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ActOnEnergy BizSavers From Ameren Missouri

ActOnEnergy BizSavers From Ameren Missouri

Energy CertificateThe team at American Services wants you to save on your upcoming heating and cooling upgrades near Wentzville.  That’s why we want you to understand the incentives you could take advantage of if you are an Ameren Missouri customer.  Below is a brief overview of the programs that are currently available to those who qualify.

Ameren Missouri ActOnEnergy: BizSavers – HVAC

This incentive program is designed to give incentives to business owners who upgrade their outdated HVAC equipment with energy efficient technology in the form of a complete system upgrade, system-wide controls, motor controls, or economizers.

Ameren Missouri ActOnEnergy: BizSavers – Refrigeration

For businesses that utilize refrigeration equipment, this BizSavers program will pay incentives for upgrading to energy efficient equipment and controls.  Some of the qualifying upgrades include strip curtains, vending machine controls, cooler and freezer doors, night covers, LED lighting, and more.

Ameren Missouri ActOnEnergy: BizSavers Commercial Cooking & Water Heating

This incentive program is designed to save any business that uses commercial cooking or water heating equipment.  Participants can gain savings when they choose to upgrade their equipment with energy efficient units.  Some of the qualifying equipment includes steam cookers, freezers, refrigerators, ice machines, water heaters, pre-rinse spray valves, and low-flow faucet aerators.

Standard incentives for these programs are for those totaling less than $10,000 and may be processed via the fast track application process.  There are additional Custom Incentives for qualifying lighting and non-lighting upgrades that base incentives on annual energy savings. For complete details and application access, simply visit the Business Energy Efficiency page at  

Contact the American Services team to talk about the upgrades you should consider at your area business now!  This is the perfect time to give your space a fresh, more comfortable feeling for both your employees and customers.  Let us heap you save on energy costs with an upgrade this season.

ActOnEnergy Incentive Save Ameren Illinois Commercial Heating & Cooling Customers

ActOnEnergy Incentive Save Ameren Illinois Commercial Heating & Cooling Customers

energy-savingIllinois area commercial heating and cooling clients have the chance to save even more when replacing certain old technology with new, energy efficient units right now thanks to ActOnEnergy incentives from Ameren Illinois.  Take a look at two of the current programs below!

Ameren Illinois ActOnEnergy Flip The Switch On T12s – Due to new federal energy standards that call for the phase-out of T12 fluorescent lamps, qualifying commercial customers can take advantage of incentives when switching to the energy saving T8 or T5 lamps and electric ballast. In fact, switching over to this type of set-up has the potential to save participants up to 33 percent or more off of their yearly electric bills.  When you decide to make the switch now, you may qualify for incentives that save you $0.25/watt when switching from T12 to high performance T8 and $0.25/watt when switching from T12 to a new T5 fixture.  These incentives are expected to be reduced by up to 20 percent as of January 1st.  So, submit your application by visiting this link now!

Ameren Illinois ActOnEnergy HVAC & Water Heater Incentives – When you consider the fact that HVAC and water heating costs account for up to 40 percent of a business’ yearly energy bills, upgrading to a more efficient unit makes a lot of sense.  Right now, qualifying Illinois business owners can gain cash incentives for a number of HVAC and water heater projects including:  furnace and boiler replacements; air conditioning replacement; water heaters; and variable frequency drives. Incentives vary from $250-$500 for a furnace and $300-$3600 for a boiler replacement.  Get exact details and submit your project by visiting ActOnEnergy now!

If you are an Illinois area commercial heating and cooling customer seeking to take advantage of these incentive programs, give the team at American Services a call now!  We can help you choose the right equipment, get it installed, and stay within your budget!

Web Resources Designed To Help You Save On Heating & Cooling Costs

Web Resources Designed To Help You Save On Heating & Cooling Costs

Web AddressIf you have ever searched for ideas on the internet related to heating and cooling cost savings, there is no doubt that you have been overwhelmed with the number of “expert” opinions out there.  To help you dis-spell some of the myths or incorrect information you may find, the O’Fallon area heating and cooling experts at American Services have compiled their favorite resources for you here in this post!  All of these sites are filled with common sense tips and tricks that will help you save money all year long.

