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Global Cooling/Warming. Is it a Thing?

Back in the 70’s, scientists were concerned with global cooling, or so the story goes.  When researching this hot political and scientific topic on behalf of your Commercial Cooling installation in St Louis MO near Hazelwood, we found that there were many, even at that time, who also believed in global warming.  What in the world are we to believe?  “A new study out of the United Kingdom predicts the Earth is about to go through a major climatic shift that could mean decades of cooler temperatures and fewer hurricanes hitting the United States.”  This is opposite of many reports of global warming and, if true, supports those who believe that the global warming concept is a farce used for political and financial gain.  A scare tactic, if you will.  There are certainly misconceptions and discrepancies at best given the original concern of cooling that never happened in the 70’s.  Of course, science is ongoing and information, data and knowledge gained can definitely change the playing field and the conclusions therein.

When researching this subject on behalf of your St Louis Heating and Cooling near Hazelwood, we found the following report to be informational, “Scientists at the University of Southampton predict that a cooling of the Atlantic Ocean could cool global temperatures a half a degree Celsius and may offer a ‘brief respite from the persistent rise of global temperatures,’ according to their study.

This cooling phase in the Atlantic is said to be capable of affecting “temperature, rainfall, drought and even the frequency of hurricanes in many regions of the world,” says Dr. Gerard McCarthy. The study’s authors based their results on ocean sensor arrays and 100 years of sea-level data.  If that is indeed the case, then it makes it difficult to accept in the wake of human caused global warming.  Is this actually a thing?  If so, how could we expect, foresee and experience a global cooling off without the strict regulations and tighter controls of these heat trapping gasses that we are using that are supposed to be the culprits of the current and more recent past’s warming conditions?  The fact remains that it is difficult to know what to believe unless you are one of the scientists in the wake of the research.

Space Heaters Only When You are in the Room

space heaterThere is more to the safety of a heating alternative that is portable than just making sure you buy one that doesn’t use fuel and has small enough grates to keep out little fingers.  There are so many details safety features, like a cabinet that stays cool to the touch.  Overall, one of the most important factors we ran into when researching the safety of space heaters on behalf of your St Louis Heating Service near Belleville IL, was to make sure whichever heating unit you are considering has the UL certification.  “Only buy a space heater that carries UL (Underwriters Laboratory) or similar certification, indicating that it meets current safety standards.”

Also, bear in mind that buying a safe one is the first thing you need to do, but your heating solution in St Louis for your home or commercial setting is only as a safe as the people or person who uses it.  “Buying a safe space heater is only half the battle, using it safely is the other half.”

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), says some of the following stuff is paramount to heating safely with a portable space heater.  Find a safe place to put it.  Space heaters should only be used on flat level ground that is hard and nonflammable.  Don’t put it somewhere near enough combustibles so that if it fell over, it would come into contact with something or things that could burst into flames.  Things like drapery and bedding especially.  Don’t use it in the bedroom when someone is asleep and turn it off before leaving the room.

Cooling and The Planet

globe in handFrom your heating and cooling install in St Louis near Clayton MO, we bring you research and opinions on climate change and global warming from the previous article to this one now.  We know that not all people buy into the concept, or at least argue the details of what it means to them and their world.

One point of debate involves the fact that we have been experiencing climate change for a very long time now.  “The planet has experienced climate change before: the Earth’s average temperature has fluctuated throughout the planet’s 4.54 billion-year history. The planet has experienced long cold periods (“ice ages”) and warm periods (“interglacials”) on 100,000-year cycles for at least the last million years.”  CO2 has played a role in these natural changes, however, according to the recent information we gathered to write this piece on behalf of your Cooling Sales in St Louis near Clayton MO.  In fact, the oceans had periods of time when they would release carbon dioxide as they warmed, much like a carbonated beverage would.  This was triggered by how much sunlight was hitting the earth which also changes ever-so-slightly over time.

The opposition we found representing this subject say that this particular global warming period is different in that humans are indeed causing an increase by the use of heat trapping gasses.  According to the trend in science, we should be experiencing a cooling period now that isn’t taking place because of the human factored global warming effect.  We read as much as we could on behalf of your Heating and Cooling service in St Louis near Clayton, only to find that much exists to combat one side versus the other, but none is totally provable without removing the use of such gases and waiting to see if change does indeed occur.

More In-Depth Heating Portability Safety

space heaterSo, we wrote in the previous post, all about space heaters and how they are technically deemed safe provided they are fueled by electricity and non combustive means.  We write on behalf of St Louis Heating and Cooling Installation near Sunset Hills MO and choose this subject because many people have posed the question of space Heating and the safest way to go about it.  The safety of the portable space heater is confirmed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).  But some important details as to the safety rating and standard of definition are released and announced below, on behalf of your Heating Sales in St Louis MO.

