industrial cooling in MOWhen it comes to industrial cooling in Saint Louis, American Services knows business owners do have some options.  The type of system you choose depends on the size of the area your are trying to cool, the interior building configuration, the location and other specifics that may be pertinent to your specific space.  

Probably one of the most common systems is referred to as a “split system.”  This sort of implementation is what you would typically find in a residential or small business facility.  The split system has an indoor air handling unit and a condensing unit on the outside.  This type of system has the highest energy rating, but may not work for all implementations.  The split system is also only used for cooling, so an additional heating system solution would be required.  A packaged system is similar to the split system in function, but of course all of the components are contained in one unit, as the name implies.

Another option is a chilled water system, which utilizes coils with liquid kept at a cold temperature.  This cooling of the water takes a separate cooling plant, which adds complexity and potential costs, but can work in some scenarios.  Once again, depending on the space, separate window air conditioning units can be used in certain applications.  Keep in mind that all these options require a separate heating solution 

So what is the best system to use?  The question once again depends on the space you are trying to cool.  Split systems remain a popular choice and can be supplemented with fans, individual units, smart controls and other add ons that can be adapted to the situation.  All of the aforementioned systems have their pros and cons so it is best to call in a professional who can analyze your individual space and the occupants to determine what is best.  Make sure you ask for the energy rating on the systems, warranties and any cost saving measures that can be implemented now or in the future.  That way you can start off with the right system and one that will be there for as long as you need it.