cooling service in MissouriAmerican Services commercial Heating and Cooling installation in Jefferson County knows that a quiet, energy efficient alternative to traditional air conditioning in commercial buildings has been developed and is known as  Radiant Cooling.

This cooling process has been designed as a passive system. Radiant cooling uses off- peak electric power at night, minimizing the need for energy draining air conditioning operations during daylight hours.  This provides the flexibility in downsize chiller units, completely eliminating the need for individual air conditioning units.

The Radiant cooling process makes use of the energy storage capacity of concrete floors for the purpose of cooling the commercial
unit. In this cooling system, energy  moves to the cooled surface, thereby lowering ambient air temperature. Radiant cooling helps eliminate the drafts and temperature fluctuations commonly associated with traditional HVAC installed systems.

Radiant cooling is also effective in areas where high-glazing  and solar gain could be a concern. Radiant cooling is especially effective in avoiding problems with mold and allergens spread by forced-air systems. This makes Radiant cooling systems a perfect application for hospital and healthcare environments.

Radiant cooling systems offer many great advantages. They can be combined and work with existing HVAC  systems already in place to conserving energy during peak hours. Radiant systems offer the ability to accurately control and vary temperatures throughout the commercial installation.

Key Benefits
– Energy savings average from 17 percent in cold ,humid climates to 42 percent it warm dry climates.
– Effective for building designs incorporating large glass surfaces
that carry high direct solar loads
– Allows you to establish a centralized location for the control system and mechanical equipment simplifying installation operation and maintenance
– Systems can be designed to transfer heat away from one area of a building to another.