The ENERGY STAR Guide for Energy Management 

This comprehensive ENERGY STAR guide is designed to help business and commercial building owners create and implement strategies that will not only save them money, but that will also help to preserve the environment.

RESNET Residential Energy Services Network

If you are a business owner who either operates out of a residential-style building or who owns and manages residential units, the RESNET Residential Energy Services Network is a valuable source when looking to save on energy costs.

Ameren Missouri

Ameren Missouri provides Missouri business owners with a number of resources that help them save on energy across their commercial buildings.  A few of the ares they cover on their site include a fuel cost calculator, energy glossary, and commercial energy efficiency recommendations.  Ameren Illinois customers can find the similar resources here.

At American Services our goal is to provide you will all the tools you need to make your business a comfortable environment for your employees and customers.  We can provide you with comprehensive heating and cooling service along with maintenance, repairs, installation, and contract work.  Our team is additionally trained in restaurant equipment repair, water filtration, ice machines, beverage systems, cooking equipment, refrigeration, and industrial equipment.  Make us your one-stop-shop next time you are in need of any of these services!



How Long Will Your Commercial Heating System Last?

How Long Will Your Commercial Heating System Last?

Question Mark And ThinkerMany consumers want to know how long their heating system should last.  Yet, that question isn’t an easy on to answer and defiantly isn’t as cut and dry as you may assume.  In fact, there are a number of factors that will play into the longevity of your commercial cooling system and many variables you won’t be able to accurately account for.  Today, let’s talk about estimating the life span of your heating unit and the factors that will help you determine this ballpark figure.

The average lifespan a heating unit can vary from 8 all the way up to 20 years.  Obviously, the first factor that will give you a good range of life is the quality of the unit you purchase.  Units that are builder-grade and offer the least amount of efficiency can only be expected to last about 8 to 12 years.  Yet, there are premium units that offer much great efficiency and a life expectancy of anywhere from 15 to 20 years.  As you can see, the quality of the unit you are asking about plays a huge factor in how long you can expect it to last.

Next on the list of contributing lifespan factors is maintenance.  It isn’t uncommon to see a well-maintained, low quality unit last longer than it’s premium-quality, neglected counterpart.  Doing as little as having an annual fall check-up will not only add years to the life of your unit, but it will also make it work more efficiently -which save you money.  With that being said, annual maintenance is well worth the up-front expense.

Finally, the quality of the individual who installed the unit will make a huge difference.  When you choose a professional heating service technician near St. Peters you unit will function properly and last for years to come.  Contact the team at American Services today to gain access to the high quality service you deserve.


Keep Your Refrigeration Maintenance Costs Low With American Services

Keep Your Refrigeration Maintenance Costs Low With American Services

Cost Cutting Concept.When you own refrigeration equipment you understand how high-maintenance and expensive it can be!  In fact, many owners who rely on refrigeration equipment avoid taking the proper precautions needed to keep it up and running smooth.  This is a huge mistake because ignoring a little issue can soon turn into a very expensive disaster.  Don’t make this mistake any longer!  Today, let our team tell you why refrigeration maintenance near St. Charles is so affordable with American Services.

At American Services, our team works together to make sure you will always get the most out of your equipment investment.  We have a specific set of standards that work and we want to offer those to you!  First, we pair all buyers with the right sized equipment for what ever job they need done.  Our technicians and sales staff work together to asses your needs to chose the most cost-effective units.  Under sizing or over sizing can waste lots of energy and make your monthly bills unnecessarily high. This is the first step.  Next, we make sure your installation is done properly, the first time, and with as little interruption in service as possible.  Every day that you are without the equipment you need, you lose money and customers.   This is something we are highly aware of and work to avoid.  Finally, we draw up a custom maintenance plan that not only keeps your new equipment warranty in place, but also takes care of the little issues as they happen.  Plus, since our contracts are all custom written, you choose the payment and interval terms that you want!  This makes this lasting plan super affordable for all clients!

