commercial cooling repair in MOAmerican Services Heating and Cooling installation in Saint Louis County knows that green air conditioning is rapidly becoming a wide spread alternative, due to manufacture’s phase-out of the ozone depleting refrigerants their products produce. Manufacturers are rushing to keep ahead of newly mandated Federal government regulations prohibiting these refrigerants.
Combined with new technological innovations being developed, manufactures are now able to produce eco friendly air conditioning units. Industry experts have come up with 7 ways to make air conditioners greener:

1. Size does matter
you wouldn’t use an undersized air conditioner to cool an apartment building. Excessive utility costs and the inability to balance the air cooled in the unit’s condenser with the humid air the evaporator draws out would be the end result.

2. Two stage compressors
in all air conditioners the compressor is the component that draws the most energy. Single compressors have to work hard to squeeze out heated vapors so that the refrigerant may return to its cooled state. Two stage compressors automatically compress less on cool days and more when it’s hot.
3. Customize Matched Systems
Some ecofriendly air conditioners achieve optimum energy efficiency by using one source of energy for cooling and another for heating. Customizing each component and matching it to the thermostat creates a system that operates efficiently.
4. Geothermal heat pumps use the earth as a heat sink using the natural flow of heat from a warm area to a cool one. Some systems are rated up to 40 percent more efficient at cooling than conventional air conditioners. Initially an expensive process, energy savings will quickly recoup your upfront costs.
5. Programmable thermostats
One of the most affordable ways to green up an air conditioner system
6. Regular scheduled maintenance
Scheduling maintenance with HVAC professionals once a year for your cooling system.
7. Upgrading your system
More than 90,000,000 heating and cooling systems were installed more than ten years ago;
this means significant energy costs an operating well below environmental standards. Many times the best alternative is to replace inefficient units with green
Air conditioning and cooling technology.