new cooling systems in IL American Services commercial cooling installation in Saint Louis knows that detailed planning long before you have a new cooling system installed will help with installation costs, and prevention of many of the “whatever can go wrong will go wrong” principle.

The rule here is that new installations don’t always go according to plan, so a little pre-calculating goes a long way. Most often maintenance staff can assume that once a new cooling system is installed it will function flawlessly forever. Unfortunately cooling systems are complicated machines and they malfunction sometimes.

Here are 4 common cooling system problems that occur frequently and their solutions. A preventative maintenance checks and services schedule should be implemented and scheduled on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This maintenance plan will promote both immediate energy savings and long range commercial cooling systems life span.

Refrigerant Leaks: Air conditioning units don’t use up refrigerant the way your car uses up gas. Rather the refrigerant cycles through the system and is used over and over again. If your refrigerant level is low it was either chargedĀ improperly during installation or there is a leak present. Adding refrigerant without fixing the leak will get very expensive very quickly. Consult a certified technician immediately to fix the leak and recharge the cooling system correctly.

Electronic Control Failure: Without fail most controls for the fan and compressors will wear out over time due to normal use and abuse. Corrosion of wire, terminals and other electrical components can lead to electrical control failure. All electrical contacts and connections should be inspected regularly according to your scheduled preventive maintenance checks and services
(PMCS) by a certified electrician.

Sensor Malfunctions: Thermostats are designed to read temperatures of the air to determine when the cooling system should activate or deactivate. When the cooling systems sensor develops a malfunction, the cooling unit could operate continually or erratically. Generally the fix is questionable- bending the wire that holds the sensor in place gently so it’s near the evaporator coil but not touching it-though most maintenance personnel prefer to leave this operation to a certified HVAC technician such as offered by American Services.

Drainage Problems: When left unattended or preventative maintenance is not being conducted in commercial cooling system installations, a disregarded drain clog could cause enormous water damage. Electronics and their components (computers, electric tools, and circuit breaker boxes) do not do well submerged in water. Once again a PMCS check would have prevented the clog line.Ā  Clearing out the condenser drain line and applying an algaecide treatment during every inspection can prevent drainage problems from developing in the future.