commercial cooling and heating in MOCooling a commercial building can be extremely expensive, in fact 40% of electricity costs are generated by the HVAC system.  With that in mind business owners need to make sure that they have the correct system installed for their building and that it’s working properly.

The first step in ascertaining if you have the right HVAC installed is to get a commercial energy audit performed by a professional.  The audit process should include an analysis of where your company is using the most energy and identify any places you are losing energy.  The first step of the energy audit should include a thorough inspection of the building including a thermal infrared scan to find any leakage points.  A visual inspection should also be performed at any entrances and exits, windows, the outer building and a check of the overall status of the insulation.  If any deficiencies are seen, they should be noted in detail as a part of the analysis.

The second step in this process is to go through options on how to repair some of the issues discovered in the analysis.  The repairs can run from the simple; more insulation, sealing leaks, to the more complex; replacement of equipment, ducting or a complete redesign.  For owners cost will of course come into play and it’s important that the audit includes not only detailed pricing information, but also a return on investment section so owners can make the best decision for their business.

Once all the analysis has been done the business owner and their chosen HVAC company need to come up with a logical plan of attack.  Sometimes this involves just a few repairs like tune ups or additional weatherizing, and sometimes this might mean a complete overhaul.  An overhaul would be especially true if you’re dealing with an older building that hasn’t been updated in quite some time.  HVAC systems have improved over the years, so a replacement of old equipment can end up saving money for business owners in the long run.  Also, modern systems have sophisticated control systems that can drive additional efficiency into the overall design.

The cooling of a commercial building is a complicated process, but it can be simplified if the right professionals are involved.  While all of this can seem daunting at first, with a little work at the beginning you just might find that you end up saving not only energy, but some money as well.

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