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Choose American Services As Your End-Of-Season HVAC Contractor

Choose American Services As Your End-Of-Season HVAC Contractor

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At the end of each season, many commercial business owners look into the possibility of trusting a new HVAC team to complete any needed service, repair, or maintenance work. The possibility of letting another company win your business leaves you open to save some money and get your equipment in better shape for the future.  Today, the team at American Services wants to convince you of their ability to do all of that and more.  Let’s get started with the top five reasons why you should choose American Services as your end-of-the season HVAC contractor.

  • Reason #1 – Our Technicians.  At American Services we only employ the most knowledgeable technicians in the business and we make sure they stay that way with the latest training and certifications.
  • Reason #2 – Our FREE estimates.  At American Services we are always ready to give you a FREE estimate concerning any upcoming project you are considering. Your FREE estimate will tell you just how much you will need to spend and take the guess work out of saving for upcoming HVAC projects.
  • Reason #3 – Customer Service. – When you choose American Services you can know that you will always be met with the best customer care in the business. This includes interactions with our technicians, office staff, and other key team members.
  • Reason #4 – 24/7 Service.  At American Services our technicians are ready to take care of all of your emergency needs with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service. This includes all holidays and weekends.
  • Reason #5 – Customizable Preventative Maintenance.  Our unique customized preventative maintenance contracts take the guess-work out of service contracts and only focus on the services you need – never anything extra, and that saves you money!

Call the team at American Services for a FREE Wentzville area heating and cooling maintenance service review before the cold weather arrives and your system isn’t ready!

How To Save On Your Heating Bills This Fall

How To Save On Your Heating Bills This Fall

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The expert HVAC team at American Services wants you to save the most money possible on your heating bills this fall.  As a commercial building owner, we understand that saving on everyday things like heating costs help to make your business more profitable and that’s important.  Today, our professional heating system technicians will explain a few of the top things you can do to keep your bills lower this season.

The first thing you can do to ensure your heating bills stay low during the fall is to call our customer service team for a scheduled maintenance check-up.  Maintenance is the top thing you can do to not only keep your system working efficiently, but it also keeps your heating unit in top shape.  By performing regular maintenance, including changing your filter, you till save money and cut down on repair costs.

Next, take advantage of nicer days as much as possible by utilizing fans and opened windows.  Both of these practices can keep your space comfortable and will cut your heating bills significantly.  Having the front door of your business propped open can also drive more traffic by creating an inviting atmosphere for those walking by.

Finally, don’t miss out on the chance to make any significant repairs or for upgrading while the weather still hasn’t gotten cold.  Making the decision to repair or upgrade your system is a big one that can carry a lot of expense, but it can also save you on your monthly bills.  Have an expert technician help you decide if it’s time to upgrade now.

Contact the team at American Services heating and cooling near St. Louis City today.  Our customer care team would be happy to get you a free estimate with one of our experts technicians and can also assist you with any repair or maintenance issues you may be having.  The American Services team looks forward to assisting you.

How To Maintain Your Heat Pump

How To Maintain Your Heat Pump

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The average lifespan of a heat pump unit is 15-20, but only if it is well-maintained by a professional HVAC contractor.  This means that simply installing your heat pump and using it won’t do the job if you want it to last.  Today, the team at American Services wants to give you the information you need to know about properly maintaining your heat pump.

Just like any other piece of HVAC equipment, regular scheduled maintenance is key in keeping your heat pump running smoothly.  This means you will need to have a maintenance schedule in place for your unit including a system cleaning and service check-up before both the winter and summer months.  It is also imperative that you chance your system’s air filter on a monthly basis and to clear any vegetation out from around the exterior unit just as often.

Getting your system on a maintenance schedule will serve you in a number of ways. First, when your unit is well-maintained it will run more efficiently.  This saves energy that equates to money saved on your utility bills.  In fact, a well-maintained heat pump system can save you up to 25 percent off your utility bills when compared to a neglected unit.  Secondly, maintaining your unit by keeping dirt, debris, and other vegetation away from it will allow your system to work as efficient as possible and extend it’s life.  This means you will be able to get closer to the full lifespan potential of your unit before replacement is need.  Finally, performing regular maintenance will help you in avoiding expensive repairs by finding issues early and resolving them.  This saves you money and makes your maintenance expenses very much worth it.

