Jefferson County Area Cooling Repair ServicesYour business is a huge part of your life and understanding some basics regarding how your commercial cooling system functions is something that’s important to your overall image.  To assist you with this task, the Jefferson County area cooling maintenance experts at American Services, would like to present some tips related to common issues you can troubleshoot on your own.  Let’s get started!

So, what if you notice your cooling system having some issues with efficiency?  For example, your bills seem higher than normal or you have a certain room that isn’t cooling the same as the others.  In this case, you can check a few places.  First, take a look at you air filter.  Have you been changing on a monthly basis as recommended?  I know, I know –  it looks clean!  But the issue here is tiny particle build-up and often times you can’t see it!  The takeaway?  Be sure to change your filter on a monthly basis!

What happens if you either change your filter or the one that is installed happens to be new?  You may have issues with debris around your outdoor AC unit and/or clogged and blocked indoor vents.  Both of these issues cause inefficiency and the indoor vent problem is what often causes irregular cooling from room to room.  The resolution? First, be sure all debris is removed from the outside of your unit.  Secondly, go from room to room and make sure all of your vents are clear and open to circulate properly. This should get things moving again and solve your inefficiency issues!  If not, now may be the time to call in the professionals from your favorite HVAC service provider!