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Pellet Stoves for Heating Solutions

burning pelletsFinding that in our most recent research on behalf of your heating and cooling installation and repair near Overland MO that there are a handful of viable options and pursuits worth taking when it comes to effectively heating your basement space, we are settling in on one at a time in an effort to fully explain the details that surround it.  Today, we explore further, the vented stand-along heater and more specifically, a pellet stove for all of your basement St Louis heating needs.

In our research we found the following facts surrounding the average pellet stove:  A medium size pellet stove can heat about 1750 sq. ft., which is more than enough to heat your basement.  They also have an auto pellet feeder system which allows you to set it and forget it, creating a pretty strong level of convenience when it comes to maintaining the heat in your space.  The installation is best left to the experts such as the ones we employ at your St Louis Heating Repair and Install near Overland MO.  You can do it yourself, but it certainly is not an easy or simple undertaking.  Some of the downsides to a new pellet stove would be the initial cost of around $1,500, along with the cost of the pellets which run about $150 per winter.  “You need to go down there and clean the ash out every few days. So it’s not really set it and forget, entirely.”   It takes up significant space, must be vented outside and it must be on a hearth or stone or concrete flooring.

Moving on to the next option for heating your basement space, we find that, fortunately, there are still other options in the event that the ones we have covered thus far would not work for you.  Stay tuned here while we share more information on behalf of your Heating and Cooling in St Louis near Overland MO.

Room Heaters for Your Extra Space

heaterHeating a less than usual space, are you?  Well, here we go, then, we want to pass along some of the valuable information we have managed to gather in the area of heating and cooling in St Louis near Fenton MO.  We are now up to the idea of buying and using a room sized electric heater.  This is a great option for heating a small room in your finished basement.  “Let’s say you have a small home office or maybe a “crafts” room or a guest bedroom.”  You may need this room to be warm in the winter but not want to take up all of the space that a portable heater does on an everyday basis.

Your heating and cooling installation and repair in St Louis is sure that you will want to consider one of the portable room size heaters as an alternate source for heat, especially if you have one room in particular that never seems to receive the heated air that the rest of the basement is able to benefit by.  “And, perhaps the heat from the rest of the basement just never quite makes it into this extra room; which is a strong possibility if it’s walled off and has a door.”

What you may need, when space consumption is an issue, is a small, single room heater, that takes up almost no space, costs almost nothing to run and presents almost no fire risk whatsoever.  There are units like this on today’s market and we have found some in our research on behalf of your St Louis heating and cooling sales near Fenton.  You may want to look at heaters like the Econo-Heat 400 watt Wall Panel Convection Heater. This one is described in the following way, by one of the sources we found online who had great things to report about this solution on behalf of your heating and cooling sales near Fenton MO, “In brief, it’s an electric heater that’s flat and sits on the wall. The key to it’s goodness is that it draws cold air from the floor and heats it, causing a natural rotation without using an electric fan. There are no moving parts.”

Warm it Up Down There With Basement Heating

Aheaterpparently there are so many ways to increase the heat that gets to your basement and on behalf of your St Louis HVAC installation and sales near Bridgeton, we know that there are at least five different things that can take place to boost the heat in your cool space downstairs. We mentioned all five and elaborated upon the first one that involves extra duct work and exchanges added to your current basement.   According to the experts responsible for some of the content we found in our research, you may be concerned about the added ductwork and exchanges throwing off your heating and cooling system in St Louis near Bridgeton.  This is typically not a valid concern unless you have too many added.  Read more below on this question of concern.

“If you are still having a heart attack about adding registers or just want to add like 8 or something like that – then you might have to ‘beef up your HVAC’. My advice then would be get your wallet out and call the professionals.  (I’ll try to write a separate article on the cost of a separate HVAC unit in the future)”  Your St Louis Heating and Cooling near Bridgeton MO is equipped to handle all of your HVAC installation needs should you feel compelled to involve an expert.

Another viable option for adequately heating and cooling your basement comes along in the form of a vented stand-alone system that is available for purchase at your local heating and cooling sales in St Louis MO.  According to one article we encountered in our heating research on behalf of your heating and cooling near Bridgeton MO, the following is to be considered, “Note, you have to build a ‘stone or concrete hearth’ below the stove. It cannot sit on vinyl or carpet.  What I mean by that is, don’t tap into your HVAC, instead buy something like a Pellet Stove.”  There are more details surrounding the option of a vented stand-alone heating solution and we will explore them along with entirely different solutions as well, in our next post on behalf of your St Louis Heating and Cooling repairs near Bridgeton MO.

Refrigeration in Your Restaurant Equipment List

refrigeration counterDid you know that, on the same subject of restaurant equipment in which we continue to explore, that when opening up and stocking your very own commercial kitchen, you will need to consider separate factors for your potential restaurant bar?  You will likely need refrigeration and separate restaurant equipment in order to allow the bar to be a successful piece in and of itself.  Your St Louis Refrigeration Sales near Overland recently researched this subject and we will share, here, a little of what we learned.

