attic fanWhen it comes to cooling your home or office in the summer heat or other times of year, depending upon how close you live to the equator, many would insist on the presence of a central HVAC system in order to get the job done.  However, we are here to tell you that you really don’t need that at all.  Is it nice and chill?  Yes.  Is it a requirement to beat the heat?  No.  On behalf of your Cooling Sales and Service in St Louis near Overland MO, we did some hunting and pecking online to decide some of the best, most effective ways to cool your space without central air conditioning.

Fans may be one of the keys.  “Whole-house fans may seem old fashioned, but they’re enjoying renewed popularity. The idea behind them is simple: A powerful fan draws cooler early morning and evening air through open doors and windows and forces it up through the attic and out the roof vents. This sends hot air up and out, cooling your house and your attic.”  Typically these attic fans (as they have been called in the past) are mounted in an upstairs stairwell or hallway ceiling where there’s at least 3 ft. of clearance above the fan itself, according to your St Louis Cooling maintenance near Overland.

What are the advantages to a fan that works to cool your entire house in St Louis?  Well, for starters, you will save a lot of money in energy savings.  You will use approximately 90 percent less energy with a fan than you will with an air conditioner.  When you live in a dryer climate, it is not uncommon for an attic, or whole-house fan to replace an air conditioner entirely, according to the information we gathered in our research on behalf of your Cooling Sales and Service in St Louis near Overland.  We have other cooling ideas to share and plan to do so in the next two posts that follow.