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The Heating and Cooling Sensors of Today

temperature sensorThis article is the second part to a two part series on sensors and the success of the industry when it comes to heating and cooling.  We talked about the actual numbers in our previous St Louis Cooling article on this same site.  We are now talking more about why they have experienced such success as an industry.  Government regulations require super efficiency, the sensor and controls for heating and cooling that are more precise allow for these regulations to be more readily met.  Also, as technology grows, so do people’s need for control and more ability as it becomes possible in the world of HVAC in St Louis near Ladue.

Here is another take on the popularity of these sensors in the world of heating and cooling your business or home, “Growth in global nonresidential construction is helping drive the market. Additionally, government legislation and policies for the use of energy efficient appliances is positively impacting market growth. The healthy economic growth of emerging markets such as China, South Korea, India, Japan, Middle East, and Latin America is also fueling the demand for HVAC sensors and controllers.”

There are different types of heating and cooling sensors too.  The global market is divided into temperature sensors, humidity sensors, pressure sensors, gas and volatile organic compound sensors, and occupancy sensors. The temperature sensors are the ones that are dominating the HVAC world since the year 2015.  They are expected to continue to grow and prosper in demand and resulting sales for quite some time to come.  “The growth of the temperature sensors segment during the forecast period is attributed to the requirement for shorter reaction time, higher measuring precision, and ease of installation, among other features.”

More Ideas on Energy Reduction in Heating

save energyWe will close our a series on efficiency when it comes to the heating and cooling of your home, today, on behalf of St Louis American Services Heating and Cooling sales near Clayton MO.  We have discussed, in previous posts, the ins and outs of lighting choices, how to use sunlight to your advantage and the importance of a programmable thermostat.  Now, we will talk about a few more household tips to help you use even less in the way of energy and save money as you go.

When it comes to electronics, our homes are full these days. And, unfortunately, these can account for an exorbitant amount of energy drain.  Therefore, in our recent research for St Louis Heating near Clayton, we found the following information to be helpful, “Use an electronic power strip for your electronic equipment. Many electronic devices and equipment continue to consume unnecessary energy even when not in use. Often called energy vampires, these devices cost families about $100 a year. Use a power strip for electronic devices and turn it off when not in use to eliminate energy vampires. And be sure to unplug your chargers — they draw energy even when they aren’t connected to a device.”

Water heating is another big drain when it comes to energy usage in your home.  You can reduce energy for water heating.  This category of use accounts for about 14-18% of your utility bills, in most homes.  Check your water heater setting and make sure it is no greater than 120 degrees.  Find and install showerheads that are low-flow also check on temperature sensitive shower valves, say the experts on energy consumption in your home.  Also, call you heating and cooling installation experts in St Louis and see to getting a newer water heater as they will have much more in the way of insulation than the older ones, thereby allowing for lower energy usage.

Heating and Cooling Sensors Part One

latest newsWhen it comes to the heating and cooling industry, no one knows it better than your American Services in St Louis MO near Chesterfield.  Today, we write on their behalf, discussing some of the latest news regarding commercial cooling sales, service and installation.  HVAC sensors are a huge part of the economic development and success of the heating and cooling industry.  A recent press release out of NY reveals the following, “The global HVAC sensors and controllers market was valued at $5.18 billion in 2015 and is forecast to reach $9.34 billion by 2024, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.9 percent during forecast period, according to a new report published by Transparency Market Research.”

People are expecting more and more from their indoor climate control, in both the areas of heating and cooling.  This, according to the experts in Heating and Cooling install near Chesterfield, is one of the main reasons for the success described above, “The growing demand for sensors and controllers in the HVAC market is primarily supported by both regulations and the need to achieve comfort, accuracy, and safety in monitoring and controlling indoor climates.”

It doesn’t hurt one bit that the global, nonresidential construction market has been growing as well.  Then, consider the regulations set forth by the government when it comes to energy efficiency in the use of all appliances, and we see a definite explanation for the popularity of precise heating and cooling monitors. If you need or want further information when it comes to heating and cooling sensors and controls, please feel free to check us out at  Check out their website or give them a call for any and all heating and cooling sales, service, installation and maintenance needs.

More Energy Reduction in Heating and Cooling

energy savingsWe began a series this morning on tips in order to reduce your cost of heating your home.  This info is brought to you by your Heating Sales and Service near Kirkwood MO and if you follow the eight tips given, you can reduce your heating costs, indeed.  We already discussed putting in a programmable thermostat and using sunlight to your advantage when it comes to heating your home (or keeping it cool).

Now, we move onto the next tips found by American Services Heating in St Louis MO.  One article writes, “When replacing appliances or purchasing electronics, look for ENERGY STAR appliances, fans and electronics.” You would be surprised at how much energy your home’s appliances zap up and are accountable for each day.  They can be blamed for 20% of energy used by your home each year.  By using Energy Star Certified stuff, you ensure that the usage is at its minimum for your home.

