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Skylights are Not Good For Cooling Efficiency

skylight on roofDownsides to skylights do definitely exist, despite the beautiful light and added solar heat they will give.  We have been discussing on behalf of your heating and cooling experts in Bridgeton MO the different upsides and then also longer list of potential downsides to skylights from a heating and cooling perspective as well as the potential for leaking.  Today, we will relay solutions to the problems mentioned before.

So, you have too much light from your skylight?  What can you do about it?  Here is what one HVAC article said online, “One way would be to keep skylights on north-facing roof sections. That will limit the amount of direct light coming into the skylight, especially if the sunlight has to travel through a shaft to get into the room. If you can’t locate it on a north-facing roof, put it higher on the roof to take advantage of a longer skylight shaft.”  If that isn’t possible, according to your Heating and Cooling Repair in Earth City near Collinsville IL, you can always add blinds, but then, do you really need a skylight if that’s the case?

The second most common problem is related to too much gain in heat.  Skylights, just like all other windows, are heating and cooling losses in terms of overall efficiency of heating and cooling your home.  The requirements are much lower and they become a thermal liability overall.  The overall conclusion I found after researching on behalf of American Services St Louis in Earth City was that skylights will add a lot more heat to your home than windows will.  This is course, great in the winter, but not so good in the summer when we are trying to cool our homes.

Moving Air from a Cooler Area to a Warmer One

fan blowing hairHere at your American Services St Louis we wish to educate you about the world of heating and cooling, as well as things in the industry that seem just plain interesting.  Today we highlight the heat pump and how it can indeed work to warm your home or office.  Many people are confused as to how something that moves heat can actually work to heat a space.

It works in the same was refrigeration works.  It moves heat from a cooler area to a warmer area.  So the cool air that is outside is able to warm something up and that is the part that many folks get stumped by when talking about heating and cooling via a heat pump.  In my research done for Bridgeton Heating Installation, I found one writer who makes sense of the subject when he says the following, “My guess is that we have blinders here because of our personal experience with cold outdoor temperatures. When we go outside in winter, our bodies have a much higher temperature, being at about 98.6°F, and we experience cooling. We personally always are cooled off by cold outdoor air, so it’s hard to imagine that that same air could ever heat anything else up.”

The refrigerant in a heat pump will put the air that is cold, in contact with air that is colder, this will create the temperature difference you need to get the heat flowing.  The refrigeration cycle, which you much understand in order to get the heat pump operation, has four basic steps.  The expansion valve is the most important really, it accomplishes the most important thing whether you are dealing in refrigeration, heat pump, or AC, it helps you to achieve a low temperature. Stay tuned to more information on how exactly the expansion valve works and more details to be shared regarding the heat pump and how it works in my next several heating and cooling articles from American Services.

Cooling Experts Discuss the Dark Side of Skylights

skylightsIn my last post here regarding information that your American Services St Louis Cooling folk thought might be of service to you, we discussed some of the vast benefits to adding one of more skylights to your home.  Conquer the winter time blues with additional sunlight exposer and help with efficient heating in the winter.  These are just two of the benefits, not to mention the beautiful effect the added light can have on rooms inyour home.  To sum it up, the two main bonuses are the added solar heating in the winter and the extra natural light and the glory that comes along with that.  Now, for the dark side…

The two main benefits listed above, come at a cost, according to those who know all about heating and cooling in St Louis MO.  One article featuring as expert’s opinion, states the following, “The extra natural light and solar heat you get in winter are welcome in winter, but in the warmer parts of the year they can be a nuisance.”  Before we read too much into that statement, however, let’s look at the specific drawbacks named in the same article.  They are: too much heat gain which can result in overheating, potential heat loss in the winter, skylight shafts that are not insulated or sealed properly, potential for moisture problems from leaks where the skylight penetrates the roof.

Depending on the orientation and size of the skylight, you may end up with a room that has too much light.  This is most definitely possible, resulting in a propensity for discomfort in the room as well as the added heat being too much. “When the sun shines directly on the skylight, it can make a room practically unusable at certain times of the day.”  In the next and final post on this subject, we will talk about ways to combat the downsides to skylights discussed above from your Commercial Cooling Service Company in Bridgeton.

The Heat Pump in the Cabins part two

heat pumpThe heat pump is an efficient way to do things at home or in your industrial or commercial environment.  When the man described in our earlier post, John Lindberg, bought out his Dad’s Cabins, they were atrocious in the way of expenses to heat and cool.  We began by describing all the money in which he was spending without the use of a heat pump in the previous post on behalf of your American Services Heating near Wentzville MO.  We will continue with what happened after he took his friend’s advice regarding the installation of a heat pump.

Lindberg was impressed at the introduction and initial information he received regarding the heat pump that his friend recommended by Mitsubishi.  “He was Impressed, Lindberg was also pleased that the Mitsubishi Electric units would deliver comfortable cooling solutions for hot and humid summer months.”  Also, they were looking to boost business in the summer and the cottages were not air conditioned.  They figured in order to gain business in the hot summer months, an affordable cooling system was in order.

