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Benefits Related To Cleaning Your Heating & Cooling System

Benefits Related To Cleaning Your Heating & Cooling System

Man Looking Into Air DuctHaving a clean environment for your employees and customers is always a top priority and that’s why adding regular heating and cooling system clean-ups is so important.  This type of cleaning process will ensure that the indoor air quality is optimal for those whom you serve.  Here are the top two reasons why you should consider cleaning your heating and cooling system.

Energy Savings – When your heating and cooling system is clear of contaminants, it can work more efficiently with less energy.  In fact, it is estimated that a dirty system contributes to the 25 to 40 percent energy wasted by the average unit.  Regularly cleaning your system will allow it to work less, do it’s job better, and will even add life to your equipment.

Air Quality – Your indoor air quality matters.  Dander, dust, and chemicals are just a few of the contaminants that build up over time.  When you don’t consider this build-up, occupants will start to notice the indoor air quality diminishing.  The only way to effectively remove this contaminated build-up is to have a professional properly clean your system using a negative pressure approach. Keeping up with this cleaning process is the only way to keep those with respiratory conditions, autoimmune disorders, or environmental allergies comfortable and free of symptoms.

Don’t miss this important step when serving your commercial heating and cooling system near Overland.  In fact, the team at American Services can visit your place of business and help you with a number of HVACR services that will benefit your bottom line.  We offer 24/7 service, a full lineup of specialties, and free estimates. This means we can take care of all your needs, save you time, and save you money.  Don’t worry with the condition of your heating and cooling equipment any longer. Contact the American Service team now and get the peace of mind you deserve.

Troubleshooting Your Gas Heating System

Troubleshooting Your Gas Heating System

fixing gas furnaceBefore you call out a commercial heating contractor near Edwardsville, take a look at these common troubleshooting tips.

Problem #1 – My furnace isn’t producing heat.  This issue could be from a number of sources. First, check your thermostat setting.  It should be set at a temperature higher than the current house temperature reading.  If that looks good, make sure the batteries are in working order.  The next step is to take a look at your actual furnace unit.  Is the switch on or near the furnace in the “on” position?  It should be.  You will also want to make sure the fuse or circuit breaker isn’t indicting a problem.  Another issue found on older furnace units is a burned out pilot light.

Problem #2 – Frequent On/Off Cycles.   The easiest solution to frequent cycling can be solved with a new filter.  Change your dirty one and see if that helps.  If you still experience the problem, call your HVAC technician so that he can check for a faulty thermostat or blower motor issue.

Problem #3 – Noisy furnace.  Noises that create a popping or banging sound are most likely caused by expanding and contracting air ducts and isn’t an issue.  On the other hand, if you hear squealing or grinding, you may have a more serious issue.  Time to call out the experts.

Problem #4 – Not producing enough heat.  Again, this can be due to a dirty air filter (see why changing those is such a big deal).  You could also have some vents that are blocked.  Look around, change your filter, and see what happens.  If you still feel like the heat being produced isn’t sufficient, call your American Services Tech.

If you decide the issue you are having is beyond your DIY abilities, the team at American Services can help!  We off the most comprehensive service list in town!



Creative Ways To Help Keep Your Business Warm This Winter

Creative Ways To Help Keep Your Business Warm This Winter

Tips And TricksThe cold winter temperatures have already arrived in the area, and for many that means an increase in heating costs thanks to an increase in system usage.  The team at American Services wants you to know that you can still save while keeping the temperature desirable to both your customers and employees.  Not only will our professionals only install the most-efficient unit in your business, but they will also keep it running smoothly with reliable, 24/7 maintenance and repair services. If you are someone who wants to go above and beyond by keeping your building extra comfortable in the winter, consider a few of these tips and tricks from our team.

