cooling services in MissouriAmerican Services heating and cooling repair in St. Louis knows that today’s generation of commercial cooling systems are designed primarily to be energy efficient, but also are built so that maintenance and repairs are minimal due to new technology.

Modern cooling systems are expected to meet certain specifications in order to be installed in commercial buildings, some of the requirements are listed below:

  • Appearance-the way a cooling system looks matters a lot, much of the ductwork is exposed so a clean and orderly appearance is desired.
  • Noise-a clean and quiet functioning cooling system should ventilate the air; eliminate dust and potential allergens without a high noise level.
  • Adaptability-commercial cooling system should have a flexible ability to adapt to energy efficient sources.  More and more facilities management are interested in installing commercial cooling systems which can be adapted to efficient sources such as a solar source.
  • Energy efficiency-without a doubt the most significant aspect in the commercial cooling system is energy efficiency. This is the number one reason manufacturers are beginning to use water for the making of such systems. New technology is showing manufactures that basing their selection on the high capacity of water to transport energy will be superior compared to air.

Before actually purchasing one of the commercial cooling systems on the market today, be prepared to hire the best team for the actual installation, such as American Services, because commercial cooling systems are very complex.  These systems can be purchased as singular or modular units, roof or ground mounted. (At this point an upgraded HVAC system should be considered) which will support your new cooling system efficiently. This will also provide a proper working environment without consuming too much energy or requiring high maintenance costs.

Many commercial buildings today have learned the advantage of retrofitting energy efficient HVAC systems. These systems efficiently deliver heat and cool air wherever needed, and provide a substantial energy savings in the process.