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Ductless cooling systems are become more and more popular across the country and so is the number of contractors installing the systems.

According to one HVAC consultant; “These units can be installed for less man hours per ton than unitary systems, and with their slightly higher price tags, the material-to-labor ratio on ductless split jobs often exceeds the unitary money-to-labor ratio by a large factor, sometimes in the hundreds of percents,” he said. “Since in the bottom line how much material you sell with labor is what drives profit, ductless splits have immense appeal to contractors, too.”

“Our ductless heat pump sales have increased about 60 percent this past year,” said a heating and air conditioning services owner in Portland, Ore.  She said that her company has really benefitted from new incentives for retrofitting.

“We operate in the Pacific Northwest and have a great program for homeowners who convert from electric resistance heat to a ductless system,” the Portland owner. “One county up here offers $2,600, and others are offering between $1,200 and $1,500. It’s been a great benefit for our business.”

Another company in San Antonio started promoting ductless units 4 years ago and the company has since installed as many as 75 single and multi zone ductless units in Texas/ “We have seen a huge spike in ductless air conditioning requests and expect it to continue,” stated the owner, “In fact, we average about 100 website visits a month specifically looking for information on ductless air conditioning.”

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