  • Have a professional come in and do an energy audit.  This quick evaluation will give you a clear understanding of where and how your building may be losing heat.  Once the inspection is done, you will have a full report regarding the areas you can seal-up to increase comfort.  Taking the steps to seal-up your building can save you up to 30 percent in unnecessary heat loss.
  • Let the sunshine in!  Yes, open the blinds and let the sun naturally warm your building.  Establishing this practice also adds a nice, friendly vibe for your employees and clients.
  • Consider how well your building is insulated and invest in any necessary upgrades.
  • Take a look around and make sure there aren’t any objects like furniture or equipment blocking your heating vents and obstructing the flow of heat.

All of these simple tasks can be performed fairly quickly and a few of them are completely free!  This makes them a good idea for both the budget and for those who will benefit from the heating comfort provided by them.  If you need some help with your heating, cooling, or refrigeration needs near O’Fallon, be sure to contact the experts at American Services.

Hot Water Heater Expansion Tank Q&A

Hot Water Heater Expansion Tank Q&A

Electric Water HeaterThanks to the backflow prevention valves used by some municipalities, it is now a good idea to consider an expansion tank for your hot water heater.  This is a minimal addition cost-wise and prevents your hot water pipes from experiencing high pressures that can cause heater failure and leaking pipes.  Let’s answer some common questions about these units.

Are Hot Water Heater Expansion Tanks required by code?

This depends on where you are located.  In areas that use pressure regulators or backflow preventers, it is common that an expansion tank requirement will be within the code guidelines.

What will an Expansion Tank do?

Expansion tanks are designed to get rid of any pressure that can be caused by thermal expansion. Thermal expansion happens as water is heated and can cause pipes to rupture, blown 0-rings, and reduce the overall life of your hot water heater.

What about the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves that are already on my hot water heater?

These parts are only designed to prevent an explosive failure of the hot water heater.  These valves can drip and get mineral deposit build-up.  They are not considered a replacement for an expansion tank.

Can I install an Expansion Tank on my own?

Individuals who could consider themselves moderately handy can install an expansion tank in about 30 minutes.  But, if you feel at all uncomfortable or run into issues, it is best to call a professional.

At American Services we specialize in a wide-range of heating services near Kirkwood.  Our trained professionals can help evaluate your need for updated heating and cooling equipment, refrigeration units, ice machines, water filtration, and cooking equipment.  Don’t neglect the need to keep your equipment in good health! Contact us and we will give you a free estimate the new, highly efficient equipment you need.


Diagnosing Defrosting Issues

Diagnosing Defrosting Issues

Freezer Needs DefrostingBack before the invention of the automatic defrost cycle, it was necessary to defrost a freezer unit every couple of months in order to eliminate the frost that builds when warm, moist air is let into a freezer.  Thanks to the invention of the automatic defrost cycle, the need to manually defrost a freezer unit is not longer needed.  At the same time, this leaves a specialized combination of components that can malfunction and make your freezer’s automatic defrost cycle not happen properly.  Let’s look at the three main components of this system and how you can diagnose a problem with your defrost cycle.

Your unit’s automatic defrost cycle has three components.  Test components include a timer, switch, and heater.  All of these component work together to tell your unit when to defrost and for how long.  The hardest part about diagnosing issues with any of these components is you can’t see that the frost is building up and only realize there is an issue once it has caused your unit to malfunction.

  • The most common reason for defrost issues is user error.  Leaving a door open or even cracked will make your unit build up frost and block it’s ability to cycle cold air properly.  The easiest way to correct this issue is to unplug the unit and allow it time to defrost the old fashioned way.
  • The next most common reason for failure is due to the failure of the unit’s thermostat.  This issue requires some voltage readings to diagnose properly.
  •  The least common issue is with the heater.  You can check the heater by unplugging it’s contacts and doing resistance test.

If you are having issues with your refrigeration and freezer units near Hazelwood, call the team at American Services for help.  We can diagnose any problems and get you back in service quickly and affordably.

Is It Time For A Thermostat Upgrade?

Is It Time For A Thermostat Upgrade?

