alternativeDid you know that when it comes to cooling a space, there exist many different means to an end?  “Dais Analytics in Florida, in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), is developing a new membrane-based rooftop air conditioner, which would use water as a refrigerant instead of conventional chemicals.”  We are always seeking, according to the research recently done on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Sales near O’Fallon, ways in which to function sans chemicals. Not only is this technology perfect for sweltering, humid summer nights, but it could also save 30%-50% in electrical consumption compared to today’s roof top units, not to mention work to cut out the chemicals that we are always doing our best to avoid.

“United Technologies Research Center in Connecticut is exploring electrocaloric, solid-state technology to develop a heat pump that will keep a space cool without using any chemical refrigerants. This technology is ideal for residential and small commercial buildings.” It’s small and quiet, and could result in 25% system efficiency improvement, along with possessing fewer mechanical parts.  It is much improved in the Cooling Maintenance in St Louis near O’Fallon with the likelihood of increased reliability that results in a total reduction of your chances of losing A/C in the midst of a heat wave!

One of the other goals in this movement and wave of technology is based, according to our research done on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Sales and Service near O’Fallon is to develop an energy storage system that integrates with HVAC units to reduce the overall energy requirements of A/C systems by utilizing waste-heat that would otherwise be lost in traditional systems. Integrating ground-level diverse energy storage with HVAC could reach overall energy storage efficiency of 70% and improve HVAC performance by 35%.