commercial refrigeration maintenance in MOStoring food at a safe temperature is integral to a restaurant’s function.  The last thing you want to serve your patrons is freezer burned food or even worse, food that has spoiled.  But when you go shopping for a walk-in cooler, what should you be looking for? 

One of the first things you want to start considering when shopping for a cooling system such as a  walk- in is the installation is space in your facility.  Does the back area of your restaurant have the space for a walk-in?  If so, how big of a walk-in should you be looking for?  You will want to make sure that there is proper ground space, but also consider if there is room to open the door and support the walking traffic that will be going in and out of the cooler.  Another major consideration should be the floor itself.  Is the floor properly supported and in good enough condition to support a walk-in?  Is there proper draining and a convenient water supply?  All of these are questions you should start considering before you even look at walk-ins.

Now that you’ve put some thought into the space you have, think about what kind of walk-in you want.  There are walk-ins that simply cool the food and walk-ins that will freeze the food.  You can also purchase a combination cooler that will do both.  The condenser can also be a consideration as some are installed inside the building and some can be installed on the outside.  Consider what kind of food you will be storing in the cooler and for how long.  That will help you figure out the material you want the cooler made out of and the size that you will need.  Depending on the use a walk-in can be made of aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and combinations of material.  This is important to consider if you’re looking for a cooler that will resist corrosion or dents or will last a very long time.  Each of the metals has pluses and minuses and depending on the type of restaurant you have you will want to weigh all the options carefully.

Walk-ins can be installed by do it yourselfers, but hiring a professional makes sense if you are undecided or know little to nothing about these appliances.  A professional can evaluate your space and make recommendations for the best type of unit for your building.

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