ThermostatThe team at American Services understands the benefits of having an up-to-date programmable thermostat, but do you.  A programmable thermostat is the easiest, most cost-effective way to continually save on your heating and cooling bills with a very minimal initial investment.  In fact, depending on the size of your building and specific needs, this type of an upgrade can cost as little as a few hundred dollars and takes very little time to install.  That’s why we recommend all of our customers call about a possible thermostat upgrade.  The estimate is free and you could potentially save thousands on your energy bills.

Once you new thermostat is installed by a professional HVAC technician, it is important that you utilize it’s new functionality in order to save the most money on your heating and cooling bills. Here are some general guidelines to follow when programming your new thermostat:

  • During the night, if your commercial building is unoccupied, be sure to set your heating temperature to be 5-10 degrees cooler than during the day.  You can also do this during the summer cooling season by setting the temperature up 5 degrees warmer.
  • During the day-time hours when your building is unoccupied, you can also made adjustments like the ones mentioned above.  Just make sure to also make proper adjustment so that the building has time to reach your desired temperature before it is scheduled to be occupied again.
  • Make your setting adjustments and stick with them.  Avoid allowing individuals to adjust the settings randomly.  Sticking to the schedule will keep your savings rolling in.

Contact the professional HVAC team at American Services to inquire about a thermostat upgrade today!  Our customer care experts will help you determine your needs and have a technician scheduled in no time.  You can’t go wrong with our Webster Groves area HVAC service, maintenance, and repairs – guaranteed!

Award-Winning Restaurant Equipment Serviced By American Services!

Award-Winning Restaurant Equipment Serviced By American Services!

Comercial KitchenAt American Services, we take pride in offering expert service on all major restaurant equipment brands.  Today, it is exciting for your team to announce that one of our customer’s preferred brands, Frymaster, was just awarded a notable honor within the industry.

On October 2nd, a press release found at, detailed the fact that the company had just been recognized with a 2014 Industry Overall Best in Class Award according to Foodservice Equipment Supplies (FE&S) magazine’s annual Best in Class Survey.  Frymaster was given the 2014 Best in Class Award in the category of Free Standing Floor Fryers after surveys indicated high ratings for the equipment in the performance areas of: Product Quality; Product Value; Product Design & Aesthetics; Service & Support; Sales Representation; Product Inventory & Avaialability,  and Product Information Availability.  Another brand serviced by our expert team, Cleveland, was also honored in three of the magazine’s award categories.  These categories included:  Braising Pans/Tilting Skillets, Steam Jacketed Kettles, and Steamers.  Frymaster and Cleveland are all a part of the Monitowoc Foodservice brands portfolio.

According to Caitlin Rodgers, Vice President of Marketing, Manitowoc Foodservice, “We’re grateful to equipment owners everywhere and to our channel partners for their continued recognition of the performance and quality of our leading brands.” 

The team at American Serviced is pleased to provide you with the best restaurant equipment brands near Ladue.  We take great pride in being the area’s leading full-service HVAC, Cooking Equipment, Refrigeration, Ice Machine, Water Filtration, Industrial Equipment, and Beverage Systems provider.  Our mission is to provide you with a complete portfolio of services that save you time, money, and hassle by being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We are confident that you will be pleased with our attention to detail, fair pricing, quick service, and wide-range of specialty areas.  Call for a free estimate today!

Do You Need Professional Heating and Cooling Service In St. Louis?

Do You Need Professional Heating and Cooling Service In St. Louis?

Hvac Technician With Leak DetectorAre you a commercial building owner in need of professional heating and cooling service in the St. Louis Area?  If so, American Services is here to help!  American Service is an established, full-service HVAC company that offers a multitude of service options.  Our customers find that their needs are completely met by our team of expertly trained technicians and continue to call us back for all of their needed repair, maintenance, service,  and general care needs.  So, what makes American Services special?  Let’s take a look.

