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Check Your Attic – Cool More Efficiently

Check Your Attic – Cool More Efficiently

Measuring Attic Energy EfficiencyAs a commercial business owner, you may be overlooking one of the biggest factors in the efficiency of your heating and cooling system – your attic space.  It’s true!  If your building has an attic it could be sabotaging all of your efforts to keep your space cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Today, let’s take a look at the three key factors affecting the efficiency of your HVAC system – insulation, ventilation, and air sealing.

The insulation you need in your attic will effectively assist your HVAC system in keeping your space properly heated and cooled.  If the insulation in your attic isn’t doing it’s job, you will have higher A/C and heating bills, your system will incur unnecessary use, and your space will not be comfortable.

Ventilation of your attic is needed to ensure the effective exchange of inside air with fresh outdoor air.  If your attic’s system of passive and active ventilation is not working properly, you will feel it in the summer.  This is because without this air pass through your attic can easily get above 150 degrees.  At this temperature your cooling system will not be able to keep up with cooling your space in an efficient manner and the comfort level inside will be diminished.

Sealing air out of your attic is the only way to keep drafts from working your heating system overtime.  This is a tricky area because, as we learned above, you also need to have your attic ventilated properly.  Getting the right balance of these two areas can be accomplished with the help of your local HVAC technician.

If you feel like your attic space is compromising the integrity of your HVAC system, give the team at American Services a call.  Our Clayton area heating and cooling experts will assist you with an energy audit and get your system working in the most efficient manner in now time!



Three Reasons To Replace Your Heating System Now!

Three Reasons To Replace Your Heating System Now!

HVAC TechnicianIn the heating and cooling world, there are three big reasons why you should consider upgrading to a newer HVAC system.  These reasons include utility cost savings, indoor air quality, and and improperly sized system.  All three have undesirable consequences that can be avoided with the help of a professional analysis and system replacement.  Here is a quick explanation of each scenario.

Utility Cost Savings – If you have a system that is as little at ten years old, the technology used to make it energy efficient is out dated.  It’s hard to believe, but advancements in efficiency standards continue to happen and replacing your older unit could potentially save you a lot of money.  To determine how efficient your current unit is, simply have your local HVAC contractor assist you completing an audit on the unit in comparison to a new, more efficient replacement system.

Improved Indoor Air Quality – Thanks to advancements in both humidity control and contaminant removal, newer heating units provide a much cleaner indoor air quality rating.  Upgrading to a unit that will improve your indoor air quality can help alleviate ailments like allergies and also improve the comfort level of your space.

Proper System Size – If your current heating system wasn’t properly sized at the time of installation, you may be reaping the consequences and not even realize it.  Not only could your unit be too small for your space, but it could also be too big.  Both scenarios will create inefficiencies that can only be fixed with the installation of a properly sized system.

If you feel like your commercial heating system near Hazelwood could use an update, please give the team at American Services a call.  Our professional team can go over the areas where your current system is lacking and provide you with a free upgrade estimate.  Get your free estimate now!

Keep Your Ice Clean With Ultraviolet Light

Keep Your Ice Clean With Ultraviolet Light

Three ice cubes Ice machines can be a breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and other biological contaminants.  That’s why it is so important that all businesses that work with ice machines and/or water filtration understand the importance of how to keep the products they serve clean and hazard free.  One of the options you have when looking to serve cleaner, better tasting ice is in the form of ultraviolet light.  Choosing to keep your ice clean with UV light is fairly inexpensive, easy to install, and offers a safe alternative to chemicals used to clean in a more traditional way.  Using ultraviolet light can also improve the performance and extend the life of your ice machines.

So, how does ultraviolet light work?  In the ice machine setting, UV germicidal lamps are first installed in your machine by a professional refrigeration expert.  The lights then go to work killing off all the biological hazards by using UV-C rays to damage the structure of bacteria, virus, and mold cells.  When the structure of these cells is damaged, they are killed off and leave your machine 99.9% free of contaminants.

Keeping the ice you serve as clean as possible is a must for anyone who serves cold beverages.  That’s why more and more St. Louis area businesses have turned to the experience provided by the American Services team.  At American Services, we not only serve Florissant area heating and cooling clients, but we also serve those in commercial settings that require water filtration and other food service equipment.  Our long list of specialties includes cooking equipment, ice machines, refrigeration, industrial equipment, and beverage systems.  This long list of provided services means we can fully serve our area clients in a complete and quick manner.  Don’t risk down time and waste money on a service provider who cant meet all of your needs.  Call American Services for a free estimate now.



Commercial Heating Service on a Budget?

Commercial Heating Service on a Budget?

Budget Newspaper ClippingAfter working with your average commercial heating service contractor you may be wondering if you will ever be able to stay on budget in regards to the repairs, maintenance, and upgrades you often need for your HVAC system.  This is most-likely due to the fact that you either have a contract that is not designed to meet your specific needs or because you simply don’t have one at all.  That’s why so many St. Louis business owners have decided to stick with the American Services team.  Our skilled professionals not only get the job done right, but can also get you into the scheduled maintenance contract needed to keep your costs under control and within your needed budget.