“However, while there’s no carbon monoxide risk, electric space heaters still can be a safety hazard if used improperly. The best space heaters are designed to minimize those risks. Things to look for include a tip-over sensor and switch that will turn the heater off if it is accidentally knocked over and/or an overheating sensor that will shut off the heater if its temperature gets too high.”  There are many portable heaters that will have no way for a small child to stick their finger inside and so avoid burns.

“Many heaters have tight grates to keep small fingers from reaching the heating element. Some have sensors that will turn the heater off if it detects an ‘object’ (such as an infant or pet) sitting too close to it for too long.”  There are also many people who use these for heating and cooling in their home or office and will only buy the kinds with cabinets that stay cool to the touch, so as not to burn themselves when the need to move it from one room to the next arises.

Scotsman Refrigeration Products in St Louis MO

ice machineBesides the fact that Scotsman ice machines will allow you to keep your commercial ice fresher than most and minimize waste, you will also benefit by their many advanced industrial ice machine and refrigeration features according to your St Louis Refrigeration Installation near OFallon MO.  Scotsman ice machines in the refrigeration category of needs for your next commercial business or office setting are being chosen to be written about according to the high end ratings that are scattered about on the internet.  Apparently these are some of the highest acclaimed ice machines with some of the most impressive ratings.

Manufactured by Scotsman Industries, Scotsman ice machines are global and people all over the world can attest to their superiority in the field of refrigeration.  So many different machines will make ice and let it sit, where Scotsman is inclined to speak to the need for economy and ability to minimize waste from excess ice production which doesn’t stay fresh in the end.  Stale ice is never a problem for your commercial kitchen in St Louis near OFallon when you have an ice maker or other refrigeration product made by Scotsman.

They are also the most well-known and lead the industry not only globally, but nationwide and also locally in areas such as St Louis and OFallon MO.  “With over 300 commercial Scotsman ice machine cubers, flakers, bins, and ice dispensers, including undercounter units, Scotsman leads the industry in reliability and care-free maintenance by designing forward-thinking ice machines.”  You will also have the widest variety of ice types from which to choose when you decide to buy a Scotsman from the Refrigeration Sales near OFallon MO.  Try one today at your local dealer of Scotsman ice machines and see what you think of their stellar products.

HVAC Value Determining Factors

HVAC installationA couple other styles of HVAC, piggybacking off of our previous  commercial HVAC post include some of the most interesting and energy efficient of the specialized systems for your St Louis Commercial HVAC near Kirkwood and your business’ heating and cooling needs.  The next up in our discussion is the CAV, or Constant Air Volume.  This, like the systems described previously on behalf of your St Louis HVAC near Kirkwood MO, is also a single duct air system with constant flow that will adjust according to thermostatic input.  The overall efficiency is somewhat based, as with other commercial systems, on the quality and precision of the thermostat itself.

Moving on, we have the VRF, or variable refrigerant airflow.  Your HVAC install in St Louis near Fenton can best describe this as follows, “A heat-pump system that uses refrigerant as the heating and cooling medium. One condensing unit can serve multiple evaporators to condition the space.”  There is also a heat recovery option that better allows for the evaporators connected to the same condensing unit to be in heating and cooling mode simultaneously. This is a necessity for some commercial settings and St Louis HVAC business needs near Fenton MO.

What do these recovery systems do?  “The heat recovery option allows the evaporators connected to the same condensing unit be in heating and cooling mode at the same time. This reduces the energy consumption required to heat and cool the spaces because less energy is wasted to the outdoors or condenser water loop.”  In the end, for most St Louis HVAC businesses, it is about form and function pitted against cost.  The more efficient and capable, the great the system and its value to the St Louis Business.

Seasoning Your Wok

wokWe previously covered some of the smaller restaurant equipment you may or may not need in St Louis at your local restaurant commercial business near Edwardsville IL.  The wok was a tiny piece of great interest in speaking to our restaurant equipment customers from our St Louis Restaurant Equipment Sales near Edwardsville IL.  We want to elaborate here on what to do in order to prepare your wok for proper use.  The process begins with seasoning these little pieces of restaurant equipment.

Depending on the material with which it is constructed, the process will vary.  There are two different styles of material used, one is carbon steel and the process goes as follows:

  1. Wash the wok with mild soap and water, making sure it is both totally clean and dry.
  2. Heat the wok so the surface is completely heated, all the way through.
  3. Spread oil in a thin layer all over tthe heated wok’s cooking surface. You may wish to use paper towels or a basting brush to spread the oil evenly across the surface when preparing your wok to join the rest of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Edwardsville IL for use.
  4. Heat the wok at medium-low heat for right around 10 minutes next.
  5. Take the wok off of the heat source then and wipe off the oil with a paper towel.


When your wok is made of carbon steel you will want to adjust your seasoning steps to the following whilst preparing you restaurant equipment for use at your St Louis Commercial Kitchen near Edwardsville IL.

