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Professional Installation for Your Ice Machine

installerWhen you are considering an ice machine that you will need installed, there are some specific considerations of which to be aware.  We write to you on behalf of your Cooling Installation near University City MO and have been sharing with you many details surrounding the purchase of commercial ice machines for your industrial kitchen or health care facility, really for any establishment.  The variables to consider involve many things from size and configuration of the actual ice machine, to the style and amount of ice you expect to need.  Today, we wrap it all up with installation considerations in order to make the right choice for you and your business.

The space and ventilation are both strong factors, according to your Cooling Sales Team in St Louis near University City.  You will want to ensure you have enough space for the actual machine, bin and filter.  There must be adequate air flow as well, for the maximum ice production in St Louis near University City MO.  So, do not install an ice machine in a closet or closed in space, according to the research we conducted on behalf of your St Louis Heating and Cooling Installation near University City.  Double check the manual for specs regarding the amount of space needed for the machine or machines in which you are interested, before you actually buy them.

The water supply & floor drain are of equal importance, say your Cooling Sales Companies in St Louis near University City MO.  “Your ice machine will need a cold water supply with a shutoff valve. A floor drain is needed too. Check your local codes for specific drain type and placement requirements.”  Also, make sure that you hire someone like American Services to install your ice machine since most of them will be hardwired and could definitely benefit from a professional installation.

Remote Condenser Ice Machines

iceThere really is so much to consider when discussing commercial ice machines.  For this reason, we have taken out time to discuss every detail surrounding the configuration choices, ice shape and style choices and condenser types up to this point, on behalf of your St Louis Heating Installation Company near Fenton MO.  The one style condenser we didn’t discuss in the previous post, because we ran short on space and time, was the remote condenser.  Here are some of the facts that we uncovered on these types of ice machine condensers, “With remote condenser ice machines, the condenser is air cooled, and mounted outdoors, usually on a roof.  Refrigerant lines run between the condenser and the machine. As a result, a remote condensing ice machine will be much quieter than its air or water-cooled counterparts.”

You may be asking yourself now, why wouldn’t you go for the remote variety when shopping with your Heating Repair in St Louis near Fenton?  Well, the install and maintenance of a remote condenser style commercial ice machine can be a lot more expensive given the complexity versus one that is not remote.  “However, installation and maintenance of a remote setup can be much more costly, and a remote condenser ice machine is usually only chosen if conditions prohibit the use of an air cooled or water cooled unit.”

So, the quiet part is really just a side benefit to a system that is not preferred, but rather sometimes required, as we found in our research on behalf of your Commercial Heating and Cooling in St Louis near Fenton.  There is also ice machine sizing to continue before purchasing your next commercial ice maker or ice machine.  We talked about how the three configuration choices come in mostly standard width sizes, but they do vary and you will need to possible pick your configuration based on your space as well.  Please check out our next post here to find out more about the sizing aspect of your commercial ice machine purchase.

The Benefit of Multiple Ice Machines

benefitsHave you ever considered using more than one ice machine in your commercial business?  Well, many people do it and it can offer many benefits to you and your customers.  In writing and researching for your St Louis Cooling Service near Ballwin MO, we happened upon more commercial ice machine information that we found interesting enough to pass along to you.  It involves the question of whether or not to get all of your commercial ice needs filled by one machine, no matter how large, or considering the owning and operating of multiple machines.  Here is some of what we found:

Investing in the multiple commercial ice machine idea can save you and your employees’ time, which equates to money.  “It may seem easier to supply all your ice from one large machine and bin, but in the end this is usually inefficient. With only one large machine, your staff will constantly be running back and forth from the ice bin to soda machines, under bar ice chests, and salad bars…”  Another thing it increases, besides the time it takes to conduct business, is contamination potential.  So, the idea of multiple ice machines in a variety of locations throughout your restaurant or other place of business will also promote a cleaner environment, according to our research done on behalf of your Cooling installation and repair near Ballwin MO in St Louis.

One way to consider putting the solution in place is described in Appliance Magazine, “Instead, consider using several smaller machines, one on top of the soda dispenser, a small underbar unit, and a small ice maker with a bin near your salad bar, for example. This way your staff will always have ice when and where they need it, while also keeping the ice safe and sanitary!”  Any questions about the service or installation of these commercial ice makers, as well as any sales related questions can be fielded by your Heating and Cooling experts near Ballwin MO at American Services in St Louis.


Different Style Ice Machine Compressors

compressorOur complete, in-depth look at commercial ice machines on behalf of your heating and cooling experts in St Louis who also sell, service and install commercial refrigeration of all varieties is rounding the corner today into the topic of compressor types.  In previous posts on this subject near Wentzville MO, we discussed both ice machine configurations as well as ice types.  Those are definitely the first two categories to consider before purchasing your next ice machine from your St Louis MO Heating and Cooling Installation.  The compressor type is another factor about which to be educated.

