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Indoor Air Quality Hazards – VOCs

Indoor Air Quality Hazards – VOCs

ndoor air pollution

Did you know that every time you use certain household or commercial products you are releasing potentially harmful compounds into the air?  These compounds are referred to by the EPA as VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds and can be reeking havoc on your indoor air quality.  Today, the team at American Services wants to give you some facts about VOCs and also some ideas on how to eliminate them from your indoor environment.

Facts about Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs:

  • VOCs can be found in cleaning products, paints, chemical strippers, waxes, pesticides, candles, and many other common products around your home and workplace.
  • VOCs can also come from floor coverings, furniture, electronic equipment, air fresheners, and dry-cleaned clothing.
  • The VOCs from these products are not just emitted into the air during use.  They are also releasing potentially harmful VOCs while simply being stored due to natural evaporation.  This makes the source of VOCs harder to pinpoint.

How to control and eliminate VOCs from your environment:

  • Adequate ventilation needs to be in place when using VOC-containing product.  This includes when you are painting, using cleaning products, or any other activity that could expose you to VOCs.  The best way to ventilate in these situations is by opening windows and/or using exhaust fans.
  • Read the manufacturer recommendations for all products to make sure you are properly using, storing, and getting rid of these products.  For example, many cleaning products can not be mixed with other chemicals.  If the chemicals are combined you can cause a reaction that will cause harm to the user.
  • Ask your Maryland Heights area heating and cooling technician about adding equipment to your system that will clean the pollutants out of your indoor air.  These units can help tremendously in eliminating odors from your space and can even help to control allergy issues that may be of concern.

Contact the American Services team today for a free quote!

Why Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

Why Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

 Face Blowing Wind

Is there anything more frustrating?  You kick on the furnace, all ready to warm up and all you get is cold air from the ducts!  What do you do now?  Well first, don’t panic.  Second, run down our list of the most common reasons why your furnace is blowing cold air!

Ask yourself these three questions first thing when you notice that your furnace is blowing cold air:

  • Question #1 – Is the thermostat set to the ON or AUTO position?  The ON position means that your system is blowing neutral air throughout your system continuously and not the air is being warmed.  For this reason, your thermostat needs to be set to AUTO in order to kick the furnace on and blow out the warm air you are looking for.
  • Question #2 – Has the air filter been changed properly?  An air filter that had not been changed properly will cause your furnace to overheat since air cannot properly pass through it.  When your furnace overheats, your burners will shut down due to safety controls.  This will in turn cause your furnace to blow unheated air.
  • Question #3 – Is the pilot light on?  This seems like a simple fix – relight the pilot light and you’re back in business.  But before you think you are out of the woods, make sure the pilot light stays lit.  It may have gone out because of a problem in the ignition system.  If you relight and it goes back out, you’ll need to call an expert out to take a look.

If you find that you have double checked these three areas of your system and you are still getting cold air it’s time to give the Wentzville area heating and cooling team at American Services a call.  One of our professional technicians can visit you 24/7 and get your problem solved fast.  Give our customer service line a call now to set-up an appointment!

Indoor Air Quality Hazard – Radon

Indoor Air Quality Hazard – Radon

chemical element radon

When most think about indoor air quality they think of cigarette smoke, chemical exposure, or other common irritants often found within indoor environments.  Yet, there is one irritant that is often undetected although it’s side effects can be deadly and that is Radon gas.  Today, the American Services team wants to give you some information regarding Radon and how you need to go about making sure you keep this gas out of your workplace and home.

Facts you need to know about Radon:

  • Radon is a radioactive gas that can cause cancer.
  • Radon is odorless, colorless, and tasteless.
  • Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the Unites States today.
  • Smoking in the presence of Radon only increases your chances of being diagnosed with lung cancer.
  • Some studies indicate that children are more susceptible to the dangers of Radon gas.
  • Radon is naturally occurring and is not a commercial product.  Radon gas is produced during the natural breakdown of uranium that is found in igneous rock and soil.  In come cases well water has also been found as a source of Radon.
  • Humans are exposed to Radon when it’s decay products enter workplace or living spaces.  It is an inhaled hazard.
  • Radon exposure is most often much higher in underground work spaces like  mines.
  • There are no symptoms associated with Radon exposure.  Most often you only know if you have been exposed after a problem arises many years later.

Since elevated Radon levels have been found in all 50 states, it is recommended that all spaces be tested for elevated Radon levels.  The test it simple and if you find that that the levels are high, it can often be fixed at very little expense.

If you feel that your indoor air quality is not up to par, contact the O’Fallon area heating and cooling experts at American Services for recommendations on how you can fix the problem today!

Benefits of Ductless Heating

Benefits of Ductless Heating

Cost benefit analysis

Since many aren’t familiar with the concept of ductless heating units, the team here at American Services wanted to get you some information about the benefits that come from choosing this heating or cooling option.  A ductless system simply works by delivering warm or cold air directly to the room in which the system is installed.  This allows for direct distribution of the warm or cold air to the places you need it most. Since these units are installed in individual areas, each is controlled separately and allows for the user to control each area on a case-by-case basis.

