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Commercial Cooling News

Commercial Cooling News

cooling products in MissouriAmerican Services cooling products and services near Fenton is pleased to announce that the latest air conditioning news.

The yearly cooling showcase news has been released recently introducing this years’ latest in air conditioning cooling units available.  The yearly news issue will assist our professional technicians in staying updated on the latest in cooling products and brands available.

“Like last year, this year’s Cooling Showcase is split into two parts — commercial and residential. In this issue, we will focus on the commercial side of the air conditioning industry, while our April 9 issue highlighted new offerings in the residential cooling market. Included in the coverage is feature-specific information about each individual product as submitted by the manufacturers,” said

The commercial Showcase product grid offers technicians many new facts about products such as; different types for refrigerants, efficiency ratings and cooling capacity of several brands, and more.  The manufacturer provides all of the information on cooling products including the product grid.

Some new product information includes; new direct drive fans require no belt maintenance in new products and unit controls and compressors are isolated in a compartment that is separated from the airstream for easier servicing. Other new products include; hinged doors with zinc cast lockable handles which make service access much easier to reach the coils, fans and filters in the unit.

There are some new products for noise reduction as well including; rubber isolation mounts on supply fans which function well to lower vibrations, direct-drive fans wipe out belt noise, and compressors which are compartmentalized prevent sounds from getting into the airstream-just to name a few.

Standard 1 year warranty is available on components as well as workmanship, and a fifteen year warranty is offered on the compressor.

Improve Cooling Systems with a Cool Roof

Improve Cooling Systems with a Cool Roof

cooling for commercial rooftops in MOAmerican Services Cooling and Heating installation near Fairview Heights knows that if your business is located in a hot climate, you may be interested in learning more about some simple ways to save on cooling costs.

Did you know that by simply painting your roof white you can save money on cooling costs for your commercial building? By making a roof more reflective you decrease the energy needs for cooling the building.

Cooling Your Commercial Building

Designing your roof to reflect sunlight allows it to absorb less heat by the sun.  There is a highly reflective paint, or a commercial sheet covering as well as highly reflective shingles and tiles that can be customized to just about any building.  Of course, when you roof is more reflective, the amount of energy to cool the building is significantly decreased.

Cool roofs work just like sitting under an umbrella on the beach significantly lowers the temperature of the air.  Just about any type of commercial operation can stand to save money by installing specialized tiles, shingles, paint or reflective covering designed specifically to cool the roof down by reflecting the sun.

Standard roofs can reach temperatures as high as 150 degrees in hot sunny climates, but a cool roof can lower that temperature by as much as fifty degrees, according to

Other benefits of cool roofs include;

  • Lowering cooling bills by decreasing air conditioning needs
  • Cooling indoor temperatures to increase comfort for spaces that are not air conditioned
  • Lowering temperatures significantly on commercial roofs which may also extend the life of the roof, decreasing overall maintenance expense
  • Decrease demand for  peak electricity
  • Lowering emissions from power plants which will help decrease the commercial buildings carbon footprint

To learn more about saving money on commercial cooling in Missouri, contact us today at American Services in St. Louis.

New Commercial Heating Products

New Commercial Heating Products

heating installation in MissouriAmerican Services heating maintenance service near University City knows that keeping up with the latest in heating and cooling news may not be of utmost importance to most commercial building owners, that’s why we stay informed for you!

Each year the HVAC industry releases new information on the latest heating equipment available to the commercial heating industry in hopes that technicians can stay informed and prepared for the upcoming winter season.  HVAC news is released to inform the industry on the latest technology as well as any new heating and cooling brands and just what they have to offer.

In some issues, the new releases are divided into 2 different sections including commercial and residential information, including information about every product submitted by the manufacturers.

Samples of new models available; Model: T/YHC067E3, 4 Precedent 17 Plus packaged unit. Serviceability features: Colored and numbered wiring, easy access low-voltage terminal board (LTB), microprocessor controls, quick access panels, single side service, and standardized components.  Noise-reduction features: Foil-faced and edge captured insulation, and variable-speed, direct-drive motors.

