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Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment

commercial kitchenMuch of the restaurant equipment in St Louis restaurants is made of stainless steel and it is, according to your experts on Restaurant Equipment near St Charles MO, this can be a bit tricky in terms of maintenance and cleaning.  It is a durable material, however, and has many benefits making it the top choice in material to use your commercial grade kitchen.  “There is a reason stainless steel is the preferred material for restaurant equipment. Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean which are two key ingredients for an efficient commercial kitchen. Plus, some grades of stainless steel (like the kind used in commercial work table tops) resist bacteria and can be used as a food contact surface.”

The cleaning of this stainless steel restaurant equipment, however, becomes extremely important in order to keep it from corroding and having problems with corrosion just like any other metal surface.  Each and every piece of restaurant equipment in St Louis near St Charles has a thin layer of chromium on the outside surface.  This material chemically reacts with the compounds in the air to create slick and hard surfaces that work to resist stains and corrosion.  Not keeping the chromium layer clean, however, is a bad idea with negative results, according to your restaurant equipment company near St Charles MO.  “Anything that damages or interferes with that chromium/air interaction (like dirt, oil or scratches) will cause stainless steel to stain, corrode or rust, so frequent cleaning is necessary.”

Another issue to keep in mind, according to your commercial restaurant equipment company in St Louis, is that repeated cleaning can have a  negative effect on your equipment as well.  Stay tuned to the next post to find out how to strike the best balance in cleaning and maintaining your restaurant equipment that is made of stainless steel.

Gas Prices Affect Heating and Cooling

heatingWe are still discussing the factors surrounding energy and the cost of energy as it pertains to heating and cooling in St Louis County near Hazelwood.  Heating and Cooling magazine writers discuss the fact that heating oil, though lower in price than ever before, is less of a factor, “We’re one of a handful [of contractors] left doing heating oil, and there is no effect anymore,” said D. Brian Baker, president, Custom Vac Limited, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. “Oil is gone, for the most part, unless it’s in a remote location, and the price is what it is. We just continue to offer services in all energy sectors and let customers know we have the ability to help them operate efficiently and problem-free, no matter what.”

So, still, the energy cost reduction is a good thing for sale, service and installation of heating and cooling systems.  If you need to purchase, install and operate a heating system, for example, then now is the time in terms of cost associated with all of those things.  Some markets with natural gas will definitely see a drop in cost associated with the actual heating of their home or office and the reduction isn’t temporary, according to the experts, it is officially a trend.

Gas prices stay pretty steady in metro St Louis, though, so having them forecast to drop is a significant thing, say area experts.  This, after the opposite was discussed really is unusual.  “We’ve seen a slow, continuous uptick in price over the years, but some of the bigger increases that have been forecasted have never occurred. Typically, we see a push after folks have gotten the big utility bill versus all the hype or talk of rising rates.”  Come see us, or call American Services heating and cooling sales and service experts in St Louis County near Hazelwood today.

Maintaining Your Cooling System Part II

Technician Recording Machine TemperatureIn the previous post,, we discussed the importance of keeping your new and used cooling systems in check through the employment of routing checkups and service, preferably by professionals like those who work for American Services in Bridgeton near Ladue MO.  Some of the exact things that you should ask a cooling maintenance company to handle during your service call are as follows:

“Check thermostat settings to ensure the cooling and heating system keeps you comfortable when you are home and saves energy while you are away.  Tighten all electrical connections and measure voltage and current on motors. Faulty electrical connections can cause unsafe operation of your system and reduce the life of major components.  Lubricate all moving parts. Parts that lack lubrication cause friction in motors and increases the amount of electricity you use.”

Also important for your cooling system routine maintenance near Ladue MO are the following:  overall inspection of the condensate drain in the central cooling air conditioner, furnace or heat pump (while in the cooling mode).  If this is overlooked during routine cooling maintenance, it can lead to plugged drain which can and will cause water damage all throughout your home of business.  Indoor humidity levels can also be affected as a result.  When your cooling system is routinely maintained, you will want the cooling service experts near Ladue MO to also check the controls of the system to ensure proper and safe operation.  They will need to make sure the HVAC system also starts properly, operates and shuts off accordingly as well.

Heating and Cooling Help

heatingWe discussed in the previous post, all the ways in which energy costs can affect the heating and cooling of your home or office.  In the world of HVAC, when energy costs are being predicted to go down, especially when this reduction in cost is estimated to be significant and long-term, then we like to report it, as this is really great news for everyone involved.  Companies who sell HVAC, such as your Heating Sales near St Peters in Earth City, are interested in benefiting from the increase in sales and installation volume that automatically goes hand in hand with a lower energy cost projection.

