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Commercial Heating and Cooling Maintenance

Commercial Heating and Cooling Maintenance

commercial heating maintenance in MOAmerican Services commercial heating and cooling maintenance near University City knows that when it comes to commercial maintenance, whether you own a retail sales facility or an apartment building, efforts should be made to regularly check the heating and airflow systems to ensure they are working properly.

Your property maintenance manager in collaboration with a professional technician such as those at American Services, can ensure that a customizable preventative maintenance program is implemented and followed through properly.

Federal laws mandate that heating systems function properly to provide a safe and clean environment for tenants, employees, and customers of all commercial and industrial buildings.

Building owners and maintenance managers who opt to forgo regular maintenance on commercial heating and cooling systems can expect costly breakdowns that could impede the workflow of your industrial facility resulting in costly repairs and setbacks.  Those who choose to take the ball and run with it when it comes to maintenance and service checks of commercial HVAC systems will ensure cost savings and fewer headaches down the road.

In order to ensure a proper maintenance schedule on your commercial heating and cooling system you will need to check to see if systems are performing properly on a regular basis.

American Services can help you to integrate a maintenance plan on your HVAC system to make sure parts and components remain in proper working order.

Heating and Cooling Systems Checklist;

  • Replace of air filters regularly, which is normally every 3 months.
  • Inspect heating and cooling units for leaks frequently
  • Clean air-cooled condensers regularly to ensure the air is kept clean
  • Check safety controls and perform inspections on all control dials and switches
  • Make sure that digital panels are calibrated to the right settings



Selecting new Cooling Systems for your Industry

Selecting new Cooling Systems for your Industry

cooling installation in MissouriAmerican Services offers professional state of the art commercial cooling and HVAC system service in Missouri.

If you are considering a new cooling system, there are a few things you should know before making such a huge investment.

When it comes to commercial and industrial buildings, installing a professional system can be a very complicated job.  Consider that there are quite a few points of entry and exit that can result in a complex installation process to say the least.

If you are looking for high quality cost saving climate control systems, American Services can assist you in selecting the right HVAC system for your facility.

Hiring the right professional team such as the highly skilled technicians at American Services will help ensure the best system for your building.  Commercial building owners are encouraged to spare no expense when it comes to gathering the right team.

The goal is to represent elements to ensure a safe and efficient work environment that is as cost effective as possible.  Not to mention sparing the planet as many carbon emissions as possible.

You can purchase commercial cooling systems as singular or modular units which can be installed on your building’s roof or as a ground unit. When considering your options about energy efficient upgrades, for your commercial cooling system pay close attention to the newest and most cost effective technology available

The goal is to have all of your heating, cooling, and ventilation needs taken care of with one efficient unit.  American Services can help you with your installation and maintenance needs regardless of which cooling or HVAC system you select.  We also offer 24 hour emergency service provided by our professional licensed technicians.

American Services serves a wide selection of industries including, but not limited to;

  • National Chain Restaurants
  • Convenience Stores
  • Food Service Industry
  • National Chain Food Stores
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Retail Grocery Industry
  • Truck Stops/Travel Centers
  • Independent Supermarkets and Restaurants
  • Retirement Communities
  • Schools
  • Office Complex
  • Apartment Complex
  • Hotels

New Cooling Technologies for Commercial Buildings

New Cooling Technologies for Commercial Buildings

cooling technologies in MOAmerican Services cooling repair in MO is pleased to announce a new program from the Building Technologies Office to advance technologies in commercial facilities. These new and exciting updates will be available on the marketplace in 5 years or less.

The Building Technologies Office’s Emerging Technologies Program works to achieve cost effective energy savings for commercial and residential buildings.

Approximately six million dollars was awarded for 9 different projects related to energy efficiency involving building insulation, windows, air conditioning and heat pump technologies.

As more affordable technologies are developed, commercial building owners and home owners will have more options than ever for reducing costs for heating and cooling buildings.

The Building Technologies Office’s Emerging Technologies Program supports projects that involve the highest potential for savings.

The initiative has partnered with national laboratories, industries and universities for projects that will release new technologies in 5 years or less.

Four of these projects include;

Acoustic Technology for Measuring Air infiltration- also called air leakage which is the introduction of outside air into the building through doors and cracks accounting for thirty percent of the total heating load for commercial buildings.  This technology goes beyond sealing to develop technologies that will measure air infiltration in large commercial spaces.