Don’t waste you time with other refrigeration companies who don’t understand you needs.  Call the professionals at American Services today!  We guarantee your complete satisfaction and even offer free estimates!

Finding the Right Commercial HVAC Contractor

Finding the Right Commercial HVAC Contractor

repairman engineer When looking for an HVAC contractor near Florissant, the task should not be taken lightly.  In fact, the decision you are about to make is just as important as finding a doctor for a sick family member.  You want to find someone with the most knowledge with the issues you have, who is reliable, and ready to take on whatever it takes to get your system up and running quickly.  At American Services, we are confident that our team of technicians can provide you with all of the needs on your list.  But just in case, here’s our list of tips for finding the right commercial HVAC contractor in St. Louis.

  • Recommendations – If you have friend or family members who have recently used an HVAC contractor, ask for opinions.  Get their honest feedback and start with those they highly recommend.
  • Online Reviews – Now, remember these are online reviews.  But when looked at in the right light, you can come up with a few good ideas using these sites.
  • Web Page – Go to the contractors website and look around.  Is it professional?  Do they offer a guarantee?  Do they offer 24/7 service?  Do they give free estimates?  How long have they been in business and what other services do they offer?  Doing this research will get a lot of the preliminary questions out of the way and possibly weed out a few that don’t meet your entire list of needs.
  • Facebook and Other Social Media Sites – Use social media sites to find pictures of work the contractor has completed.  Is the work space clean?  Does the work look professionally installed?  Getting this visual can give you an idea of what standards your candidate has or doesn’t have.

At American Services we take pride in providing high-quality services that fit all of your needs!  Give our team a call to see if we live up to your standards today!

Sanitize Restaurant Equipment Using These Simple Steps

Sanitize Restaurant Equipment Using These Simple Steps

Woman Cleaning Kitchen CountertopIn your restaurant you are most likely using a dishwashing machine to ensure the cleanliness of the dishes produced during the work day and this is smart because of the sanitation this type of equipment can provide.  But what can you do to make sure the surfaces around your kitchen are sanitized properly?  Today, let’s take a look at some simple steps you can use to make sure food-contact areas around your commercial kitchen are sanitary.

First, it’s important that you supply rubber gloves to the individuals who are assigned the job of cleaning these surfaces.  This will ensure their safety while cleaning the kitchen surfaces.  Start with a clean bucket that is only used for cleaning purposes.  Then gather your choice of new disposable towels or towels that have been properly laundered and sanitized.  You will need to have enough towels to use a clean towel for each step of the cleaning process.

Now, wash all the surfaces using fresh water that is 110F, detergent, and a fresh towel.  Next, rinse all of the surfaces you just cleaned with fresh, 100F water and a fresh towel.  Then, use a spray bottle to apply sanitizer to all of the surfaces you just cleaned.  Finally, always let the sanitizer air dry.  Using a towel at this point puts all surfaces at risk for contamination.

Are you a business owner that relies on restaurant equipment to properly serve your customers?  If so, the Hazelwood area Restaurant Equipment experts at American Services can provide you with the service you need!  Our team is comprised of only the most-knowledgeable restaurant equipment repair technicians who understand the ins and outs of your equipment.  This makes our skills superior to any other company around St. Louis.  Don’t pay too much and risk added down time.  Call the team at American Services today!

Don’t Forget About Your Cooling System This Winter!

Don’t Forget About Your Cooling System This Winter!

Red String Tied Around FingerAt American Services, our technicians are often asked how they suggest caring for a cooling unit during the winter months.  This is a really good question and one we would like to address with you.  Here are some of our most basic recommendations:

First, it’s important to prepare your cooling unit for it’s off season by having a full maintenance check at the end of the cooling season. This service will go over all of the parts of your units, asses their functionality, and address any needed repairs.  The unit will then be ready for the cold months when it is not in use and ensure it’s proper function when it is put back into service later in the year.