If you have a heat pump unit in need of maintenance this fall, the professionals at American Services commercial heating and cooling near Florissant can help.  Call today for a FREE estimated and get your heat pump ready for the winter season.


Is Now the Time to Replace Your Furnace?

Is Now the Time to Replace Your Furnace?

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As the days get shorter and cooler, those who have put off a heating system replacement need to act.   Replacing your old, inefficient unit is often a smart choice because of the cost savings associated with a newer unit.  These cost savings come in the form of less maintenance, fewer repairs, and reduced monthly heating bills. Today, let’s take a look at a few of the signs to look for when considering a heating system replacement.

Here are some questions to consider when thinking about replacing your furnace:

  • Have my heating bills increased drastically?  If you notice your utility bills going up every month despite no increase in use, your furnace could be failing.  A failing unit works less efficiently and uses more energy.
  • Is your furnace noisier than normal?  If you start to notice new, noisy sounds coming from your furnace it could indicate a serious issue with your unit.
  • Is your furnace running non-stop?  A furnace that is running all of the time is often trying to make up for inefficiency by working harder.  This is only causing your unit extra stress and will make it break down faster.
  • How old is your furnace?  If your system is more than 15 years old, it is most likely going to need to be replaced soon.  The average life span of a well-maintained unit is 15-20 years and as your unit continues to age it’s ability to do it’s job will diminish.
  • Do you notice an inconsistency in temperature?  If your thermostat is set the same, but you are experiencing a shift in the temperature of your space this could indicate that your system is failing.

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until your system fails to have it replaced.  Call the Kirkwood area commercial heating experts at American Services for a FREE estimate today!

Refrigeration Options For Your Commercial Space

Refrigeration Options For Your Commercial Space

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As a business owner that takes advantage of selling cold and frozen goods in your space, it is important to utilize all of the latest refrigeration and freezer options available to you. This often means pairing with a professional team of refrigeration and freezer experts that understand all of the latest option and how they can maximize your profits.  Today, the Fenton area refrigeration team at American Services wants to help you find the right equipment options by giving you a short list of what the market has to offer.  Let’s get started!

Your Refrigeration Options Include:

  • Slide Door Refrigerators
  • Display Refrigerators
  • Undercounter Refrigerators
  • Glass Door Refrigerators
  • Chef Bases
  • Worktop Refrigerators
  • Milk Coolers
  • Open Air Merchandisers
  • Dual Temperature Refrigerators
  • Roll-In Refrigerators
  • Commercial Floral Coolers
  • Walk-In Coolers

Your Commercial Freezer Options Include:

  • Slide Door Freezers
  • Display Freezers
  • Undercounter Freezers
  • Glass Top Freezers
  • Worktop Freezers
  • Glass Door Freezers
  • Commercial Chest Freezers
  • Ice Merchandisers
  • Walk-In Freezers
  • Roll In & Rack Freezers
  • Blast Chillers
  • Batch Freezers

Your Refrigerated Prep Table Options Include:

  • Sandwich and Salad Prep Tables
  • Pizza Prep Tables

Your Refrigerated Display Case Options Include:

  • Bakery Display Cases
  • Deli Display Cases
  • Sushi Display Cases
  • Meet Display Cases
  • Poultry and Fish Display Cases
  • Oyster Display Cases

Your Walk-In Refrigeration Options Include:

  • Walk-In Coolers
  • Walk-In Freezers

Your Extra Specialty Options Include:

  • Back Car Coolers
  • Horizontal Bottle Coolers
  • Direct Draw Beer Dispensers
  • Glass Frosters & Plate Chillers

As you can see, the options for those selling cold and frozen goods are endless and all commercial business owners should be utilizing them.  Why not start increasing your profits now by getting a FREE estimate from the American Services team today!  Simply call our customer service professionals to set-up a no obligation appointment by calling 855-733-1776.  The appointment will be quick and you will be amazed by the options our team can offer!