So, what makes an American Services service contact extra special.  It starts with our people.  The team at American Services specifically understand the commercial side of the HVAC business.  Our contract writers are able to meet with and understand your budget, maintenance needs, and specialty equipment.  These individuals are then able to make suggestions and write a customized preventative maintenance plan that fits into all of your must-haves.  We have been providing this service to our customers for over 25 years and take great pride in being the best around.

What are you waiting for?  Why not get the customized service you deserve by contacting the team about a preventative maintenance contract today.  We can even come out to your location to get a feel for what equipment you have and offer our many other services as well.  These extra services include repairs, maintenance, and instillation of cooking equipment, refrigeration units, ice machines, industrial equipment, beverage systems, and water filtration units.  You see, American Services can save you in down time as well by providing all of your needed services in one trip.  Let our team prove to you why we should be your commercial heating contractor near Edwardsville.

How Clean Is the Ice You’re Serving?

How Clean Is the Ice You’re Serving?

Ice CubesDirty ice is not only a bad business practice, but it can also cause your customers to get sick!  In fact, contaminate ice is health issue that can be found as a common finding in health department food sanitation reports.  Yet, for some reason ice machines are often the most neglected piece of equipment found in many restaurants, convenience stores, schools, bars, hospitals, and hotels.

The team at American Services wants to know.  When was the last time you took a look at what could be growing in your ice machine unit?  Go ahead and take a look!  Did you find slime clogging your pumps, hardened scale on your water valves, or mold?  All of this microbial growth is not only a health concern, but it also caused unnecessary wear to your machines that will make them inefficient and  shorten their lifespan.

But what about the self-cleaning cycle?  Well, most don’t realize but that handy feature only cleans the evaporator.  This leaves the rest of the machine to grow all sorts of undesirable matter that needs to be gotten rid of fast.

So, how can American Services help?  The team at American Services can provide you with the routine maintenance and cleaning services you need to keep your ice machine clean, sanitized, and running efficiently.  When a technician from our team cleans your ice machine, he will make sure the entire unit and all of it’s parts have been properly soaked, scrubbed, sanitized, dried, re-assembled, polished, cleaned and inspected.  This process ensures you as the owner that the ice you serve is clean and tastes great!

Contact the professional team at American Services for all of your St. Charles area refrigeration and ice machine maintenance needs!  We can guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of our top-notch services.  Give our team a call for a free estimate today!

Central Heating System Basics

Central Heating System Basics

ThermostatWhen talking about HVAC systems for commercial business, the basics of central heating are often overlooked for other more complicated matters.  Today, the team at American Services wants to give you a quick overview of what “central heating” actually means, along with some pros, cons, and basics on how this type of system works to keep you warm in the winter.

What does “central heating” mean?

When a heating system is referred to as “central heating” is basically means that your unit does the work of heating your building from a central location.  The heat is then moved through out the building via vent and duct work.

Are there advantages to central heating systems?

There are two big advantages to a central heating system.  The first is that this type of system evenly distributes heat making it a more comfortable for occupants.  The second advantage is that it provides energy efficiency due to working form a single energy source such as gas, oil, or electricity.

What are the main components found in a central heating unit?

The main components found in a central heating unit include the motor, fan or blower, burner, vents, ducts, and thermostat.

It is also important to note that participating in regular maintenance and having an energy audit are both vital in ensuring the energy efficiency of your central heating unit.  These two factors can improve your efficiency by up to 95% and should be considered when learning more about the heating system you have.

If you have more questions about your central heating and/or cooling system, the team at American Services is here to help.  Our St. Peters area HVAC technicians are fully trained on all the latest technology and can work with you to get an energy efficient system installed right away.  Simply call our customer care team at 314-733-1776 and ask for a free estimate!

Emerging 2015 Restaurant Equipment Tech Trends

Emerging 2015 Restaurant Equipment Tech Trends

Women EatingWith a new year comes new technology aimed at making restaurant operations run smoother.  In fact, according to B. Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the National Restaurant Association’s research and knowledge group, “Technology will perhaps be the largest arena to see some rapid innovation in 2015. Technology is just another tool in the operator tool belt, but 2015 is poised for a much more substantial integration of the technology into the typical restaurant operation.”  Today, let’s take a look at the trends that will make your establishment stand out in 2015.

POS Upgraded – About 47% of restaurants are reporting an upgrade in their POS system for 2015. This is partially due to the new EMV standards that are being pushed thanks to the many data breach issues of the recent pas.  Establishments are also expressing interest in adopting new payment options like e-wallet.

Dynamic Pricing – The dynamic pricing model allows an establishment to base pricing upon chosen factors such as time of day or a given day of the week.  Thanks to digital menu boards and innovative POS systems, establishments can take advantage of this pricing model to drive traffic as needed.  This also allows for on-the-spot testing of new or improved menu options.

Time & Energy Savings – New technology that allows for saved time and labor costs continues to hit the market and will be popular within the restaurant industry this year.  This improved equipment can reduce cooking times by 20% and new ice machines can take care of the cleaning for you with the use of ultraviolet light oxidation.  There are even new dishwashers with technology that reduces both water usage and drying times.