The off-season for your cooling system is also the best time to prepare to replace or upgrade any outdated units.  Our team can come to your location and give you a full estimate with recommendations that will save you energy and thus reduce your overall energy bills.  We are well-versed in all the latest technology that makes cooling any size building more cost-effective and comfortable for employees and customers alike.

Finally, we also recommend talking to our customer care team about designing a Customized Preventative Maintenance Plan.  This team of experts can work with any budget and any size business in coming up with a plan that saves you both time and money.  The best part about these plans is that they make budgeting for maintenance work simple and they provide the needed maintenance to keep you in compliance with any applicable manufacturer warranty you may have.

Don’t waste the valuable time you have during the winter ignoring your cooling unit simply because it isn’t being used.  Take this time to contact our team for a full evaluation.  Our quality service is why so many Jefferson County area Commercial cooling clients continue to choose us over all the rest.

Is Water Heating Costing You Too Much Money?

Is Water Heating Costing You Too Much Money?

Businessperson with coinsHeating the hot water your business uses can account for a large portion of your monthly heating bill.  The good news is that you can reduce this cost by taking a few simple steps as outline below:

  • Check your hot water heater’s thermostat setting.  When your unit is installed, it will be preset from the factory to heat your water to 140 degrees.  Taking this setting down to 120 degrees will not only save you money on your monthly energy bill, but it will also prevent scalding from water that may be too hot for young children.
  • Limit the amount of hot water you are using.  This simple step can be accomplished by intsalling water-saving fittings on faucets around your building.  You can also advise your staff to only run dish washers or clothes washers when they are full.  This is the best utilization of both water and overall energy usage.
  • Drain your hot water heater tank on a regular basis.  Once or twice a year it is a good idea to drain a few gallons of water from the bottom of your tank.  This practice will help to remove any sediment or mineral deposits that can restrict heat transfer and thus cause an increase in water usage.
  • Insulate your hot water heater pipes.  Wherever you can reach the pipes, insulate them. This will work to reduce heat transfer and result in reduced water heating costs.
  • Insulate your hot water heater unit.  If you have an older hot water heating unit, you can consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for insulating the unit.  This practice won’t work well for new units that are already well insulated from the factory.

If you would like more recommendations for saving energy on your heating bills this winter, contact the South County area commercial heating experts at American Services today!

Commercial Refrigeration Contracts For 2015

Commercial Refrigeration Contracts For 2015

Business dealAs the new year approaches, it’s a great time to start thinking about ways you can maximize the money spend on your expensive refrigeration units.  For some this means an upgrade or replacement, but for others it comes down to putting a preventative maintenance schedule in place.  The best way to get the most out of scheduled maintenance visits is to invest in a Customized Preventative Maintenance Contract from American Services.  Let us tell you why!

First, having a Preventative Maintenance Contract from American Services means that your equipment will be getting the periodic attention it needs to run at peak performance.  No more temperature retention issues or unexpected repairs.  When your equipment is receiving the attention it needs, it just simply works better.

Second, a Preventative Maintenance Contract from American Services will save you money.  Our team will design a plan that fits within your budget and spreads the cost out over time.  This means there will be surprise costs or unexpected rated increase for the terms of your contract, making this type of plan perfect for the business owner who runs a tight budget.

Finally, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that your equipment is in compliance with all manufacture warranties.  You will also know that your equipment will last longer, need fewer repairs, and will need to be replaced less often.  This save you money, time, and down time.

Give the team at American Services a call right now to customize a commercial refrigeration plan for your St. Louis County area business!  Our customer care specialists can be reached at 855-733-1776.  We will get you in touch with our Customizable Preventative Maintenance experts who will help you create a contract that will save you time, money, and increase the overall productivity of your equipment.  Don’t spend 2015 wishing you would have made this investment.  Get a free estimate now!