According to your Heating and Cooling Installation in St Louis near Kirkwood, when you buy and install lighting, you will also want to choose energy-saving varieties to maximize the efficiency of your home.  “Choose energy-saving lighting. About 10 percent of the energy your home uses goes to lighting costs. By just replacing five of your home’s most frequently used lights with energy-efficient ENERGY STAR bulbs, you could save $75 a year in energy costs. Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs can yield as much as 75 percent energy savings and last six-times longer.”  You will get more energy savings, still, along with less wasted heat by making the switch to ENERGY STAR LED’s…you will also gain a longer life span by using these.  In conducting this research on behalf of your Heating Service near Kirkwood MO, we discovered that there are many ways in which to reduce the cost of your home’s energy usage.  We will share even more tips and details in the posts to follow.

History of Refrigerated Vending Machines

vending machineThe history of the vending machine is an interesting one and so we decided to cover it, here, on behalf of your Refrigeration Installation and Service in St Louis near Ballwin MO.  You will be shocked at just how long the vending machine has been in existence.  We found the following quote online when researching the topic, “The first documented vending machine dates from about 215 b.c., when the mathematician Hero invented a device that accepted bronze coins and dispensed holy water in the temples of Alexandria, Egypt. In a.d. 1076, Chinese inventors developed a coin-operated pencil vendor. Coin-activated tobacco boxes appeared in English taverns during the 1700s.”

The first truly successful and money making vending machine came about, according to St Louis Refrigeration Service near Ballwin, in 1888.  The Adams Gum Company had the first money making machine that allowed us to deem the vending machine a success in the United States.  “In that year, the Adams Gum Company developed gum machines that were placed on elevated train platforms throughout New York City. The machines dispensed a piece of tutti-frutti gum for a single penny.”

Cigarettes were the next successful vending product to follow in 1926.  “In 1926, William Rowe invented a cigarette vending machine that started a trend toward higher priced merchandise, including soft drink and nickel-candy machines that evolved throughout the late 1920s and 1930s.”  Then, according to our research done on behalf of American Services Refrigeration in St Louis near Ballwin, coffee vendors came for a piece of the action.   “Coffee vendors were developed in 1946, and refrigerated sandwich vendors followed in 1950. In 1984, Automatic Products International, Ltd. (APi) introduced a vending machine that ground and brewed fresh coffee beans.”  Today we have advanced machines scattered about at various business locations that can do things as advanced as sell you an entire meal and heat it up for you on the spot.  The vending machine, both refrigerated and not, has come a really long way and has been here much longer than most of us ever knew.

More Efficient HVAC Systems

HVAC installSome of the latest technologies that will directly impact exactly how efficient your Commercial HVAC in St Louis can be, are as follows:   variable speed compressors, electronic expansion valves, advanced humidity removal, heat recycling, variable frequency drives, and thermal energy storage.  Essentially, the above list consists of things that can be done to modify your current HVAC system and add efficiency to it, according to your St Louis HVAC near Bridgeton MO.  This is the most cost effective way to improve upon an existing HVAC system in your commercial setting, in order to allow a huge gain in efficiency which will result in a savings for you and your business.

The above observation is proven through research and questioning of those in the mix, “While some builders and owners will choose to install whole new, cutting-edge HVAC systems, occupants and building managers will favor lower-cost incremental component solutions that improve efficiency of their existing systems,” said Jaideep Raje, a Lux Research senior analyst and a contributing author of the report. “Component technologies demonstrate the quickest return on investment, smoothing their path to adoption.”

The above report was done and used by evaluating current HVAC systems and separate components, scoring them individually, according to your St Louis HVAC Sales and Service near Bridgeton.  “The report evaluates HVAC systems and components separately and scores technologies on their technical value and maturity. It then plots each technology’s relative potential on a matrix comprising four quadrants: Current Winners, Future Winners, Long-Shot, and Faded Incumbents.”  Some of the specific findings will be written about here, in future posts, and they show a ton of potential in the world of HVAC efficiency.  We will concentrate, next, on heat pumps and how they can positively impact the cost of operating your commercial HVAC system in St Louis MO.

Do Your Restaurant Equipment Homework

commercial kitchenWhen looking for new restaurant equipment near O Fallon, make sure you do your homework and start by making sure it is all commercial and new in nature.  As mentioned in the first post here on your American Services website, saving a few bucks isn’t worth it in the end since your business is riding on the ability of your restaurant equipment to serve you in the ways in which you need.  “Purchase new equipment. Price is the big temptation for buying used restaurant equipment, but used restaurant equipment is less reliable because components are starting to wear out and can be costly to repair. New restaurant equipment, on the other hand, is in tip-top shape and comes with a factory warranty.”

You will want to look at the cost involved and decide what kind of quality you need and seek as well.  You don’t want cost to be the only factor when shopping for your new Commercial Restaurant Equipment in St Louis, but it will weigh in.  Remember that, like anything you buy, certain manufacturers will charge you more for higher end materials, etc and some will be charging you for their name and reputation as well.   “Different manufacturers use different materials and technology that affect reliability, performance and longevity. Each restaurant owner needs to determine for him- or herself the best quality of restaurant equipment that will fit within their budget and suit their particular needs.”

