Restaurant Equipment Trends

Did you know that kitchens are getting smaller?  That’s right, according to some of the latest information and news on commercial kitchens with St Louis Restaurant Equipment in Ladue, this is indeed the case.  “In a commercial setting, the operator wants to dedicate more space to front-of-house and reduce the space back-of-house,” says Souhrada. And looking past the traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant, smaller food production areas are springing up in satellite kitchens, pop-up restaurants and food trucks—locations where every inch of space counts.  In this respect, in order to manufacture kitchens that do as the above describes, you must have restaurant equipment in St Louis MO that fits the bill in size.

“Equipment [will continue] to get smaller and more complex as operators need to optimize their footprint,” says Dean Landeche, senior VP of marketing for Manitowoc Foodservice. The classic example of a multifunctional piece of equipment is the combi oven. With its ability to cook, steam and hold it has always been versatile—but now it’s been shrunk down to a mini size that holds three half-size sheet pans and is perfect for countertop usage. Some of these smaller combis, like the Cleveland Convotherm Mini, have optional shelves so that two units can be stacked.  The above information was all obtained in our research on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment sales and service near Ladue MO.

When space is at the heart of the issue, many builders and designers of commercial kitchens and other spaces, will use the up vs out mentality.  “That concept of ‘going up, not out’ is gaining popularity front-of-house as well, where self-service equipment is being redesigned to make it narrower and taller. Even something as simple as napkin dispensers have been retooled in small-footprint, ‘tower’ configurations to save space. An added advantage to this vertical design: It holds more napkins, meaning less labor in refilling the dispenser.”