Now that you understand a little bit about how these systems work, let’s take a look at the benefits associated with them.

  • Benefit #1 – Since ductless systems work without the need of duct systems, you will experience cleaner air quality in the space being heated or cooled.
  • Benefit #2 – Thanks to the elimination of the duct work, these systems are often cheaper to install.
  • Benefit #3 – Since there is no air leak via a duct system, these units allow for a more efficient means of heating or cooling your space.
  • Benefit #4 – Thanks to each room having it’s own separate unit, you can totally customize how your spaces are heated or cooled.  This allows for everyone to set their unit to fit their comfort and also saves money because you dontt have to use all of the units if spaces are not being used.
  • Benefit #5 – When you invest in a ductless unit, the system will both heat and cool your space.  This means you only have one unit to maintain and eventually to replace.
  • Benefit #6 – When it does come time to replace a unit, you are only replacing the one that is broken. This allows you to split the cost of replacement into smaller, more manageable chunks.

If you have a space that could benefit from a ductless heating and cooling system near St. Peters, contact the team at American Services for a free quote today!

The What’s & Why’s of Commercial Refrigeration

The What’s & Why’s of Commercial Refrigeration

who, why, when, what, where and how

Depending on what type of business you run, you may be at a point where investing in a commercial refrigeration unit near St. Charles has become necessary.  Yet, many first time commercial refrigeration buyers don’t understand how to determine if they need such a unit and, if so, what type of unit to invest in.  Today, the team at American Services will give you a few tips concerning how you can determine if a commercial refrigeration unit is for you and what type you may consider.

Commercial refrigeration units are made for businesses that need a free-standing unit that will provide cold or frozen storage often found in a commercial kitchen or dining area.  When business owners go to purchase such a unit, they will find that they can get either refrigeration or freezer units that come in a variety of options such as small reach-in coolers all the way to large walk-in freezers.  Here are examples of situations that would require you to invest in a commercial refrigeration unit:

  • If you have cold or frozen items that need to be stored before use.
  • If you have produce on-hand that needs to stay fresh, crisp, and cold for longer periods of time.
  • If you need to maintain the integrity of prepared food items.
  • If you need to keep perishable items out of the food danger zone.

Now that you understand why you may need one of these units, here are some examples of what is on the market:

  • Reach-in Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Walk-in Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Refrigerated Prep Tables
  • Undercounter Merchandisers
  • Bar Refrigeration

All of these units come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes so they can be totally customized to your needs.  Yet that all have one thing in common, the ability to keep foods chilled or frozen according to your needs.  Talk to the team at American Services about customizing a unit for your commercial space today!

Warm & Cozy Thanks to Proper HVAC Maintenance

Warm & Cozy Thanks to Proper HVAC Maintenance

Staying warm

Winter time is upon us in St. Louis and no matter what type of business you may have, keeping your employees and customers warm and cozy should be a top priority.  Since this is something that rings true for nearly our entire client base, the team at American Services wants to help you understand how you can achieve this goal without much worry, hassle, or cost.  The solution to this problem simply lies in scheduled maintenance visits! Today, let’s take a look at why maintenance is so important and go over a few of the top maintenance services you should be investing in.

Maintenance is key in the overall operation of nearly any large system around your business.  This fact rings especially true when talking about your heating and cooling units.  Both needs to be checked on a regular basis as determined by the manufacturer and your expert HVAC contractor.  These regularly performed check-ups cover all of the major inner-workings of your machines, keep your HVAC system clean, catch any repairs early, and even keep your unit running at its most efficient rate.  All of these things will help your system last as long as possible and work together to keep your costs low and under control.

Now that you know why maintenance is so important, let’s talk about the services you need to be investing in.  Any good HVAC maintenance check-up will cover:  Air Filter inspections with replacement or cleaning, ; a double check of your thermostat settings; tightening of all electrical connections; condensate drain inspection; controls check; and a double check of all gas connectors, gas pressure, burner combustion, and heat exchanger equipment.

So, why not take the time to ensure to comfort of your employees and customers by investing in an HVAC maintenance service near Florissant today!  Call the American Services team to schedule your appointment now!

Your Commercial Dishwasher Options

Your Commercial Dishwasher Options

Modern stainless steel dishwasher

If you are in the restaurant business or find yourself needing to wash or sanitize dishes for your business, you will most likely be looking into getting a dishwasher to save time.  Commercial dishwashers come in a variety of styles and do a number of jobs.  Today, the Hazelwood area commercial restaurant equipment experts at American Services want to give you an idea of what styles of dishwashers are out there so you can make a more informed buying decision. Let’s get started!

Option #1 – Door Dishwasher: A door dishwasher unit is designed for medium to large restaurants, are available in both high and low temperature models, and have the ability to wash between 35 and 85 dishes per hour.

Option #2 – Pots & Pans Dishwasher: A pots & pans dishwasher is commonly found in bakeries.  These machines are capable of removing residue like stick dough with the use of high-pressure water and spray jets.

Option #3 – Glasswasher: A glasswasher unit is most commonly found in bar settings. You will find options for use in both front and back-of-house along with carousel, pass-through, conveyor, and undercounter models.