Cleaner and Safer Heat Pumps- a heat pump provides both heating and cooling functions and small amounts of energy are distributed through its delivery system which transfers heat and can be reversed for cooling. These pumps are highly efficient. The new initiative is working to develop a new refrigerant in place of hydroflurocarbons which are damaging to the environment, which are safer for the environment.

Energy Efficient Window Films-an initiative to develop new window insulation is being conducted by the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory which uses vacuum insulation materials.  This technology combines low thermal emissivity coated plastic film to increase efficiency of current window technologies by as much as eight percent.

Saving on Heating Expense for Commercial and Industrial Businesses

Saving on Heating Expense for Commercial and Industrial Businesses

industrial heating in MOAmerican Services heating and cooling installation in St. Louis is committed to keeping its loyal customers updated on the latest in HVAC news.

Since 2011 when the president introduced a program to help commercial industries lower energy use, over 110 organizations have joined the “Better Buildings Challenge” initiative.

The organizations are striving to reduce energy use by as much as twenty percent by 2020, and according to the companies are on their way to meeting the goal. The savings on energy is equal to an astounding 8.5 trillion BTUs which equates to fifty eight million dollars in savings.

Nearly twenty percent of energy needs have been cut by thirteen hundred companies involved in the initiative.  At an additional twenty one hundred facilities as much as 10% savings was realized.

The initiative Better Buildings Challenge has partners that are exchanging information on strategies that have helped them reduce heating and cooling energy needs by duplicating other companies’ strategies.  Industries involved include; commercial retail stores, civic centers, historical buildings, hotels, fire stations and manufacturing facilities.

The United States spends approximately two hundred billion dollars each year for heating and cooling commercial buildings and an additional two hundred billion to power industrial facilities.  Commercial and industrial buildings make up nearly fifty percent of the energy use in the United States and are responsible for over 40 percent of the carbon emissions.

The Better Building Challenge is responsible for helping to reduce nationwide energy use as well as the carbon footprint in the country.  These impressive results are responsible not only for saving money, but creating more jobs and improving the competitive status of U.S. businesses.

To learn more about how your facility can reduce its heating and cooling needs, contact us today at American Services in St. Louis MO.

Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration System

Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration System

refrigeration maintenance in MOAmerican Services refrigeration maintenance and repair service in St. Louis knows that the worse thing a restaurant owner can hear is that the walk in cooler isn’t cold. Repair expenses become an immediate concern for restaurant owners, but also the expense of loss of food due to lack of proper refrigeration.

Seasoned restaurant owners will tell you that when something goes wrong with your refrigeration system, it will happen during your busiest time of day, usually on the weekend during dinner, breakfast, or lunch rush.

To ensure that sudden unexpected breakdowns do not occur, it’s imperative that you keep your refrigeration system in great running condition with proper maintenance performed on a regular basis.

Here are some tips on corrosion, dust, and gaskets for keeping your system in top running shape;

Keep Your Refrigeration System Free of Dust

Whenever dirt and dust gathers on the compressor coils it impairs the system’s ability to cool properly.  This increases your energy expense with higher utility bills and forces the compressor to work harder.  When a compressor works too hard for too long it will eventually burn itself out, resulting in an inconvenient breakdown-usually during your busiest time of day/week.

Cover Acidic Foods in Your Walk-In Cooler

Although you probably already know that keeping foods covered in the refrigerator enables the highest level of food safety, there is another reason to cover foods, particularly acidic food items-many highly acidic foods can also add to the corrosion in your commercial refrigeration system.  Food items such as pickles, tomatoes, cranberries, and other highly acidic foods should be kept in an air tight plastic container with a sealed lid.

Keep All Drains Clear in Your Refrigeration System 

The drain at the bottom of your refrigerator is the place where condensation can escape, if the drain is blocked, condensation will build up resulting in frozen build up in freezers and flooded interior refrigerators.  These conditions will cause the condenser to work harder which will eventually lead to failure of the condenser to operate. Cleaning drains every day is a vital part of maintenance to keep your refrigeration system running optimally.

Check your Gasket Seal Each Week

The simplest way to check to see if your gaskets need replaced on your commercial refrigeration system is to close the door with a dollar bill in it-if you can pull the dollar out with the door closed, it’s time to change the gasket. Bad gaskets result in cool air loss and an increase in the work load of the compressor and condenser.