You would be wise to set a budget for yourself before you set out to buy that new Commercial Restaurant Equipment for your new business.  If you do not set parameters, then you are likely to overspend and that would be a negative way to start out in any business. “Stay within a budget. For any purchases you make, it is important to set and stay within a budget, otherwise you’ll end up over-spending which will hurt your bottom line.”  From there, do your research and find out what commercial equipment best suits your restaurant’s specific needs.


Consult a Cooling Professional

save energyDid you know that hiring a professional with the intent of maintaining your heating and cooling system at home may be one of the ways to best reduce your annual energy usage and money spent each year in an effort to most effectively heat and cool your space?  That’s right, on behalf of your Commercial Heating and Cooling Maintenance in St Louis, we bring you one more post on energy consumption and ways in which to save money on your utility bills and home expenses.

The experts say, “Hire a professional to maintain your heating and cooling system. Arrange for annual maintenance with a qualified technician.”  What does heating and cooling maintenance in St Louis look like?  Well, it includes some of the following, and when done correctly can save you a lot of money, checking the airflow over the coil, testing for the correct fluid (refrigerant) level, checking the combustion process and heat exchanger are operating safely, and ensuring proper air-flow to each room.  You will want to ask your heating company that you hire to also make sure the air filters are clean in your heating and cooling system.  You need to do this at least once a month to ensure proper air flow so that your system isn’t working harder than it should have to.

According to our research on behalf of St Louis American Service near Fenton MO, we found that you may wish to consult a home performance contractor to achieve large savings in energy at home.  “There is a growing industry of professionals who are qualified to make recommendations to homeowners on how to improve the overall energy efficiency of their homes. These professional energy assessors will do a comprehensive energy audit of your whole house using special tools — such as a blower door test and an infrared camera to locate air leaks — to measure home energy efficiency.”  If you are to have one of these energy audits performed, you will spend a little money at the time, in hopes to save in the long run.


Use Sunlight to Your Advantage for Heating

sunlightHere, at American Service near Sunset Hills MO, we specialize in many aspects of heating and cooling, namely focused on service, sales and installation of your commercial systems, both HVAC and otherwise.  In an effort to reach more of the audience, we are doing a piece on home heating and how to do so in the most efficient manner possible.  Many of these points can be taken and used to apply in your commercial or business heating system settings as well as home.

Regardless of whether you are just now reading and researching ways to save money within this subject, or you have been toying with the idea for some time, the research we have done for you here, and handful of recommendations and strategies presented for your efficient heating needs should prove helpful.  We found the top 8 ways you can save money on your heating and cooling bills at home. Many of these tips covered by American Services Heating Sales in St Louis are free, or at least very low cost for you.

 You can save an estimated 10 percent a year by installing and setting a programmable thermostat.  You won’t have to sacrifice comfort and can simply reset it when you are asleep or away from home.  One of my personal favorites is to use sunlight to your advantage.  One article we stumbled upon in our research for St Louis Heating Sales near Sunset Hills, states the following, “The sun’s rays can contribute heat in the winter but force air conditioners and fans to work harder — and use more energy — in the summer. During winter months, you can take advantage of sunlight by opening your curtains during the day to allow the sun to naturally heat your home. During warmer months, use light-colored window shades or blinds to reflect heat back outside, keeping your home cooler and more efficient. Using natural lighting effectively will also reduce the need to use artificial light.”  Based on this, there are so many ways in which sunlight can help or hinder energy usage in your home.  Stay tuned for more tips on this very subject from your St Louis Heating Installation and Sales near Sunset Hills MO.

Refrigerated Vending Machines

vending machineYour American Services Refrigeration Sales and Service in St Louis MO near Overland, wants to pass along some interesting information form the world of refrigerated vending machines.  More specifically, today, we are brushing on the history of the vending machine, from the early beginnings of a few loose coins, to the modern day credit card accepting, heating and refrigeration capable machines of today.

First of all, do not be mistaken, these things can be real revenue generators, indeed.  “From humble single-cent beginnings, vending operations in the United States have evolved into a $36.6 billion industry. Canned cold drinks were the industry’s top sellers in 1999, posting $15.7 billion in sales and accounting for 42.9% of the industry’s gross sales volume. Packaged candy and snacks ranked second, with 19.7% of the industry and $7.2 billion in sales. More than 857,000 coin-operated vending machines were produced and shipped in 1999. More than half (477,102) were refrigerated units vending canned and bottled soft drinks.”

If you are a beverage bottler or snack maker, according to St Louis Refrigeration sales near Overland, then you are dramatically effected by vending accounts, especially your bottom dollar.  Back in the year 2000, vending machines were responsible for a whopping 14% of all foodservice sales in some of the most popular vending machine arenas, like hospitals, schools, businesses, factories and college campuses.  They way you, the business owner, makes money is to sell the right to the area where the vending machine will be located.  Once that is done, then the vendor will make his or her profits.  The more revenue your type of business generates in vending machine sales, the more you can charge for the placement and operation of the machine in your location.  Refrigerated vending machines have been around in some fashion since the 1950’s and we intend to go into more details about them in the next post, here, on behalf of your Refrigeration Sales and Service near Overland MO.