“Once you’ve decided what type of machine and ice you want, the next important consideration to make is whether you want an air-cooled, water-cooled, or remote compressor.”  Air Cooled ice machines are the most cost effective typically.  They don’t involve any extra water costs.  Many are also considered Energy Star Compliant as a result of the above fact.  Keep the following in mind, however, before purchasing this style compressor in your next commercial ice machine near Wentzville MO, “Air cooled condensers do need at least 6″ of clearance around air intake and discharge areas…”

A water cooled ice machine is a better choice than an air cooled model only if the following is true (according to our research done on behalf of your St Louis Heating Repair near Wentzville MO).  The ice machine would be installed where ambient air temperatures are greater than 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the ice machine would be installed around contaminated air, like grease filled air or the ice machine would be installed in an area of poor circulation.  Water consumption will be higher, driving up the cost of operating your commercial ice machine.  However, when the above condition, or conditions are true regarding the air involved, then you may need to consider the water cooled machine as being necessary.

Commercial Ice Machine Configurations

ice machineWe write daily on behalf of your refrigeration experts at American Services in St Louis near Hazelwood MO and today we are beginning a long journey covering many different facets of refrigeration and more specifically, the ins and outs of ice machines of the commercial variety.  These may seem like a small thing in the restaurant or commercial businesses of today, but they are actually imperative to many different business, especially restaurants and hotels/motels.  There also exist so many different styles and types that the selectin process can be a little overwhelming.  “Nearly every type of food service business needs an ice machine. Because there are so many different configurations and styles available, it’s important to understand what is available to find the best ice maker to suit your business’s needs.”

On behalf of your St Louis Commercial Refrigeration Company near Hazelwood, we will begin by looking at all of the different configurations for ice machines.  There are three basic styles, or configurations to know about:  Modular or Ice Machine Head, Undercounter machines and the countertop variety.  The modular ice machines are usually available in 22,30 or 48 inch widths.  They are made to correspond with or work with an ice machine bin underneath or as part of an ice machine dispenser or soda dispenser.  These types can make as much as 1000 lbs per day, depending on the machine itself.

Undercounter ice machines in St Louis are great for small bars, cafes or businesses.  They do not put out as much ice per day, with the max being around 350 lbs per day.  These are sized to fit under most 40” counters, hence the name.  Finally, the countertop variety of commercial ice machines are very compact and used often in health care businesses.  They sometimes also dispense water as well as ice.  They also don’t yield as much ice as a modular style ice machine, their max is usually around 400 lbs a day.  They typically dispense nugget style ice as well, which will be the topic of our next post here on behalf of your Refrigeration and Ice Machine Sales Company in St Louis MO near Hazelwood.

Selling Your Used HVAC or Restaurant Equipment

make moneyWe began a series here on the best way to earn back some of your restaurant, or other commercial business’s money.  According to your HVAC installation near Jefferson County, it is wise to consider buying and selling used restaurant equipment or HVAC equipment.  Basically, anything that your business no longer needs can be sold.  Chances are that someone out there needs it even if you do not.  Also, if you need something, save money and search for ways in which to purchase the restaurant or HVAC equipment used.  This may be a real money maker/saver for your business.  Then, make sure that truly qualified and reputable professionals are involved in the service and installation of your HVAC or restaurant equipment, like those available to you at American Services in Earth City near St Louis MO.

Here are a few things we discovered in our research on behalf of the HVAC install company near Jefferson County MO, “There are two ways to go about selling your equipment. The first is to sell it by yourself and target your market. For example, a Mexican restaurant might not need your deep fryer, but they might need extra ovens or refrigerator racks. Some smaller equipment might appeal to any restaurant. In this case, you might need to do your own advertising or put your items on Craigslist. The second way to sell your equipment is to sell it to a dealer.

These three easy tips can make your life a lot easier when selling your used restaurant equipment:  You will want to begin by cleaning the restaurant equipment that you wish to sell, says your HVAC sales company.  This will put it in the best selling position possible.  Locate the paperwork in the form of product manuals, warranties, service receipts and anything that shows you took great care of it.  Finally, determine a fair price for the HVAC or restaurant equipment you wish to sell.

The Equipment You Need to Open a Restaurant Part Two

get startedThis article will help you when it comes to choosing and figuring out what you need to open a restaurant in St Louis MO near Bridgeton.  Writing on behalf of your Commercial Restaurant Equipment Company near Bridgeton, we want to help take out some of the guesswork.  This is the 2nd post in a two part series on this subject.  Don’t worry about the small stuff for your kitchen, say experts on restaurant equipment online, get the big stuff handled first.  “Later, after you’ve stocked your kitchen with the right equipment to make your recipes as dazzling as can be, then you can move on to smallwares and dining furniture.”

There are questions you have to answer first, before choosing, purchasing and installing your restaurant equipment.  Check you menu first.  “Does a hamburger house need a sushi table? What about a salad bar? Your menu is the first place to look when planning your kitchen equipment.”   You may wish to consult your chefs here and actually walk through the creation of each dish on your menu and what type of equipment will be needed for each in St Louis near Bridgeton MO.