Find the Right Commercial HVAC Technicians In St. Louis At American Services

Find the Right Commercial HVAC Technicians In St. Louis At American Services

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At American Services, our HVAC technicians are trained to provide the best service experience to our multitude of heating, cooling, and refrigeration clients.  Our technicians understand the ins and outs of your specific business and will always provide the service you deserve.  Today, let’s talk about the attributes you will want to consider when choosing the right HVAC contractor for your business.

When choosing the HVAC company you will hire for your maintenance, repair, and service work there are a number of factors to consider.  These include experience, references, reviews, and pricing.  Here’s a quick breakdown of each factor:

  • When looking at a contractors experience, you will want to know if they have worked with your type of business in the past and how much.  Having a specialized set of technicians that understand your specific needs will help in implementing the right maintenance, repair, and service schedule for your HVAC equipment.
  • Word of mouth references can be very helpful in getting a full look at what an HVAC contractor has to offer.  Be sure to ask other business owners in the area that have similar equipment about their experience with local contractors before making a final decision.
  • Looking at online reviews can be helpful in getting a better picture of what others think about the service provider you are thinking of hiring.  Just remember, one bad review shouldn’t stop you from interviewing an otherwise perfect candidate.
  • Even though pricing should never be the top factor in hiring an HVAC contractor, it should be taken into consideration.  When making your decision, have a budget in mind and think about what you will be getting service-wise in comparison to how much you end up paying.

To get in touch with some of the most-trusted HVAC technicians near St. Louis, call the American Services team for a FREE estimate today!


Kitchen Ventilation Cost-Saving Tips

Kitchen Ventilation Cost-Saving Tips

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As noted by the experts at, choosing the right vent hood commercial kitchen ventilation system is imperative for many reasons.  The quality of your ventilation system affects those in the kitchen and the comfort of the guest you serve. Today, let’s talk about some commercial kitchen ventilation basics and how you can save money on your ventilation costs.

There are several commercial kitchen ventilation styles.  These styles include choices like:  wall mounted canopy, single island canopy, double island canopy, eyebrow, back shelf, and pass over.  Each of these exhaust system set-ups offer a specific type and level of ventilation.  Having an expert help you choose the right style for your needs is the first step in keeping your energy efficiency top notch.

Once you have your system in place, you can make some subtle upgrades or changes to your system that can help with energy usage.  These changes include:

  • Adding inexpensive side panels to hoods to cut down on heat and smoke that escape into the kitchen area.
  • Close air gaps between your cooking equipment and the wall by moving units as close to the wall possible.  This will move your equipment so that it’s as close to the hood overhang as possible and maximize it’s use.
  • Look into a Demand-Based Exhaust Control system.  These systems monitor your cooking using sensors and will match your fan speed with the needs of your kitchen.  This type of system is something that comes as a part of some new units, but can also be retrofitted to you current ventilation system.  The addition of a Demand-Based Exhaust Control can help to reduce your ventilation costs by 30-50 percent.

Why not call the American Service team for a free estimate concerning Ladue area restaurant equipment upgrades today?  Our team can tell you what is will cost now and also help you determine how much the upgrades will help you save!  Contact our team for your appointment now!

What To Do As the Cooling Season Comes To An End

What To Do As the Cooling Season Comes To An End

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Fall is almost officially here and that means your cooling system will soon get a much needed break.  Don’t make the mistake that many commercial cooling system owners make by ignoring your air conditioner and moving on to your furnace without any regard for needed inspections.  Now is the time to get your cooling unit ready for next year and your heating system ready for months of use.  This is what the American Services team recommends you should do now to keep your entire HVAC system running smoothly as we transition from summer to fall.

When getting your heating and system ready for fall, the following maintenance tasks should be addressed:

  • Filter replacement.
  • Full inspection of a gas unit’s burner assembly and heat exchanger.
  • Full inspection and adjustment of the ignition switch on gas units.
  • Full inspection and sequence of electric heat and AMP draw check.
  • Full inspection and adjustment of indoor blower components.
  • Full inspection and tightening of all electrical components.
  • Full blow out service of condensate drain and pan cleaning.
  • Heating and cooling unit cycling.
  • Full inspection of outside air economizer if applicable to your unit.

