variety of stainless steel refrigeration help reduces costs with renowned durability and long life span.

Commercial refrigerators are much more powerful than residential models and cost more, but quality distributors carry selections at reasonable prices. Consumers need to feel secure in knowing that their cooling equipment can be trusted to withstand even the busiest of kitchens. The main goal is to optimize and sustain refrigeration systems and to balance utility, efficiency and expenditures. Restaurant owners can design and evaluate each project individually to insure that your best interests are carried through.