coolingSo, what’s the scoop with SEER?  And, how does it relate to finding the best and most valuable cooling service in St Louis near Sunset Hills MO?  Air conditioner efficiency is listed and known to us by the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). This number tells you how much energy the system uses relative to the amount of heat it can remove when busily cooling your space. A higher SEER means greater energy efficiency. Even if your air conditioner is only 10 years old, upgrading to a recently manufactured model with a higher SEER could reduce your cooling bills by 20 to 40 percent.  We will discuss the ins and outs of more than the SEER and all that relates to cooling choices in the next two posts on behalf of your St Louis Cooling Sales near Sunset Hills MO.

As it turns out, SEER is mandated and varies from place to place due to climate variations. 14 is actually the lowest legally allowed in the South, but 14.5 SEER is required to meet Energy Star standards, and SEERs above 20 aren’t uncommon. Sometimes it can be as simple as searching for certain features in your AC unit in St Louis in order to find the proper and best SEER for you.

“Looking for certain features will help you find an efficient, reliable A/C system.” For example, the higher efficiency systems typically contain a variable-speed scroll compressor. “These are more energy efficient, last longer and are quieter than older reciprocating compressors. An all-aluminum evaporator coil is less prone to corrosion and leaks than a copper-and-steel evaporator coil, and therefore often a better choice for reliability.”  Also, bear in mind that there are alternatives to what we consider St Louis Cooling standards in our AC system.  A heat pump, for example, is often a viable alternative to other more energy costly ways of cooling in St Louis near Sunset Hills MO.