Energy Efficient Integrated HVAC System

Energy Efficient Integrated HVAC System

commercial HVAC Service in MOAmerican Services HVAC installation service in Missouri knows that new trends for sustainability in Commercial buildings are becoming more and more popular.

High Performance buildings are one of the most recent concepts in sustainable energy for commercial buildings.  There are certain criteria that define high performance buildings including properties that improve efficiency and decrease water consumption.

Of course HVAC systems are one of the largest energy consumers in commercial spaces, the focus has always been on improving the HVAC system itself.  But today the attention is more on all of the systems in the building which interconnect instead of just the HVAC system.

Monitoring and control of building systems allow for more control of the overall energy use.

According to Robert Wilkins, VP of Public Affairs states; “While the energy efficiency of individual components and HVAC equipment has risen sharply over recent decades, the trend now is toward considering the overall energy performance of integrated subsystems and integrated building systems.”

High Performance buildings are very efficient and less expensive to operate and they provide a high level of comfort while reducing overall energy and water consumption.

According to Kevin C. McNamara, VP of Commercial Air Conditioning Division, LG Electronics;: “Today’s high-performance buildings take sustainability to the next level with a holistic approach that considers the building’s total environmental impact as well as occupant comfort.” He also referred to the high performance of buildings as a “cradle-to-grave approach to sustainability.”

As more commercial building owners seek high performance building components, the need for communication between HVAC technicians and building owners has increased.

Integrated design is a common trend in the industry of building construction today and project teams composed of architects, engineers, and contractors will work together in order to design a high performance commercial building.

Proper maintenance will keep the building running at a high level after installation of new systems are complete.

To learn more about high performance energy saving systems, contact us today at American Services in MO.


Safety in Ice Machines for Restaurant Equipment

Safety in Ice Machines for Restaurant Equipment

ice machines restaurant equipment in MOAmerican Services restaurant equipment repair service near St. Peters knows that in order for restaurant owners to give customers top service, ice handling is a primary concern when it comes to restaurant equipment.

Proper handling and disposal of ice includes regular cleaning and maintenance of commercial ice machines to prevent mineral deposits as well as slime build up.  The quality of your ice will be diminished with lack of regular maintenance.

Tips for proper handling of ice;

  • Ensure that all food workers and other employees wash their hands before and after scooping ice.
  • Use an ice tote or ice caddie to transporting ice and ONLY use a plastic scoops
  • Always store the scoop outside of the ice bin in a dedicated scoop cradle
  • Never re-freeze ice once it begins to melt
  • Don’t scoop ice by hand
  • Never utilize ice buckets or glasses as scoops
  • Refrain from storing anything in the ice bin
  • Never put unused ice back into the ice bin

Just like all of your food items ice has an expiration date, be sure to dispose of ice once it starts to melt, has become contaminated, or has been used to chill bottles or other items.  To properly dispose of old ice, simply place it in the soiled compartment of the commercial sink.

Cleaning by properly sterilizing in the dishwasher, is the best way to clean all ice equipment such as scoops, picks, caddies and other ice handling restaurant equipment.

Clean all ice totes thoroughly with warm soap and water and hang upside down to dry when not being used.  All ice equipment should be washed inside and out with a plastic bristle brush, making sure to clean the spout and faucet.  Next rinse well and towel dry.

For a quote on ice machine installation or repair on your restaurant equipment, contact us today at American Services.

HEATING and COOLING Tips for Your Small Office Space

HEATING and COOLING Tips for Your Small Office Space

heating and cooling efficiency in MOAmerican Services heating preventative maintenance near Collinsville, knows that there are many new innovative energy saving cooling and heating technologies available today.  If you are looking for ways to save money for your small business, consider revamping your current system.

One example of a new energy saving advanced system is one that combines water heating, and room conditioning functions in one appliance with a geothermal pump using the earth as a heat absorber which saves an astounding sixty five percent of energy costs for small office spaces.