IAQ equipment features enhanced dehumidification function with standard filters on every unit. Other features include; variable-speed, direct-drive motors. Two-inch MERV 7 filters or 2-inch MERV 13 filters available as a factory-installed option.  Thermostat compatibility: Compatible with most thermostats. Enhanced functionality may be obtained using an American Standard zone sensor.  Additional features include; direct-drive electronically commutated motor .  5 year limited warranty on the compressor and 5 year limited heat exchanger warranty comes standard but extended warranties are an option on components and service.

To learn more about new heating products in the HVAC industry, contact us today at American Services heating and cooling services in Missouri when you call us today.

10 Tips for Safely Heating Foods in your Commercial Kitchen

10 Tips for Safely Heating Foods in your Commercial Kitchen

heating equipment for commercial kitchens in MOAmerican Services heating and cooking equipment installation near Overland knows that for restaurant owners, keeping food hot is a must to maintain the flavor and safety is a number one priority.

The following guidelines will help restaurant owners ensure that they follow safety guidelines to ensure proper heating of prepared foods;

  • Stir foods and keep them covered to help evenly distribute the heat
  • Check temperature at least twice with a meat thermometer
  • Make sure food temperatures remain above 140 degrees Fahrenheit to keep bacteria at bay
  • Any food that has been kept at a temperature below 140 for two hours or more should be tossed
  • Only prepare the amount of food needed to ensure left overs don’t go bad

Commercial Good Heating Equipment

There are several types of heating equipment for commercial kitchens that have been designed to keep hot food hot.  Tips for safe heating of hot foods include;

  • It’s important to preheat any heating equipment before utilizing it for holding hot foods.  Placing hot foods in a cold heating receptacle could cause food to reach unsafe temperatures which could put the safety level of cooked foods at risk.
  • Keep in mind that different types of food require specific equipment in order to maintain the right temperature
  • Remember to stir food and keep it covered in order to evenly distribute and maintain proper heat levels.
  • Consider installing drawer warmers, overhead warmers, or merchandise cabinets in a self-serve food bar, while buffet style facilities may prefer to use chafing dishes and countertop warmers.
  • Delicatessen style food service businesses may want to consider using round warmers in the front of the restaurant and holding cabinets in the kitchen.

Refrigeration-Commercial Ice Machines

Refrigeration-Commercial Ice Machines

ice machines refrigeration in MOAmerican Services refrigeration ice machine maintenance near Sunset Hills, knows that when it comes to refrigeration, the right commercial ice machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment for the food industry.

Ice machines store a vital substance for any food service industry-ice.  Ice is not only used to cool beverages, it is also utilized to make blended drinks-both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, used as flakes and nuggets in many types of food preparation and other cooking preparation methods.

Most commercial food service businesses utilize ice machines that can store ice as well as an attached water source for producing and freezing ice as well.  Ice machines can make a substantial amount of ice each day as and freeze it into nuggets, flakes, and other configurations.

Regular maintenance to your commercial ice machine is very important to keep it working properly.  Cleaning and water filtration lend to clean, great tasting ice on a consistent basis.

Selecting the correct type of machine for your business is important.  There are many types and configurations of machines, as well as different types of ice that is produced.   American Services can help you to ensure you select the right equipment for your business.  Examples of commercial ice makers;

Full Cube Ice machines measure produce cubed ice that is 7/8th inch in diameter.  The benefit of this type of ice is that it can keep drinks cold a long time because it melts slowly and some feel it adds to the visual esthetics of cold specialty drinks.  Cubed ice is best for cocktails, bagged ice, for use in salad bars, and hotels.

Half-Cube Ice-used for a wide range of different applications and measures 3/8ths X 7/8ths X 7/8ths.  This type of ice has a unique characteristic that enables it to fit more compactly into spaces in relation to liquid.  Half cubed ice provides very cold drinks and blends more readily making it the best choice for smoothies or blended coffee drinks as well as iced coffee and soft drinks.  Half cubed ice is also great for different types of therapeutic applications.

Flaked Ice– this type of ice compresses very well and is perfect for any type of food display with ice.  It can be used in salad or seafood bars in grocery stores.  Flaked ice is great for keeping food cold and is less likely to bruise or damage things like fresh produce.  It has a great visual appeal as well.

