Red String Tied Around FingerAt American Services, our technicians are often asked how they suggest caring for a cooling unit during the winter months.  This is a really good question and one we would like to address with you.  Here are some of our most basic recommendations:

First, it’s important to prepare your cooling unit for it’s off season by having a full maintenance check at the end of the cooling season. This service will go over all of the parts of your units, asses their functionality, and address any needed repairs.  The unit will then be ready for the cold months when it is not in use and ensure it’s proper function when it is put back into service later in the year.

The off-season for your cooling system is also the best time to prepare to replace or upgrade any outdated units.  Our team can come to your location and give you a full estimate with recommendations that will save you energy and thus reduce your overall energy bills.  We are well-versed in all the latest technology that makes cooling any size building more cost-effective and comfortable for employees and customers alike.

Finally, we also recommend talking to our customer care team about designing a Customized Preventative Maintenance Plan.  This team of experts can work with any budget and any size business in coming up with a plan that saves you both time and money.  The best part about these plans is that they make budgeting for maintenance work simple and they provide the needed maintenance to keep you in compliance with any applicable manufacturer warranty you may have.

Don’t waste the valuable time you have during the winter ignoring your cooling unit simply because it isn’t being used.  Take this time to contact our team for a full evaluation.  Our quality service is why so many Jefferson County area Commercial cooling clients continue to choose us over all the rest.