As many of you are aware this is a flu epidemic going on right now here in the Midwest.  Every day we are warned to protect ourselves against this nasty virus.  If you own a business you and want to protect not only your employees but also your customers from the flu and other airborne sicknesses.

Having a good filtration system on your heating and cooling system can help keep everyone healthier.  A lot of health care facilities, nursing homes, and schools have purification systems also installed to help combat the germs.  Indoor air quality is very important to work places also.  Keeping your employees happy and healthy means more productive employees and better profits for you.

The best way to make sure you have the best indoor air quality is to have it checked with your Hazelwood heating and cooling specialist.  You should set up a maintenance plan to make sure your HVAC system is always working correctly.  This will save you money in the long run on repairs.  Your system will also run much more efficiently also saving you money.

Another great thing about indoor air quality is your customers will be more comfortable and therefore creating a better experience for them.  By keep up on your maintenance and monitoring your HVAC system, you will increase customer satisfaction which will lead to repeat business and increase sales.  By investing in a maintenance plan you will optimize the performance of your system and boost your energy saving.

Remember the flu can be deadly and we should take every precaution to help combat this nasty virus.  Keeping youemployees and customers safe by having the best indoor air quality will help put a dent in this epidemic.  Also don’t forget to set up a maintenance plan to make sure your heating and cooling systems are working correctly and your duct system is clean.