Nugget Ice-soft and chewable, but it melts faster  and adds more water displacement than other types of ice-which can produce a higher profit margin for beverages sold in establishments which serve this type of ice in their drinks. Of course it cools things off quickly and provides an ideal source of chill factor for quick blended drinks and smoothies-it also helps maintain the flavor in drinks.  Nugget ice is used a lot in health care facilities for patients because it’s the best type of ice for chewing on.  

Cooking Restaurant Equipment-How to Select the Right Cutlery

Cooking Restaurant Equipment-How to Select the Right Cutlery

cooking restaurant equipment in MOAmerican Services cooking restaurant equipment repair service in Missouri knows that when it comes to knifes, there are many principals that restaurant owners must be familiar with in order to select the right cutlery.

For example, various parts of the knife are used for different jobs.  The tip of the blade is the portion that does most of the cutting and is located in the front.  For cutting very small pieces, a small tip knife is best.  A round tip is used for slicing very thin slices.

There are many different types of knives for restaurants.  Each one has a specific use.

Selecting the Right Knives for Restaurant Equipment

Forged knives are made as a result of shaping steel out of a metal bar called a blank.  The steel gets heated to a melting point and is then hammered into the desired shape.    Forged knives are more expensive than stamped knives with a thicker blade. Forged knives have a bolster between the heel and the handle. They are considered the best type of cutlery.

Stamped knives on the other hand are designed by passing a steel sheet through a hydraulic press which subsequently shapes the desired knife-similar to a cookie cutter.  Stamped knives do not have a bolster.

When it comes to knives, the blade and the handle are just as important as the knife itself.  Be sure to research the different types of handles available and select the type that is best for the specific jobs at your facility.

Another very important factor when it comes to knives is the material they are constructed of.  Choices include carbon steel, stainless steel, high carbon steel knives, and more.

HVAC Rooftop Units

HVAC Rooftop Units

new HVAC systems in MOAmerican Services HVAC installation and repair service in St. Louis is pleased to announce that Daikin will incorporate Intel Technology into rooftop commercial HVAC units which will provide a plethora of information that could change the world of commercial building owners everywhere.

According to Daikin, the new HVAC systems which would adjust automatically to offer energy efficiency while never skimping on comfort for building occupants.

“Daikin Applied is implementing this through an Intel intelligent gateway solution in its existing Rebel rooftop units,” says Energy.Gov.  Daikin will now be able to use its new energy solutions  to connect Rebel units with the cloud and Intel solution.  This is a process that will allow users to manage their building performance and take care of any performance problems before they even get started.

“Intel was able to provide us with the integrated computing solution that we were looking for,” said Kevin Facinelli, executive vice president at Daikin Applied. “They offer a scalable roadmap and compatibility across Intel platforms along with McAfee and Wind River. With Intel inside our Rebel units, Daikin Applied intends to continue pushing the limits in achieving energy efficiency and advancing HVAC technologies. The type of information available to building owners as a result is exciting. It will power even greater performance in their HVAC systems.”

“Intel is working to accelerate the Internet of Things by driving intelligence into devices and gateways to unlock the data from the device to help uncover actionable information and improve business processes,” said Ton Steenman, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Intelligent Systems Group. “Intel has been working closely with Daikin Applied as they prepare to deploy Intel-based intelligent gateways to help increase energy efficiency in their existing systems while developing new business models and service offerings.”

The technology of the new unit will be able to detect any maintenance needs before problems arise.  Alerts will go out to users when there are any problems with fans or motor failures. The system will also automatically adjust itself to weather forecasts (before the climate even changes) in order to put out heating or cooling at a level that is conducive to the outside temperature-very futuristic!

The system will also be able to gather information from the buildings Energy Star ratings and compare this info to other buildings in the local area.  This information can help with financial summaries and statistics on power usage to measure the buildings overall cost of energy use.

These futuristic HVAC units are U.S.  built in Fairbault Minnesota a the Dakin Applied manufacturing plant.

Industries Served for Commercial Cooling and Heating Services

Industries Served for Commercial Cooling and Heating Services

cooling repair and maintenance in MOAmerican Services cooling and heating installation in Missouri is pleased to announce our list of industries served and services that we offer our commercial business owners.