If you too want to try a heat pump air conditioning system, according to our research, you will want one with an inverter driven compressor with a dry mode feature that will control humidity.  Here is what one article online says, “The dry mode keeps the indoor coil temperature around 40˚ while reducing the fan speed to maintain the set temperature and dry out the space.”  The summary of the story is that Lindberg, according to the research we did on behalf of your Heating and Cooling Repair in Bridgeton near Wentzville, saw terrific results when he began using outdoor and indoor units for heating and cooling.  His January heating cost were actually down by half of what they were before using the ductless system.

Repair or Replace Refrigeration?

troubleshoot noteWe began a series on Refrigeration last post, all about what to do from a service perspective when it comes to working on a commercial machine that has been giving you trouble.  If you are hiring someone to fix your commercial refrigeration in Bridgeton MO near Ladue, then you may find the following information interesting as well.  All too often, service people will just yank and replace.  The research I have been doing on the subject and will relay to you here, suggests that often times the components can and should be salvaged and repaired rather than tossed and replaced.

They recommend “jumping” out certain components in your commercial refrigeration in order to confirm or deny efficacy, whenever possible.  “Mechanical components are more difficult to verify since they cannot simply be jumped out.”  There are typically additional test, however, that an HVAC technician in Bridgeton MO can perform in order to continue identifying the problem or problems.  One of the articles I used to research this subject, points out the following, “For example, if a single-phase compressor fails to start and the technician has measured the correct voltage and resistances at the compressor, he or she may determine the compressor has internally locked up. This may well be true. However, the starting relay or start capacitor (where used) also may cause the compressor not to start. The technician should attempt to start the compressor with his own starting kit. If the compressor still fails to start, then the technician can be comfortable it is defective.”

No matter what you are doing in terms of refrigeration repair near Ladue, and regardless of whom you choose to enlist in the process, make sure they are qualified and also do not subscribe to the theory of throwing everything out and replacing things unnecessarily.  It is wasteful and can sometimes be more costly as well.  Stay tuned for more information on repairing versus replacing parts and whole refrigeration systems from American Services near St Louis MO.

HVAC Routine Maintenance

filterThere are some things in life that most definitely require a preventative maintenance routine of some kind.  For the most part, this is the case with all things mechanical and we need only decide whether the investment is worth the cost of the maintenance.  In the scenario of Bridgeton HVAC maintenance, the cost is more than worth it since commercial HVAC is not cheap to purchase, maintain or install.

“If you’re like many business owners and managers, you feel like a fish out of water when you’re faced with choosing a commercial HVAC preventative maintenance contract. When you’re not an expert on the subject, evaluating the merits of one contract or vendor versus another might seem overwhelming.”  Some online experts offer advice on how to choose a company and a plan to uphold the routine maintenance of your industrial and/or commercial HVAC system.

The following and the posts thereafter will talk about a general task list to follow for regular HVAC maintenance.  The original publisher of the following list wants you to know that despite the details being specific, you really should have your American Services HVAC Repair people customize a list that fits your precise needs.  Here is what they say on the subject, “Depending on the age and condition of your equipment, your location and usage, and the size and type of equipment you have, more tasks or different ones may be needed. For example, if you have a water-cooled system, you have a chiller and/or a water tower that requires maintenance. Or if you have a combined heat pump or VRF system that provides both cooling and heating, you have different components that require inspection and adjustment by an expert.”  Stay tuned for the maintenance task list on behalf of your HVAC Service and Sales in Bridgeton MO.

When Shopping for a Commercial Dishwasher

dirty dishesHow in the world do you begin to decide on a commercial dishwasher? If you are in the market for any new restaurant equipment, such as a commercial dishwasher, then the first thing to do is talk to others and hear what they have to say. You will want to have candid conversations with people who service the commercial side of things, such as your commercial restaurant equipment install and repair people in near Ballwin MO at American Services. You may wish to join an online forum to talk to commercial dishwasher experts in sales and those who own and operate one as well.

First off, do you need a commercial dishwasher, would be a valid question to ask. “From a commercial side of things there are plenty of reasons to buy a commercial dishwasher. Usually in a company that uses washable utensils, such as cutlery pots and pans, it would cost a lot, if man hours were used to get all these items cleaned. A dishwasher acts as a time and money saver in such instances.”

Next you need to decide which style best suites your needs. There are so many different types of commercial dishwasher styles in the category of restaurant equipment near St Louis. They include the following: under counter, a stationary rack door type, rack conveyor machines as well as the very large flight type (continuous conveyor) machines. Some of these commercial dishwashers near Ballwin MO may have one or more than one wash tanks. They may or may not be in control, also, of the hot water temperatures and cool water temperatures. According to one article online, “You can expect water temperatures to range from 110°F to 140°F (43.3 C to 60 C). For a higher temperature an additional booster water heater would be required. The high temperatures are most useful for sanitization.” Want to save some money when running your next commercial dishwasher? Don’t sacrifice the heat cycle, instead lessen the rinses, according to your restaurant equipment install and repair experts in Bridgeton MO.