Are you looking to cash in on the latest trends in the restaurant business?  If so, you can find all the latest restaurant equipment for sale near O’Fallon by contacting the team at American Services!  Call today to find out just how easy upgrading your restaurant can be!


Duct Noise – When Should You Worry?

Duct Noise – When Should You Worry?

Woman closes her earsIt’s winter and your duct work may be experiencing a little expansion due the sudden bursts of warm air being used to heat your space.  But what if that very normal function begins making a lot of unsettling noise?  Well, not to worry!  Most duct noise is very normal and harmless.  As mentioned before, your duct work is just expanding and making way for the air that is being used to keep you comfortable in the cold weather.  But it there ever a time to worry?  Let’s find out.

So, when should duct noise be of concern?  Duct noise is only of concern when the noise is actually come from your furnace and not your duct work at all.  Gas furnace owners know that there are burner elements as a part of their system.  As time passes, these burners can become dirty, clogged, and/or corroded.  When this happens, interference happens in the ignition process. The noise you hear from this issue will occur just after your furnace kicks on due tot the ignition sparks lighting the extra gas that has filled the chamber during missed ignition.  When you notice this type of issue, it’s time to call a professional HVAC service technician as this can turn into a very dangerous issue.

As you can see, duct noise itself is not of concern.  Yet, if the noise you hear is actually coming from your furnace, service is needed.   If you are in need of heating or cooling service near Wentzville, contact the team at American Services today!  Our professional technicians are ready to take care of your entire list of commercial HVAC, refrigeration, cooking equipment, water filtration, industrial equipment, and beverage systems needs in one short visit.  We can even give you a free estimate on upgrading your existing equipment with new, energy efficient models!  Why not give us a call today?

Basic Refrigeration Maintenance Check List Items

Basic Refrigeration Maintenance Check List Items

Silver FridgeIf you own a commercial refrigeration unit, do you understand what needs to be checked-off your regular maintenance list for optimal performance?  If not, the team at American Services wants to introduce you to those items.  This will not only ensure you have a competent technician working for you, but it will also make your equipment last longer and preserve your manufacturer warranty.  Let’s take a quick look at what you need to be having checked.

Basic Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Check List

  • Pressure Cleaning – Your maintenance technician should be pressure cleaning all of your unit’s air cooled condenser coils and drains.
  • You tech should be not only doing a temperature check, but also checking for the accuracy of your unit’s thermometer.
  • Cycling Check
  • Refrigerant – Your maintenance technician should be checking that your refrigerant levels are within recommended specifications.
  • Door gaskets, seals, hinges, automatic door closers – All should be inspected to ensure proper function and for suitable wear.
  • Insulation Inspection
  • Unit Wiring Check
  • Compressor Inspection

Once all of these areas have been looked over by your refrigeration maintenance technician, you should be provided with a detailed report covering all parts of the inspection process.  This report should provide you with the make, model, serial number, and temperature of each unit checked.  It should also include a detailed list of any repairs that need to be made or other areas of concern.

Your technician can also show you how to perform a few checks in between your scheduled maintenance checks to help preserve the life of your equipment.  These items may include checking door gaskets for any wear that may prevent them from sealing properly.  You will also want to make sure to regularly clean these gaskets with warm, soapy water.  You can also check your drain lines for any blockages and your condenser coils.

Get preventative commercial refrigeration maintenance near Overland by calling American Services today!


Furnace, Heat Pump, or Hybrid? Which Is Best For You?

Furnace, Heat Pump, or Hybrid?  Which Is Best For You?

Three People Holding Question MarkWhen making a decision about how you will heat your commercial building space, there are three popular options.  These options include a furnace, heat pump, or hybrid unit.  All three systems offer benefits for specific customers and today the American Services team will help you make the right choice for your needs.

  • Furnace – When choosing to heat with a furnace, you will have the best luck with the latest models as they are the most economical and energy efficient.  Oil and natural gas units are the most-popular choice, but many also choose to heat with an all-electric furnace that doesn’t utilize any fossil fuels for energy.  You will find that fossil fuel units are less costly to operate, yet pose a risk because of the harmful gases they can create.  Electric units cost more, but eliminate the risk.
  • Heat Pump – A heat pump unit will cost you more up-front, but will then operate at a very efficient level.  You will have to choose from an air-source pump or a geothermal model when installing, but the one unit will do both your heating and cooling.  It is also important to remember that heat pumps loose a lot of their efficiency in colder weather.  This means that a heat pump is not the best choice if you live in a climate that fall below freezing very often.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid units are for those who want the efficiency and low cost benefits of a heat pump, but still need a furnace to warm their space in colder weather.  Both units would be utilized when appropriate, but there is an added cost due to the installation of both units.

If you are trying to decide on the best heating unit for your commercial space, the team at American Services can help.  We understand your commercial heating needs near Maryland Heights and can get you into the most cost-effective choice quickly!  Give us a call for a free estimate now!