Some business owners may want to reduce chiller maintenance to save money.  They may think that this is ok and if something does go wrong the money they would have put out already will be enough to cover the cost of repair.  If you reduce the maintenance below the industry recommended standards, you will be reducing the chillers long term efficiency and life span.

The main reason why routine maintenance is needed is to find and locate small problems and fixes.  Finding these problems early can prevent them from becoming major very expensive problems in the future.

The HVAC News reported this scenario to describe what can happen without routine maintenance. “In one facility that decided to reduce chiller maintenance by ignoring chilled water and condensing water quality, the cooling tower media and make-up valves scaled up, the condenser tubes scaled up, head pressures gradually climbed, the power bill increased, and cooling efficiency dropped off to the point where corrective repairs had to be done on the cooling tower and both the evaporator and condenser barrels.” This cost the owner a lot money and down time while the unit was being repaired.

By not changing the oil filters on your system you can also run into problems. This can result in the internal oil ports on a centrifugal chiller becoming restricted, which can reduce the flow of oil through the motor, causing it to overheat. Think of this like your car and changing the oil. If you do it like you’re supposed to, the life of your unit will greatly increase.

Corrective repairs always cost more than the money you spend on routine maintenance. Also if your chiller may be running less efficient and you not even know it until you have it serviced.  Now your energy bill just went down.  To schedule you routine maintenance plan, contact your local Collinsville Cooling maintenance specialist.