industrial cooling maintenance in MOPreventative maintenance of your cooling system is the upkeep of equipment to ensure it is running at peak efficiency.  It is through regular preventative maintenance that minor problems will be caught and repaired before they become major, costly problems.  Preventative Maintenance of your cooling system is essential to ensure proper functioning of all components.  When cooling systems are required to function without having had proper care, system efficiency is diminished and components will experience premature wear and ultimately premature failure.

Having a cutomizable cooling maintenance program in your operation is essential and easy to develop.  There are several key areas of your cooling system that require regular maintenance.  The filters need to be replaced every one to six months depending on the air quality at your location.  Factories and warehouses may require more frequent filter replacement than hospitals and schools due to the increased volume of dust or dirt in the air.  It is wise to replace air filters with a good, high quality filter.  Air ducts also should be cleaned when buildup is visible.  Dampers that work properly will keep the compressor from running when air temperatures are cooler.  Dirty dampers may hinder this process.  Other areas or cooling system preventative maintenance include inspecting the blower wheel, bearing, and belts two times a year.  Additionally, it is important to repair any cabinets that are leaking air through cracks.

It is important to understand that all cooling systems are different and each require a customizable cooling program specific to your application.   A good first resource for developing such a plan is to contact your local HVAC service technician and ask about creating a customizable preventative cooling plan in Missouri at American Services, you won’t be disappointed!

Below are some reasons to implement a customizable preventable plan into your business;

Maximize your equipment’s performance

Reduce interruptions to your business

Pay for maintenance and service during the equipment’s life cycle

Reduce costs and budget services evenly over time with no surprises

Comply with the manufacturer’s warranty