“According to the U.S. Energy Information Association (EIA), those price drops are the beginning of a long-term trend rather than just a short-term reprieve. The EIA predicts residential heating oil will cost $2.73 per gallon over the course of 2015 and then continue dropping to $2.65 per gallon in 2016.”

It isn’t only heating oil costs that are expected to drop, as your St Louis Heating and Cooling experts near St Peters reports, fuel in the form of gasoline is dropping as well, positively affecting the economy as a whole.  Heating oil dropping in price, however, may not have the most significant effect on the heating and cooling industry.  Here is an excerpt on what heating and cooling magazine reports on this same subject, “In regard to heating oil, the effect of changing prices on contractors may be faltering, as multiple contractors in both the U.S. and Canada said heating oil is losing prevalence in the HVAC industry.”  Regardless of the cost associated with the process of sales, service and installation, heating and cooling are both vital parts of your industry and should be treated as such.  Call your American Service heating and cooling specialists for the help you need when the time comes.

Level That Refrigerator!

refrigeration installIn our previous post covering some of the ins and outs of commercial refrigeration at your local American Services near Fenton, we talked about the unfortunate event of bad leveling and the consequences that surround it.  Basically, if the evaporator on your commercial refrigerator freezes because of a poor installation job, then you will be out the money to repair it since a warranty won’t cover such an occurrence.  “The bad news is this poor leveling issue may not be covered by the warranty and you may be out a day’s worth of profit as you wait for new food. The good news is, the situation is completely – and easily – avoidable with the twist of a wrench at install.”

So, make sure you employ professionals to handle the installation job.  That would be our advice on behalf of your Commercial Refrigeration Installation near Fenton MO.  The thing is, and something many people don’t understand, is that the chance of your commercial refrigeration unit being level right off the bat are slim to none.  Consider the following information, if you will, taken from a professional installation company online, “With variations in the manufacturing process, bumps on the delivery truck’s route, and variations in the floor of your kitchen, there’s a chance your commercial cooler won’t be exactly level at first. Unfortunately, whether someone in-house installs the unit or a contractor does that work, there’s no guarantee they’ll realize that might be an issue or know how to fix it if it is.”

“The easiest and best way to avoid having a catawampus commercial refrigerator or freezer is to hire a certified service company to handle all the refrigeration leveling work.”  Anyone who is qualified to install commercial refrigeration, such as those we write for at American Services Refrigeration Service, will know just what to do to properly install a unit, including the necessary steps to level the refrigerator as well.

HVAC Details: Beyond the Basics

basic infoIn our recent quest to describe all things basic about HVAC from heating and cooling experts at American Services near Webster Groves, we have already discussed central systems as well as room based ductless options.  Now we will move onto Geothermal Systems.  This is another option which actually taps the earth surface in the process of heating and cooling your home or commercial space.  This also saves quite a bit of energy and money in the long run.  Both quiet and energy efficient, the only real downside to a geothermal system is the up front cost involved.  Keep your eyes on rebates that are often times offered on these particular systems.  You can unmask some pretty major savings this way and make the system very affordable.

We have arrived at the part of our HVAC discussion where we isolate heating and talk about that alone as it pertains to central heating systems.  Here is what we found online regarding the subject, “Most central heating systems are forced air systems, which means they send air through ductwork for distribution.”  According to your HVAC sales and service near Webster Groves, there are also radiant systems, however, that create heat from other sources such as boilers, delivering it through a radiator in your home.  The following includes a list of different products that pertain to heating in the commercial and private HVAC community:   Heat pumps, Gas furnaces, Oil furnaces, Fan coils and Boilers.
Air conditioning would be the next pertinent topic for discussion here and in order to cover the basics on behalf of your St Louis HVAC near Webster Groves, we would need an entire article devoted to AC alone.  We will tell you that there are obviously, central systems that rely on ductwork, but did you know you can also cool a home using a heat pump?  Stay tuned for more information on that subject from your American Services HVAC company in St Louis MO.

How to Best Clean Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment

commercial kitchenSo, after discussing, on behalf of your expert Commercial Restaurant Equipment Company near Jefferson City, the ins and out of stainless steel, we finished up the subject stating how important it is to keep the chromium layer clean in order for the surface to do what it needs to and resist bacteria and staining.  We want to, now, talk about the best ways to do just that.

A little bit of good news for your stainless steel restaurant equipment is as follows, “Unlike other stain-resistant coatings that can wear away after repeated cleaning, the chromium layer will never wear away on stainless steel, so you can never clean stainless steel too much.”  American Services near Jefferson City says it is wisest to use a wet cloth and a mild detergent.  The very best and safest thing is simply a wet bar towel.  However, we realize that some messes will require more than a damp cloth and chemicals may need to be involved in order to cut grease, etc.  If you need a cleaning agent, then, mild detergent is your best bet.  Make sure, according to your commercial restaurant equipment company near Jefferson City, that you are wiping in the direction of the finish.  Go with the grain.  If you fail to do this, you can easily damage the finish of your Jefferson City restaurant equipment.

