Troubleshooting Advice for Your HVAC

HVAC installThere are several things you can do when attempting to fix the cause of your furnace woes, in addition to, and we think most intelligent of the options, being to call a professional HVAC Repair in St Louis near Overland.  “If the pilot light is working normally, but the furnace is noisy, the furnace may need minor repairs. Also check the air filter; if it is dirty, clean it. Clean the blower blades and lubricate the motor. Finally, inspect the belt attached to the motor.”

You can, when replacing the ignitor, also, inspect the electrical service panel to see if there is a tripped breaker or a fuse that is burnt out.  You will then need to relight the pilot, according to the research we found on behalf of your St Louis HVAC installation near Overland. If, at this point, the heat being generated is not enough, the you can adjust the air shutter of the burner until it reaches the level you need for effective heating with your HVAC in St Louis MO.  Make sure you clean the ports of the burner while you are in there.  You can also clean the pilot orifice with a toothpick while you are at it.

In this process to troubleshoot your furnace, with an inkling that the problem may be the ignitor, is to follow the directions here that we found in our research on behalf of your HVAC sales and service near Overland, MO, “The next step is to check the electrical service panel and see if there is a tripped breaker or a fuse that is burnt out. Relight the pilot heat and check the temperatures. If the heat is not enough, adjust the air shutter of the burner. Clean the ports of the burner. Check the temperatures again and see if the pilot light remains lit. If not, use a toothpick to clean the pilot orifice.”  Stay tuned for more troubleshooting advise for your HVAC ignitor.