You will, next, want to estimate how much…think volume needs and performance along with this.  For example, a restaurant that deep-fries one menu appetizer needs a small fryer with low expectations in performance, so cheap is ok here.  If your restaurant offers fries with every entrée, then this is a different scenario.   Some restaurant equipment , every single kitchen will need, like the following:  cooking equipment, refrigeration equipment, food preparation equipment and specific equipment catered to the type of restaurant you are equipping.  Reach out to experts and those knowledgeable of the food codes in your area, for this will also come into play.  In the meantime, when you are ready to install your equipment, contact your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Installers near Bridgeton for further help and information.

Capacity of Ice Making Needs for Your Commercial Business

capacityCommercial Ice Machines are so important for your business and many people enter the search unaware of their choices and the importance of making the right one for their business, that your Cooling Installation Company in St Louis near Ladue has been working hard to bring you all of the important information here, in our in-depth analysis of the subject.  In fact, this is the fourth article in a series of posts on the subject of commercial ice machine sales.  We covered that different configurations and ice types from which to choose.  We then looked at the details surrounding the different compressor types available in the commercial ice machines for sale today in St Louis.

Here we move onto one more aspect worth discussing, on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Sales near Ladue, “Once you’ve settled on the type of ice machine you need and the type of ice you want, you must select a machine with the right capacity for your needs.”

If you are a new business, you may not yet know how much ice you will use.  Be sure you allow for growth and future increase in needs.  You don’t want to fall short and end up with a commercial ice machine that does not fill your needs or demand.  If you are looking to replace your current commercial ice machine in St Louis near Ladue, consider if the current one kept up with your demands, recommends your Cooling Repair Company near Ladue.  If not, make sure you go with one that makes more this time. Here is the last bit of information as it relates to determining ice making capacity and volume for your business.  “Ice consumption at peak times should be considered, as well as any possibility for a future increase in demand. It’s always better to have extra ice on hand than to rely on a machine that is too small to meet your needs.”  For more information regarding ice machine sales, service or installation, contact your St Louis Heating and Cooling Sales team near Ladue MO today!


Types of Ice in Your Ice Machines

frozen drinksWe represent a heating and cooling service company near Sunset Hills in our informative writing excerpts.  We, today, continue a piece surrounding the commercial ice machines available for sale today.  In the event you are shopping for one to complete your list of required restaurant equipment needs in St Louis, we want to help you make sound and educated purchases.  Previously, we covered the variety of ice machine configurations.  Most commercial settings will require a modular ice machine, though health care and small bar settings might use either counter top or undercounter configurations for their ice machine needs.

You will want to understand, also, according to your commercial heating and cooling near Sunset Hills MO, the types of ice available to you.  There is cubed ice, for starters.  This is the most common and melts slowest so therefore, can result in less ice consumed.  This can be made by your ice machine in three different possible sizes of full, regular or half.  Then, there is nugget ice.  Softer and easier to chew, but still slow to melt, this style ice is used most oftentimes in the healthcare setting, according to your Heating and Cooling Installation Company in St Louis near Sunset Hills.  The third common ice style is called flake ice.  These cool quickly and can be molded into any shape.  This can be great for seafood and meat displays, deli cases and salad bars.  Also used for snow cones and to make mixed drinks that are blended, so bars may like this style ice machine as well.

We will continue this lengthy, yet informative series on commercial ice machines on behalf of your St Louis Heating Service near Sunset Hills and begin the next series of posts on types of compressors to educate yourself on prior to purchasing your next commercial ice machine in St Louis MO.

Buying a Commercial Refrigerator

commercial refrigeratorSo, you recently found yourself in the market for a commercial refrigerator.  Unlike the household variety, there aren’t quite as many brands from which to choose when it comes to reliable commercial refrigeration for your restaurant or business. On behalf of your Commercial Refrigeration Service in Bridgeton MO near Kirkwood, we did some research to help you when it comes time for you to choose and purchase your commercial refrigerators.

Begin by knowing and wisely choosing the brands you wish to consider for your commercial refrigerator purchase.  “Like most products you buy, your commercial refrigerator’s brand matters. There are a lot of manufacturers out there, so it’s important to zero in on a manufacturer you know you can trust. Some brands are going to focus on producing the highest quality units; other brands will aim to provide uncompromised value at the best possible price.”  Some that we can easily recommend based on consumer and expert ratings would be True, Turbo Air and Delfield.   Once you have narrowed down the brand, check out the refrigeration warranty that they offer.  No matter how great the product, nothing will last forever.  Even the very best of the best in the way of refrigeration will likely need service at some point.  If you need service under warranty or not, call your Commercial Refrigeration Service Company in Bridgeton to come for a visit.  Some commercial refrigerators will come with more coverage than others, depending on the manufacturer.  You will definitely want to compare them to make the best choice available to you.

The last aspect that is very important when buying any kind of refrigeration in Bridgeton is to check out dimensions.  Too many people overlook this, then pay for an install only to discover the refrigerator they bought isn’t going to fit!  They are not standard sizes, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Measure the space in your commercial kitchen, and then go from there.