Heating and Cooling Savings Tips

  • Be sure to replace all furnace and air conditioning filters at least once a month or according to manufacturer’s recommendations to keep heating and cooling systems running as efficiently as possible
  • Keep all warm-air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators clean as needed and ensure that registers are not blocked by furniture, carpeting, or window coverings
  • Install upgrades for energy saving systems Your local professional technician at American Services can give you information on energy efficient models
  • Check to make sure insulation is properly installed with recommended thickness and type of insulation
  • Explore the possibility of air sealing
  • Get rid of trapped air from hot-water radiators at least one time every season; if unsure about how to perform this maintenance be sure to call us at American Services and we will send out a professional technician to assist you with this task
  • Position heat-resistant radiator reflectors between outside walls and any  radiators in the office space
  • Be sure employees turn off all bath exhaust fans within a short period after  bathroom use
  • Keep drapes open during winter months to allow sun to assist with heating the space, and closed during summer months to reduce heat entering the building when cooling systems are on
  • Keep an eye on thermostat settings and implement the type of programmable setting to lower heat and cool settings at night when no one is in the office

If you allow American Services to help you implement some of these energy saving measures in your commercial space you could save between 20% up to an astounding 50% on your energy expense while helping to reduce environmental emissions-which is great PR for your business.

Energy Efficient Windows Save Money on Cooling Expense

Energy Efficient Windows Save Money on Cooling Expense

cooling efficient windows in MOAmerican Services commercial cooling service near Florissant MO knows that business owners are always looking for ways to save money.  Depending on the size of your commercial building, heating and cooling expense may be one of the most significant costs in running your business.  American Services is pleased to assist business owners in learning about ways to save on heating costs; one way is to learn some tips on efficient windows to reduce heat loss particularly in very cold winter climates.

Energy Efficient Windows to Save on Cooling Costs

New and innovative energy efficient windows have low emissivity coatings and the technology is based on solar controls.  But an all-new technology was recently developed, an alternative type of window coating that allows for users to control just how much heat and light enters the interior space through the windows.  This technology lowers the need for lighting and cooling.

The new window coating utilizes an affordable “nanocoposite electrochromic” material that may help to reduce costs once this innovative product is available on the market.  Windows can cause your commercial space to lose as much as 25% of its heat in the winter while raising cooling costs in the summer months.

Window Tips for Saving on Cooling

  • Consider a light or medium colored window drapery covering with white plastic backing which could lower cooling needs by as much as 30%.
  • Install energy efficient windows such as EnergyStar windows.
  • Replace any single paned windows with double pane high performance glass with selective coating to reduce heat gain during summer months

If you choose NOT to replace your windows, there are still some ways to save money include;

  • Apply a heavy-duty, clear plastic sheet to the inside of your window frames to reduce drafts
  • Install tight-fitting, insulating window shades
  • Close curtains and shades at night to protect against cold drafts; open them during the day to let in warming sunlight in cold weather months
  • Install storm windows, which can reduce heat loss by up to 50%
  • Apply  weather stripping to every  movable joint
  • Install white window shades, drapes, or blinds to reflect heat away during summer months
  • Close curtains, particularly those  south- and west-facing during the day in summer months
  • Consider installing awnings on south- and west-facing windows to shade sun in the summer
  • Apply reflective films particularly on south-facing windows to reduce solar heat gain in the summer


Tips for the Purchase of used Refrigeration Systems

Tips for the Purchase of used Refrigeration Systems


commercial refrigeration maintenance in MOAmerican Services commercial refrigeration repair service near Maryland Heights knows that many restaurant owners, in order to stay within budget, opt to purchase used restaurant equipment.

Buying a used commercial refrigeration system can really save money, but as a restaurant owner, you want to be cautious to be sure you are getting a unit in good operating condition.  If you don’t choose wisely you could spend more money on replacement parts and repairs then a new unit would cost.

Although there are no guarantees when you buy used, here are some tips to help ensure you make the best choice possible;

  • Be sure to inspect the unit thoroughly yourself, resist the urge to purchase used equipment online.
  • Check inside and out for signs of wear and tear.
  • Check the door gasket and evaporator fins to make sure there are no cracks and that the fins are not bent because it will cause decreased performance.
  • Check the frame and doors for signs of corrosion which may indicate the unit was poorly maintained.
  • Check for signs of mold such as a musty smell-if you detect any mold do not buy the unit because it can adversely affect the smell of the food.
  • Be aware that compressors commonly go out in used refrigerators and the cost to replace them is nearly $1,000.
  • If you have any questions about the performance of a used unit, you can contact the manufacturer to get more information on what may be wrong and how much it could potentially cost to fix.

Once you have purchased it, performing regular routine maintenance on your used refrigeration system is the best way to ensure that it runs well for years to come.  Contact American Services today for a quote on a maintenance program on your commercial restaurant equipment.