American Services cooling installation in Saint Louis knows that ensuring environmental comfort present a unique situation for ensuring the cooling of hotels is efficient and can keep up with the demand of the guests, especially if you are located in a warm climate. Even more challenging, if your hotel has aged over the years, you may be battling a building envelope that that is nowhere near air tight which makes cooling of hotels extremely difficult.

Old municipal water supply systems may be loaded with rust and sediment and old HVAC systems are prone to the challenges facing cooling towers. Being open to the sky, water in the tower constantly collects dirt, pollen, tree remnants, insects, as well as the ambient heat. Over the years, evaporated water leaves behind scale which form a substrate for bacteria colonies. Maintaining these types of hotel cooling systems opens up even more problems.

New technologies allows for old system retrofits which replace traditional outdoor evaporation tanks with systems that directs water from the heat exchangers back into the building, where it is filtered and recirculated through the cooling loop. Continually recycling clean, cool water dramatically reduces the energy consumption, and water and chemical waste.

As with any retrofit, it is important to consult with a professional who holds a license or certification for such applications. Additionally, the company should be able to provide you with reference of previous work they have completed. Many companies will provide multiple solutions to your hotel cooling needs and often the most common solution is to perform basic system maintenance to ensure the system is running at peak efficiency.

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