At American Services, you won’t just find the general heating, cooling, and refrigeration services offered by our competitors.  Our team is highly trained in all of those general areas, along with: cooking equipment, ice machines, water filtration,  industrial equipment, and beverage systems.  This wide range of specialty areas allows us to be your one stop shop.  This will cuts your costs significantly, reduce your overall down time, and make running your business much smoother.

Our team is also highly versed in the area of service, maintenance, and repair contracts.  We offer a unique product that allows our customers to customize a plan that meets the needs of their equipment and their budgets.  In fact, one of our service contract writers can sit down with you for free and discuss the many options we have to offer.  Whether it’s monthly, quarterly, yearly, covers maintenance only, emergency call-outs, or everything in between – we can write a contract that will completely fit your business needs.

Call American Services for a free estimate today!  We guarantee you will be totally satisfied with our attention to customer care, expert technicians, and fair pricing.  Our team can even take care of any of your emergency needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Call us toll free at 855-733-1776!  We are here to all of your Belleville area heating and cooling needs.


Winter Heating Cost Forecast 2014-2015

Winter Heating Cost Forecast 2014-2015

Heating Thermostat With Piggy BankAs winter approaches, the thought of heating costs enters the mind of many, including business owners.  The team at American Services realizes this fact and wants to give you an early look at what the experts are predicting for the upcoming 2014-2015 winter season.  Here is some of what we found in a recent article at

Early reports from the Energy Information Administration indicate that the milder weather conditions predicted for the upcoming season will drop heating costs this winter.  According to these early reports, individuals can expect heating oil costs to go down by about 15 percent and those who are on electric can expect their costs to drop by about 2 percent.  This fact was secured by a statement made to by EIA Administrator Adam Sieminski.  “U.S. households in all regions of the country can expect to pay lower heating bills this winter because temperatures are forecast to be warmer than last winter and that means less demand for heat,” Sieminski said.

In the article, the predictions made are based on a few facts including:

  • A drop in crude oil prices
  • A rebound in gas stockpiles
  • And the recent weather forecasts released by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

If you are worried about the winter heating bills you will be receiving here soon, contact that experts at American Services and ask about how an energy audit can help you save thousands this year.  This service allows our team the chance to evaluate how we can upgrade, repair, or service your equipment in a way that makes it more efficient and cost-saving.  Don’t disregard the value of reliable heating service near St. Peters.  Maintaining your equipment to manufacturer standard truly is the cheapest, easiest way to save money on your monthly heating costs.  Call our team at 855-733-1776 to schedule a free estimate today!

DIY Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

DIY Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Industrial modern refrigeratorWhen looking to reduce costs associated with needed commercial refrigeration unit maintenance, there are a few tasks you can do yourself and be pretty successful with. All of these tasks are safe to perform and easy to add to your daily, monthly, or bi-yearly checklist.  Please note, that it is also important to the life of your unit and validity of your warranty to also have your equipment professionally serviced as indicated by manufacturer recommendations.

Here is a list of tasks you can perform on your commercial refrigeration units, as needed:

  • Cleaning the coil.  A unit’s coil is usually located on the top, bottom, or rear of the unit.  You can clean light debris from a refrigeration unit’s coil using compressed air or water.
  • Condenser Fan Motor Bearings – This is a task specific to each unit.  Please refer to your manufacturer’s owner’s manual for full details.
  • Door Frame Gaskets – It is important to wipe down the gasket material located on the frame of your refrigeration units regularly.  Simply use a warn wash cloth to remove any build-up.  This very simple task will make your gaskets last significantly longer.

All of these tasks will only add minutes to your to-do list.  Plus, properly maintaining these simple ares will add years of use to your expensive equipment.  You will also notice reduced energy usage when your equipment is properly and regularly maintained.

As with any do-it-yourself task, if you find yourself uncomfortable with the procedures needed to complete the work, it is best to call a professional.  The team at American Services has been providing excellent commercial refrigeration maintenance near Clayton for many years.  In fact, our team has become known for their attention to customer care and overall quality of service.  If in doubt, don’t risk it and give us a call for a free estimate!