Option #4 – Undercounter Machine: An undercounter machine is most often used by small cafes, coffee houses, daycare centers, and in office breakrooms.  These units require a pre-wash as they are only designed to sanitize.

Option #5 – Conveyor Dishwasher: A conveyor dishwasher is found in large restaurants, hotels, heathcare facilities, and universities.  These units used a conveyor system to wash 100-400 racks of dished per hour depending on the size you choose.

Do you still need help choosing the right dishwasher for your business needs?  If so, the professionals at American Services would be happy to come by your establishment to answer questions and to provide you with a free estimate today! Simply call our customer care team and ask for a free estimate appointment with our commercial restaurant equipment sales team!

Life vs. Installation Costs On New A/C Systems Explained

Life vs. Installation Costs On New A/C Systems Explained

Benefit Cost

The winter months provide a great amount of time to think about replacing your ageing air conditioning system since it is no longer in use until spring.  This means that many business owners will be getting quotes and wondering how to determine what unit will be able to meet their current budget needs as well as provide reliable service at a low monthly cost.  Today, the team at American Services will help you with this decision by giving you a few quick things to consider when comparing your first and lifetime costs of a new a/c unit.

What do installation or “first” costs cover?

Your installation or “first” costs will only cover the price tag on the unit plus the cost of hiring a technician to install the unit.

What does it mean when someone mentions “lifetime” costs?

Your lifetime costs include all the costs associated with keeping the unit maintained, repaired, and for usage over the years.

What does SEER stand for?

When you see SEER it stands for the system’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  When you are looking at units to purchase, you will notice that the price tag will go up as the SEER goes up.  This is because units with a higher SEER will also have the advanced technologies needed to keep energy usage down and your utility bills under control.

Now that you understand these simple terms, you will need to start doing some comparisons.  When doing so, consider the fact that a low cost unit may cost you more in utility bills and actually waste lots of money in the long run.  Also consider the quality of the unit you are buying, average maintenance costs, and the professionalism of the installation.  All of these factors will need to be looked over carefully as you make your decision.

If you are looking to replace your cooling system near Jefferson County, get all the help you need and a free estimate from American Services today!

Zone Systems Keep You Warm in the Winter!

Zone Systems Keep You Warm in the Winter!

wrapped in a blanket

Are you looking to save money on your heating bill, yet still want to provide a comfortable environment for your clients and employees.  If so, you may be interested in learning more about zone equipment add-ons for your HVAC system.  Zoning your heating and cooling unit is a great way to maximize your heating dollars in the areas most used around your space.  Plus, the equipment you will need to upgrade to a zoned system is fairly inexpensive.  Today, the team at American Services will answer a few of your questions concerning zone equipment for your commercial heating system.

What do you mean by zoning my system?

When you upgrade your standard HVAC system with zone equipment, you will adding specialized duct work and other components that allow you to choose what areas you want heated or cooled at specific times.  For example, if now one is in your warehouse during the day, but you have individuals in a separate office area you can simply turn the heat off in the warehouse and only heat the office space during that time.

How will a zone system save me money?

By being able to only heat or cool the spaces that need it, you will eliminate the use of your system for other unused space.  This will reduce you energy, lower you bills, and still keep all of your customers and employees comfortable.

How much does the zone equipment add-on cost?

This is a very personalized answer, as the amount of work and equipment that is needed will vary greatly from client to client.  For specifics on cost, contact the American Service team.

Call the team at American Services to find out how you can save on your South County area heating bill by adding zone equipment to your HVAC system today!  Our team can come to your commercial building, answer all of your questions, and will even provide you with a free estimate!  Contact the team by calling 855-733-1776 now!

Choosing the Right Location For Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Choosing the Right Location For Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Drink display fridge

You may think that ordering new commercial refrigeration or freezer equipment is a simple task comprised of choosing a few units and making a phone call.  But the team at American Services knows that the type of refrigeration equipment you choose needs to be based on more than just the need for a refrigerator.  This decision should be based on what you are storing, the temperatures you need to sustain, and placement of the equipment.  Today, let’s take a look at why placement of your new equipment is so important.

When you decide to order a new refrigeration or freezer unit for your business, think about where it will be located.  Units like this need to be placed in an environment that will allow them to work at maximum capacity and thus, keep the contents cold or frozen.  For example, if you place your new unit next to a stove, it won’t keep it’s temperature for very long and will most likely start malfunctioning.

To avoid the malfunction of your new equipment, you will need to find a place for the new unit before placing your order.  Look around your kitchen space and choose a spot that is away from heat producing equipment.  If you are having a hard time finding a spot, you may need to move some things around.  Either way, you will need to make sure you are placing your unit in a place that will give it the best chance to work as efficiently as possible.

Next time you are ready to place an order for commercial refrigeration equipment near St. Louis City, go with the team that more area business owners trust, the American Services team!  Our team of trusted professionals bring years of experience to commercial buyers everyday and continue to build relationships that withstand the test of time.  Contact the American Services team today to get the new refrigeration quote you’ve been needing and know that you are getting the best possible service in the business!