Once you know that you are finished using the cooling portion of your system, there are a few additional items to take care of.  These items include:

  • Turn off the air conditioner disconnect switch to kill all power to your unit during the winter.  This will prevent the unit from accidentally turning on during the cold weather months and prevent electrocution as you perform the next few tasks.
  • Clean all debris from around your outside unit and take a hose to the unit to remove dust and dirt.  Now you need to let the unit set and dry.
  • Once the unit has completely dried, cover your air conditioner with a waterproof cover like a tarp.  This will keep the unit clean and dry during the winter months.  Just make sure to remove any snow or ice build-up form the unit as needed.

If these tasks are something you would like to hand over to a professional, the team at American Services would be glad to offer help.  Contact our customer care staff now to set-up your very own commercial heating and cooling maintenance check near Clayton today!


Preparing To Save On This Season’s Heating Bills

Preparing To Save On This Season’s Heating Bills

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The Labor Day holiday has come to pass and cooler fall days are on the horizon.  As a business owner, this change of weather should be a welcome one thanks to more manageable temperatures that help to reduce energy costs.  Today, the team at American Services wants to help your prepare for savings this fall with some energy saving tips specifically for commercial heating system owners.  Here are our top tips!

As we usher in a new season, all heating and cooling system’s should have a thorough maintenance check-up.  This check-up will go over the general function of the unit and include some other maintenance tasks designed to maintain optimal efficiency and operation.  Some of the areas covered during your maintenance check will include a filter replacement, inspection of ignition and burner assembly (gas), inspection of heat exchanger (gas), inspection of AMP draw (electric), inspection and tightening of electrical connections, and a cycling of heating and cooling units.

Once you know your system is ready for the transition into fall, you can begin to focus on ways to save money on your utility bills with some smart usage.  Saving money on your heating and cooling bill isn’t too hard during the fall season thanks to comfortable outside temperatures.  Use this time to take advantage of opening windows in your office space where available.  You can even prop open the front door of your business to both welcome new shoppers while also letting in the nice fall breeze.  When the temperatures start to cool off, use sunlight to your advantage by opening blinds or curtains.

Don’t let the change of seasons go by without having your commercial heating and cooling system near Ballwin serviced!  Call the team at American Services for a free maintenance check-up estimate now and save the hassle of unforeseen repairs later!


Walk-In Refrigerator Cost-Saving Tips

Walk-In Refrigerator Cost-Saving Tips

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When looking at the average restaurant owner’s monthly utility usage, you will find that they most likely spend about 6 percent of it on refrigeration costs alone.  And that only accounts for the energy usage.  Not the maintenance, repairs, or other replacement costs that may come up.  Since refrigeration can be a costly business expense, it’s important to consider how you can cut these costs without any added expense.  Today, the team at American Services will focus on passing along tips as recommended by concerning how you can save on your walk-in refrigeration operating costs.  Let’s get started!

As noted by the experts at, there are a few low cost upgrades and good practice techniques that all walk-in refrigeration owners can consider when wanting to save.  First, take a look at the lighting in your unit.  If you are using old incandescent light bulbs simply swapping those out with low temp compact fluorescent lamps can cut heat output by up to 75 percent.  That’s a huge heat savings that will help your unit hold that cool temperature you need.

Next, you can save outside air infiltration by up to 75 percent by investing in strip curtains and automatic door closers.  These items are easy enough to install on your own and are very low cost.  This is something you should work on today!

Finally, you can reduce fan energy consumption by about two-thirds by adding electronically commuted motors or ECMs to your evaporator and condenser fans.  If this sounds like too big of a job for you, don’t worry!  That’s when you call the American Services team for a free parts and labor estimate.  Our team can help you determine the cost of this simple install and also help you determine how quickly you will get your money back via your extra energy savings.

Get in touch with the Refrigeration Installation Near Hazelwood experts at American Services today!