air conditioning cooling systems in MOAmerican Services Cooling System repair and maintenance in Missouri knows that pressure sensors in your HVAC Refrigeration system are paramount to the safe operation of your unit. Proper function of these sensors ensure that your system is operating as it should. If a pressure sensor notices an irregularity, it will notify the computer and proper action can be taken. Every so often a pressure sensor fails and will either give a wrong reading or no reading at all. Times such as these require the replacement of the pressure sensor.

A common refrigerant pressure sensor is the P158 produced by Kavlico. This pressure sensor is compatible with all fluorocarbon refrigerants and refrigerant oils currently in use and in development for refrigeration and HVAC applications. Whether going with the P158 or another model, the pressure sensor must be able to endure high vibration and broad temperature range conditions found in refrigeration systems. Even more so, the pressure sensor must withstand overpressures and pressure pulsations without damage or degradation in performance. Old HVAC refrigeration systems may still have pressure sensors that do not stand up to these new stringent performance regulations. The pressure sensor should be able to operate over a range of -34 degrees to 120 degrees.

When selecting a pressure valve, ensure you are aware of the pressure range that you are attempting to monitor. Pressure sensors can range from 0-100 PSI or 0-750 PSI. If your system operates at high pressure, a low pressure sensor will fail immediately and could cause damage to your system. Furthermore, most sensors have either 1/4 Male or Female pipe threads. Ensure your unit has the same thread pitch prior to installation.

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