“The set-up of a restaurant bar depends on your restaurant’s size, theme, and liquor license. Some bars are service only, meaning it does not serve customers directly; it is just for staff to order drinks.”   These may be the easiest set ups, simply because the needs are focused on the restaurant staff and efficiency, not so much to be appealing to the restaurant patrons since oftentimes they don’t even see the set up per say.

Refrigeration in the commercial restaurant environment can be a subject all to itself.  This is especially true, according to the research we recently completed on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration Sales near Overland MO, where we uncovered the vast number of refrigeration items that any one kitchen could potentially need or at least benefit by.  “An integral part of restaurant equipment is the refrigeration systems. Restaurant refrigeration ranges from small coolers (like a dorm fridge) to massive walk-in refrigerators and freezers, and everything in between.”  You can see, on the refrigeration market, ice makers, also, of any range of sizes and capacities.  Also to consider, are refrigerated surfaces, such as countertops which allow for deli items to stay cool for sandwich making or even ice cream handling.  The possibilities are endless and can be explored here and in future posts.

Furniture and Dishes in Your Restaurant Equipment List

dishesAs a continuation of our previous post on behalf of your Restaurant Equipment Sales in St Louis near Jefferson County, it would be wise for us to recap that we recommend considering used restaurant equipment as a viable option in order to keep your costs down.  Also, moving on from used restaurant equipment, we also take note from our research on behalf of your St Louis restaurant equipment installation near Jefferson County, that you may also be able to lease your equipment as well.

Please take a moment to read what we found, “Many companies offer leased restaurant equipment, which can save you a lot of money as you get ready to open a new restaurant. Equipment with short life spans, like ice machines, are perfect for a monthly lease. Vendors also offer leased equipment, like coffee makers and coolers, for free, so long as you buy their products.”  I have a feeling that the above reality is a little known fact, and therefore, worth passing on to our followers who may be in the industry for new or used St Louis Restaurant Equipment now or in the near future.

When it comes to stocking the “smaller” things, they can definitely add up as well.  “Restaurant dishes aren’t cheap, compared to those you can buy at Wal-Mart or Target. But that is because they are made to withstand the rigors of a busy restaurant kitchen dishwasher.”  It makes perfect sense that your dishes have to be heavy duty considering all of the use they will be getting.  Tables and chairs have a bit of a hidden agenda that is worth covering here, too, on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Repair near Jefferson County.  After all, the furniture is a huge part of the décor, so you are looking for form and function when you shop for these.

Cooling and Heating in the Nontraditional Ways

portable heaterOn behalf of your heating and cooling sales in St Louis near Webster Groves, we are moving right along with new and alternate ways to heat your space, from the heating and cooling experts in the industry.  We have already discussed the option of adding ductwork and exchanges to your existing system and though that can be a viable option for some people, other people won’t gain what they need this way, all depending upon their existing HVAC in St Louis MO.

We moved from the above solution, to discuss the possibility of vented stand-alone heaters and pellet burning stoves.  To discover all that we found in our research on behalf of your Cooling installation in St Louis near Webster Groves, check out our previous two posts on the subject. Today, we are exploring yet another possibility that is available to you in the heating and cooling world, the wood burning stove.  This seems like a nice, rustic option, provided you are not inhibited by the fact that loading the wood is a continual need for the effectiveness of the beast.

Another quite popular solution would be to buy a large room electric heater.  According to your heating and cooling install and sales in St Louis near Webster Groves, this is a pretty popular solution for hard to heat areas, such as finished basements.  There are several types, makes and models from which to choose, you will want to determine the wattage you need and also research the subject before you buy one that doesn’t fit your requirements.  For help with questions surrounding the subject, consult experts in the St Louis Heating and Cooling Repair and Sales industry and I am sure you will get just what you need.

Chilly Basement and Heating Solutions

HVACYour St Louis Heating and Cooling installation near Bridgeton MO has some updates to research we have done with the purpose of providing you with interesting content and answers to questions about heating and cooling your space.  Today, given the average temperatures across a large part of the United States at the beginning of the New Year, we have settled on heating as our main goal of discussion, namely your basement space which is by far the most challenging area of your home to keep warm.

We managed to compile a top five list of things to do to most effectively heat your basement space in our active research on behalf of your St Louis Heating sales and service near Bridgeton MO.  First of all, you can add registers to your existing or expanded HVAC duct work. (This can be a rather costly option and labor intensive option.)   You can consider buying a vented stand alone “system” to heat your basement. (An example would be a pellet stove.)  You can buy an electric heater that stands alone, unvented.  You can buy something that will heat a small room only.  Or, you can live with it, the cold that is.

We will spend the rest of this post, in addition to other posts to follow, on behalf of your Heating installation and maintenance in St Louis MO, elaborating on the above five options for heating your basement space.  First, the duct expansion and register addition, which is a great idea if you think of it when you are actually in the process of finishing your basement, can be the best way to go.  And, although this is helpful, it may not solve the chill.  Here is what one guy had to say regarding his own basement where the added ductwork was placed.  “This helped but my basement was still “cold” on days where the outside temps dropped below freezing. By ‘cold’ I mean between 63 and 66 degrees.”

