cooling system installation in MOAmerican Services industrial cooling installation in Overland MO knows that the conventional approach to cooling systems today is known as chilled water systems.

Located mainly in large commercial buildings, chilled water systems generally consist of separate central chillers mated with air handling units combined with a webbed network of pipes and pumps that deliver cooling system efficiency throughout the building complex.

The latest U.S. statistics reveal that only 18 percent of all commercial building floor space is cooled by chillers, about 39 percent of all buildings larger than 100,000 feet contain chilled water systems which are usually water cooled chiller systems.

Typical water cooled chiller systems have the following five elements condenser water pump, cooling tower fan, chiller tank, chilled water pump, air handling unit cooling coil systems come in various sizes depending on how big the commercial building is. The building designer ,the cooling system engineer, and the chiller system installer must be working closely together here.

There are 4 types of compressors that chillers can use:

  • Scroll
  • Reciprocating
  • Screw
  • Centrifugal

The least efficient of these compressors is the reciprocating chiller. Under most circumstances the compressors used in applications up to 300 tons of cooling capacity are both the screw and scroll type. The centrifugal  compressors traditionally handle anything larger, although new technology coming out today is producing compressor upgrades.
Currently there are no federal minimum efficiency standards for chillers, however the American

Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning engineers establishes an efficiency specification known as its 90.1 standard “Energy Standard for all Buildings except Low-rise Residential Buildings.

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