Stay CoolLearning how to keep your business cool, while saving energy, is the most effective way to stay comfortable this summer.  This is the main goal when researching cooling tips from the experts at  Today, let’s take a closer look at the tips these professionals give on the topic of properly cooling your indoor space this summer.

  • Don’t get fooled into buying  a larger unit assuming it will cool you space any more effectively.  In fact, when you buy an improperly sized cooling unit, you will experience the exact opposite of your desired effect.  This happens because a unit that is too big will hit your indicated set-point before they are able to properly dehumidify the air.  This will leave you with a space the feels humid or “clammy” and all-around uncomfortable.  Remember, this tip goes for both individual room units and central air systems.
  • Make sure your central air conditioner’s fan is set to “auto” mode.  This will ensure that the unit is shutting down the fan at the same time as the compressor.  Using this tip shuts down the fan so that it isn’t being used to just circulate the air.  Air circulation should be accomplished only by circulating fans placed in individual rooms.
  • Maybe a whole-house fan is an option for you?  A whole-house fan works to cool your space by pulling cool air through your home and then getting rid of warm air via the attic.  Whole-house fans are best used to cool your home down during the coolest parts of the day.  This then allows your home to maintain that cooler temperature during the hotter times of the day without the use of the fan.

If you’re cooling system needs some attention.  Make sure to contact the the Hazelwood area’s commercial cooling installation experts at American Services today!