For the past twenty five years, American Services has been providing refrigeration, cooling, and heating commercial installation, maintenance, and repair services in the Saint Louis geographic area. Our professional, highly trained technicians provide services to many different industries, including; chain restaurants across the country, grocery and convenience stores, food service companies, cold storage facilities, grocery stores, truck stops, supermarkets, restaurants, retirement homes,  schools, office spaces,  apartment complexes, and even large industries such as hotels and industrial buildings.

American Services has answered literally thousands of service calls with highly knowledgeable and skilled technicians who provide the highest level of experience and skill to any and every service or maintenance problem your business could possibly have. We pride ourselves on doing our work right the first time around and even back it with a guarantee.

For any of your heating, HVAC, or cooling needs such as; Portable Chillers and Drop-ins, Pumping Systems & Reservoirs, Evaporative & Fluid Coolers, Central Chillers, Heat Exchanger Skids and Temperature Control Units.

American Services even provides twenty four hour trouble shooting for emergencies to cover your HVAC, heating, refrigeration, restaurant equipment, or cooling needs. We can effectively repair any sized commercial equipment and any type of cooling application.

So if you are in need of a proven HVAC, cooling, heating, refrigeration, or restaurant equipment needs in Missouri or Illinois, be sure to contact us today at American Services and schedule an appointment, or feel free to contact our twenty four hour emergency call center and we will be happy to send out one of our highly trained professional technicians to serve you.

Maintain Heating Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Maintain Heating Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

space heaters in MOAmerican Services heating repair service near University City knows that when it comes to commercial heating, there are many ways to save on energy costs.

When recent research was conducted by the United States Department of Energy, it was discovered that companies could potentially save up to 20 percent on heating expense with space heaters. Other types of alternative heating the research focused on include; geothermal pumps and heat exchangers.

Geothermal heat pumps can regulate the average temperature in an office or commercial space by utilizing the underground temperature to warm the room air.

Geothermal heat pumps on the other hand, “use the ground to exchange heat, allowing a building store heat for use in the winter and shed heat in the summer. Because the ground is able to maintain a fairly constant temperature, geothermal heat pumps can help building owners and operators reduce energy consumption compared to standard heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment,” according to

The Department of Energy is looking into alternative heat sources such as heat pumps, in an effort to increase the public’s understanding of alternative heating sources.

Working fluids use gases or liquids in order to absorb and move energy for cooling commercial buildings.  One area the government is looking into is called “nanofluids,” which can improve efficiency in commercial chillers and refrigeration units.

Heat Exchangers are another alternative heating source available for commercial buildings by allowing buildings to move heat from one space to another and reducing overall energy use.  Heat exchangers are used in HVAC and refrigeration systems. HVAC systems are more energy efficient than ever before, but there is still room for improvement-when it comes to cost savings.  Today the Department of Energy is working on an initiative to develop new innovative heating and cooling technologies that help improve efficiency while improving performance.

Options Available for Commercial Refrigeration Systems

Options Available for Commercial Refrigeration Systems

commercial refrigeration in MOAmerican Services refrigeration repair service in Saint Louis knows that when it comes to commercial refrigeration systems, there are many great options and features available to improve the efficiency and performance of your refrigeration system.  One example is to consider stainless steel or vinyl exterior on your commercial refrigerator instead of aluminum because stainless and vinyl are both easier to clean.

In order to increase the area your commercial refrigerator can encompass, consider ordering casters instead of legs.  Be sure to check health code regulations to ensure that mobile refrigeration systems are allowed.

You can add more wire shelves for storage if needed.  Check out how many standard shelves your new system comes with and then calculate how you will arrange them.  If more space is needed in your cold storage, you can add more wire shelves to increase your storage ability in your commercial kitchen.

Pan slides are a great way to store cold stored pans of prepared items ready to be put directly into the oven.  Pan slides will work for this function even better than wire shelves.

Glass doors can be utilized in place of solid doors to enable staff to easily see what is inside without keeping the door open for prolonged periods to find food items.  Door hinges can easily be customized to allow refrigerator doors to open from either direction in order to promote a more efficient running kitchen.  Sliding glass doors are another option, as well as drawers in place of doors to add diversity to the way your cold items are stored.

Having doors on both sides of a refrigeration unit is called a pass through application.  One example of this application is a hinged half height door on the restaurant side and a full height door on the kitchen side to provide access to food on either side.

Contact us today at American services for more ideas on refrigeration options for your commercial kitchen.