When it comes to grease, baking soda may actually be your best bet.  The difficult stains can be handled beautifully with the paste that baking soda and water can create.  You can invest in a commercial restaurant equipment cream cleanser that is made for stainless steel, but make sure it is non abrasive.  You will also want to follow the rule of thumb that calls for cleaning up spills immediately.  The longer they are left, the more damage can take place to the chromium layer atop your stainless appliances.

Routine Maintenance for Your Cooling System

Front View Of A Man Assembling The Word MaintenanceWhen it comes to your cooling system at home or at work, it is highly recommended that you do what it takes to provide the routine maintenance recommended.  Nothing works to its fullest ability forever, especially systems that are in need of cleaning and checking on a routine basis.  When it comes to your heating and cooling systems in business, commercial and home environments, you will want to consult the owner’s manual for routing requirements.  We will talk about some of those here, on behalf of your Cooling Service and Sales near Wentzville MO.

With routine checks, your cooling system will be less likely to have future problems with unwanted costs attached to them.  Also, routine cooling service will allow your industrial or home HVAC system near Wentzville to always work at its peak performance level.  A little more advice that is specifically from experts who know is as follows, “Contractors get busy once summer and winter come, so it’s best to check the cooling system in the spring and the heating system in the fall. To remember, you might plan the check-ups around the time changes in the spring and fall.”

Here are some things to expect during a routine heating and cooling system check-up near Wentzville MO:  a check of the thermostat’s ability to cool or heat when you are home to a level of comfort, but save you money when you are not home.  All electrical connections should be tightened and voltage and current should be measured on the HVAC motors.  Any type of system with moving parts, HVAC included, should have all the moving parts lubricated.  When things are insufficiently lubricated they cause friction to take place in the motor which will increase the amount of electricity needed to get the job done, thereby making a less efficient system.  Stay tuned for further information regarding your home or office heating and cooling system near Wentzville MO.

HVAC Energy Cost Reduction

EnergySo, as it goes, the energy costs are something that can be followed pretty distinctly and they are traced by many people in many different industries in order to forecast many different aspects of business, sales included.  Today, writing on behalf of your Heating and Cooling installation near Bridgeton MO, we are talking about the lower cost of energy which is highly against the grain.  Here is what Heating and Cooling magazine has to say about the subject, “Traditionally, the approach of winter means a rise in fuel prices juxtaposed with a steep drop in temperatures, but this year is looking to defy those expectations.”  Of course, we are currently looking at the change in season going from spring to summer, but either way, prices continue to fall.

Last year, the following was reported from a service and sales department of a local St Louis Heating and Colling Company, “In Massachusetts, for instance, heating oil fell to an average price of $2.49 a gallon in late August, per the Boston Globe. That price is down more than 30 percent from the same period last year. In Maine, heating oil prices are currently below $2, marking the lowest statewide average price in 10 years. Similar decreases are being seen across the country, from New Jersey to Alaska.”

The prices to run your HVAC system dropped a lot starting last year, but that is an actual trend, not a one time occurrence which explains why we find ourselves discussing it here, one year later.  The price drops were the beginning of a long-term trend, according to the US Energy Information Association and American Services in St Louis MO couldn’t be happier as it pertains to their HVAC sales and service company.  Call them today for your next installation or service related need.

Have Your Refrigerator Professionally Installed

refrigeration serviceWhen it comes to your commercial refrigerator purchase from American Services near Ladue, you must do a few vital things before and after purchase.  Make sure, first of all, that the space you or your contractor has allowed is enough room to fit your commercial refrigerator.  This is, of course the same advice for any commercial kitchen piece you buy, including your freezer as well.  Make sure, also, that the refrigeration piece is allowed to settle, standing upright for one day after it comes off a truck, before plugging it in for use.

So, say all is well for the first few days, until it’s not.  One problem that some people will have with commercial refrigeration is a leak or water dripping onto your food and settling at the bottom of your refrigeration unit near Ladue MO.  Then a few nights later, it happens, the refrigeration unit you purchased stops cooling overnight and you have a freezer full of spoiled food.

At this point you call the refrigeration service near Ladue MO from American Services and they send their top qualified certified refrigeration service technician who determines almost immediately that your commercial refrigerator has a frozen evaporator.  This can all be prevented by the pitch of the system.  If at the wrong angle, the condensate from the evaporator is not allowed to move on to the condenser.  Thank goodness it isn’t the quality of your American Services Commercial Refrigeration unit.  No, it is the install done by someone other than a professional, obviously.  Here, at American Services near Ladue, we not only sell you the unit, but offer to professionally install it as well.  This will save you money in the long run and ensure that your commercial equipment is set up properly in the first place.