  1. Heat up the wok over the highest heat until the surface is completely heated, all the way through.
  2. Coat the heated wok’s cooking surface with a thin, even layer of cooking oil. A basting brush is good to use for this.
  3. Make sure the wok gets totally coated with oil.
  4. Proceed to cook the oil in the wok for a few minutes, then turn the heat source off.
  5. Cool the wok to room temperature, wiping off the oil used to prepare you St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Edwardsville.
  6. Return the wok to the heat. Heat it until the oil starts to smoke. Tilt the wok from side to side so the wok seasons evenly. Once the oil has burned off, brush on the next layer of oil, cooking it a few minutes and turning off the heat again. You will want to repeat these steps until the wok is dark, oily and a little bit sticky.


Global Warming and Climate Change

global warmingWhen it comes to commercial cooling installation in St Louis near Maryland Heights, we like to write about information on their behalf that will effectively hit on hot topics of interest and today the topic is global warming vs climate change.  After all, the individual and business needs for cooling will be adjusted accordingly over time depending on the climate and temperature of the earth. There is a definite difference in these two terms despite people’s resistance to recognize one in many cases.  “Global warming refers only to the Earth’s rising surface temperature, while climate change includes warming and the ‘side effects’ of warming—like melting glaciers, heavier rainstorms, or more frequent drought.”  Global warming can be considered a contributor of climate change, if you are one to put stock in its existence.

Global warming is just one symptom of the much larger problem of climate change, according to people who subscribe to its existence in the first place.  Not all people do, as our research on behalf of your St Louis Heating and Cooling sales near Maryland Heights found, many people recognize a cooling trend and say that it is all independent of human activity, whether or not the earth warms or cools, thereby altering the climate as well.

“Another distinction between global warming and climate change is that when scientists or public leaders talk about global warming these days, they almost always mean human-caused warming—warming due to the rapid increase in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from people burning coal, oil, and gas.”  Climate changes can refer to natural changes associated with things such as the ice age was. This is not human caused at all.  It is speculated, according to the St Louis Heating and Cooling company near Maryland Heights MO research, that humans can impact all of this in a multitude of ways, like burning fossil fuels, emitting aerosol pollution, both of which actually have opposite effects however.


Space Heating Safety

space heaterWe have been writing on behalf of your commercial heating installation in St Louis near Wentzville MO for some time now.  We want to do our best to stay on top of subjects that matter most to you both in a commercial heating environment and also things you may run into at home with your heating and cooling needs.  With the latter in mind, we are looking at portable heaters, or space heaters that have been around for years now.  They have also evolved drastically over the years and many of us want to know if they are safe to use and under what conditions?

“Every winter, we hear of at least some space-heater related accidents, sometimes with tragic results. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), and based on statistics compiled from 2009 to 2013, 40 percent of home heating fires and 84 percent of home heating fire deaths involve either stationary or portable space heaters. However, when selected wisely and used correctly, space heaters can be quite safe to use.”  When we set out to research this subject and found the above report, we noticed it only covers and comments on the safety of portable electric space heaters, which are now considered the only ones safe to use at home or in your office, according to our research on behalf of St Louis Heating and Cooling sales near Wentzville.

What is not considered safe, then?  “Combustion space heaters work by burning fuel, be it kerosene, gas, wood, etc., which results in having the byproducts of combustion, including carbon monoxide, enter your home if they are not effectively vented to the outside. According to the DOE, most states have banned the use of kerosene heaters in the home, and some states have banned the use of unvented natural gas heaters. Vented combustion heaters are safer, but since those are designed to be used in a permanent location next to an exterior wall (to allow for a vent to the outside), they are not exactly portable.”  Stay tuned to the next St Louis Heating Company near Wentzville’s post for further heating information regarding the safety of portable heaters in your home or business setting.

Scotsman Ice Machines

ice machineWhen it comes to ice machines and your companies need for industrial or commercial grade refrigeration in St Louis near Fairview Heights, we are here to show you the way on behalf of your Refrigeration installation in St Louis near Fairview Heights IL, we want you to know about some of the greatest brands out there.  Today, we focus on Scotsman ice machines.  One really awesome thing about them are the number of ice machine models they offer that are all energy star models.  “There are more than 65 ENERGY STAR Scotsman ice machine models, and there are few that conserve resources the way that ice machines from Scotsman’s Prodigy® Series do. The technology and design of Scotsman’s Prodigy ice machines allow these units to create ice while using significantly less energy and water than traditional ice machines.”

There are fun and useful, time saving controls available depending upon which of these ice machines you may choose to add to your St Louis Refrigeration sales list before you go out shopping for your commercial kitchen.   “With their optional controls, you can program the ice machine to make ice at any time you need it. With these controls at your finger tips, it makes a difference to the environment as well as your bottom line.”  This also helps to prevent or reduce waste by all but eliminating excess product.  Since ice will not be made when it is not required, you will save even more by conserving energy and water resources with the use of your ice maker.

Your ice ends up fresher as a result, so the refrigeration product all businesses need for best customer service is a Scotsman ice maker from your local refrigeration company in St Louis near Fairview Heights IL.  They have excellent guarantees too.  Check one out at your local commercial refrigeration sales in St Louis MO.