Cooling Experts Talk About Skylights

skylightToday, writing on behalf of your Cooling Installation and Sales near Ballwin MO, we are talking about something that all homeowners tend to love…skylights.  Everyone seems to like them.  What’s not to enjoy, bringing such a flood of happy light into every room, right?  Basically you can turn a dark and dreary home bright and beautiful one room at a time.  In the winter they are especially nice, brightening up and even helping to warm the room with natural heat from the sun.  But, they have a dark side as well.  Here, we will talk about the good the bad and the ugly as it pertains to these skylights about which everyone raves.  Making you aware of the less-than-perfect aspect of skylights will help you avoid the following:  high energy bills, rooms that are unusable at certain times of the year, or expensive repairs due to moisture problems.

This article will focus on the positives and the following posts will cover some of the negatives as well.  One online writer shares the following, “Of course, the main benefit of having skylights in a home is all the natural light you get from them. This is mainly for winter because that’s when we have less overall exposure to the natural light our bodies crave. Nobody likes being holed up in a dark, dim, artificially lit cavern on those overcast winter days when the Sun sets shortly after it rises.”  This may be a preferred state of being if you are a teenager who wishes to sleep away most of the day in dark peace, or if you work the overnight shift.

When winter is here, some people can become seasonally depressed due to the lack of sunlight exposure.  So, a well installed, properly placed skylight or two can really make a big difference in a person’s overall well-being and mental state.  Here is another bit from the same writer quoted above, “For those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and can’t spend time outdoors, being in well-lit interior spaces can make all the difference.”  Solar heating can and will take place via skylights, say your cooling experts near Ballwin MO.  “If you live in a cold climate, you can also get some solar heating from a skylight. To do so, you’ll need to make sure you get one with as high a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) as you can.”

The Cabins and The Heat Pump part one

heat pump

Writing on behalf of American Services who specializes in the service, installation and sales of commercial HVAC and Refrigeration, we want to spend some time making a case for the use of a heat pump.  Here is a straight up testimonial and some of the insight we would like to provide surrounding this story, “Best known for its trophy walleye and northern pike, Little Bay de Noc is located at the northernmost part of Green Bay in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In 1936, local carpenter Walfred Lindberg built his first guest cabin on this 900-foot stretch of the Lake Michigan shoreline and started a small vacation resort called Lindberg’s Cabins.”  The place was bought by his son some 50 years later with seven cottages.

There were five of the cabins left open year round, according to research done on behalf of your Bridgeton Commercial Heating Installation and Repair near Fenton.  The name was then changed to Lindberg’s Cove Resort at the time that his son took over. The cost to keep the place warm was becoming an issue…a big one at that.  “For the next 20 years, with heat from 1952 oil space heaters, Lindberg kept five guest cabins open year-round. But with the rising cost of heating oil, he began to look for ways to cut his energy costs. He was spending over $20,000 a year on utility costs alone.”  There are ways to make heating and cooling your business more efficient and he handled them all from better windows and insulation to changing out the doors.

Still, the expense was more than he could justify. Then, in 2006, a neighbor built a nursing home and put a variable refrigerant flow zoning system in it.  Lindberg contacted the dealer who sold the unit.  He was then told about the split ductless heat pump system that was originally designed to serve people in the northern climates that have really cold winters.  Stay tuned for more information regarding the heat pump he decided to try for his business and the money that it saved him in the long run.


Refrigeration Troubleshooting

TroubleshootWhen it comes to HVAC, or refrigeration service issues in Bridgeton near Sunset Hills to be exact, it is rather important to know that it isn’t always the prudent thing to just replace the system. The ice maker, the compressor the entire refrigerator may need to be helped further, ie repaired, rather than simply replace.  Here is what HVAC magazine has to say on the subject, “Guessing at a problem and randomly changing out components is never a good strategy, and it seldom works out well for the customer or the technician. Instead, technicians should strive to prove out their diagnosis and only change out truly defective components.”  This is what they do at American Services in Bridgeton where they offer certified Service and Installation on your Bridgeton Commercial Refrigeration.

Sometimes a proper diagnosis is found by “jumping out” the component you suspect is causing the problem.  Then you can perform an additional test to pinpoint that it is indeed the issue, or that it is not the cause.    Defective controls are the easiest to confirm, according to one professional Refrigeration technician who writes about the subject online. “Simply jumping out the suspect control will verify if it is the problem. Be careful, though, because not all control components can be left jumped out. This is especially true of safety controls — they may be jumped out for a very short period to verify a diagnosis, but cannot be left that way.”

We certainly do not expect or recommend that you do any of this without being trained and totally qualified in Commercial Refrigeration Repair and Maintenance.  If your business is having refrigeration troubles, then call someone you can trust to handle the issue, like your Bridgeton Refrigeration Service near Sunset Hills.