Flexible Dining Space is a Must

tablesWe have been on a kick discussing restaurant equipment in St Louis and the needs that surround stocking any commercial kitchen right off the bat.  We all know that restaurants experience some of the greatest start-up costs as a result of all the equipment and refrigeration products that they need in order to ever get off the ground.  Beyond the St Louis Refrigeration Sales recommendations on equipment and St Louis Refrigeration near Kirkwood, it should also be know that your commercial kitchen needs to be well stocked to ensure success.

Here is a bit more on the subject that we found in our recent research conducted on behalf of your St Louis Refrigeration sales and installation near Kirkwood MO, “A restaurant kitchen requires careful planning, to maximize space and promote efficiency. A typical restaurant kitchen is composed of different stations and restaurant equipment. A station is the area where a certain type of food is prepared. Stations help keep a restaurant kitchen running smoothly.”

You will want your restaurant dining room to have a certain amount of flexibility, we found, in our St Louis Refrigeration Sales research.  You can achieve this best during the set up process of your dining space.  “Setting up your restaurant dining space to be reconfigured is a good idea. It allows you to accommodate larger parties or change the flow of the dining room if you feel it isn’t working.”  If you think back, we can almost all recall a real life example of standing in the middle of a restaurant with no idea how our party will be seated there.  Either they are unable to accommodate the number of people, or the seating we need, either for younger, or sometimes older members of the party is unavailable.  This presents a pretty awkward feeling while you stare at others around you, eating their meals, and the staff shuffles to try to make something work.  Bottom line is to heed the advice above in creating a flexible dining space.

Becoming an HVAC Technician

certifiedAt your St Louis HVAC installation and sales, we specialize in a multitude of repair, sales and maintenance offerings.  Today, we want to bring you more information from the HVAC industry and thought a good subject to land upon might be the job industry in the HVAC world.  Let’s start by defining what it is to be an HVAC technician, shall we?

“An HVAC technician, or HVACR technician, is a person that specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of HVAC systems.”  From our research on behalf of your HVAC installation in St Louis near Bridgeton, we know that HVAC/HVACR systems are composed of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration functions and also that they control the overall temperature and climate inside of homes, corporate offices, hospitals and other types of indoor environments in St Louis MO.  Some HVAC techs specialize in commercial systems while others concentrate on the residential market, for there are distinct differences in their training for good reasons.

If you have your sites set on HVAC certification, you should know that to become an HVAC technician you will need a strong knowledge of wiring, piping, troubleshooting and controls as they pertain to the area of heating and cooling.  This industry mixes several others in terms of knowledge.  No doubt that you will need to be at peace with the use of power tools as well, if St Louis HVAC work is something you seek.  According to your HVAC installation in St Louis and the research we did on their behalf, it is also true that technical training is a must, whether it is through an on-the-job apprenticeship, a short-term vocational course or a full-fledged certification program at a technical or trade school. “Also, many states do require a license to become an HVAC technician – this license is usually obtained by passing an exam. Federally, techs must become certified with the EPA in order to work with refrigerants. NATE certifications – North American Technician Excellence – are also valuable, although not required by all HVAC employers. Learn more about NATE exams here.

Restaurant Equipment Can Be Found Used Too

save money buttonWhat is included under the heading of restaurant equipment?  This is something we set out to answer initially on behalf of your St Louis Restaurant Equipment Service and Sales near Creve Coeur MO.  For, in order to discuss some of the intricate details of supplying your new commercial kitchen, we must first agree upon what is included in the description, right?  As it turns out, the subject is a broad one.  “Restaurant equipment covers everything from commercial ovens to dining tables, restaurant dishes to ice machines.”  It is true that the category is broad and also that deciding what type of restaurant equipment to purchase can be overwhelming for a new restaurant owner to say the least.  We are going to try to help in this and the post to follow when it comes to narrowing your search for St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Creve Coeur MO.

Begin by realizing that there is a budget friendly way to stock your commercial kitchen with restaurant equipment and it involves considering pre owned stuff.  New restaurant equipment is not always better or necessary to accomplish your goals.  In fact, it can push you over budget very quickly if you are not careful.  “A new restaurant doesn’t necessarily require all new equipment. You can purchase quality used restaurant equipment for pennies on the dollar.”

For, it is true that tables, chairs, dishes, utensils are all perfectly fine to buy second-hand in St Louis near Creve Coeur and though you may wish to be slightly more particular with restaurant equipment that will be functioning regularly, such as larger appliances, even things such as your stoves, ovens, refrigeration units, all of them can be had at a great discount in the used arena.  Did you know that you can even find restaurant equipment to lease? This may be very reassuring to those who are hesitant to dive into the business due to the poor stats that we see on the other end.  Your risk would potentially be less if you check into the possibility of leasing your St Louis Restaurant Equipment near Creve Coeur MO.  Read our next post for further information on the subject.