Save MoneyUsing a service contract for your HVACR service, repair, and maintenance needs is a great way to streamline the upkeep of your valuable equipment.  When used properly, this type of plan will allow for less interruption in your everyday business and keep those in your building the most comfortable.  Today, let’s talk about how utilizing a service contract can save you money, while providing the services you need for your HVACR systems.

The first way a service contract can save you money is by ensuring the optimal operation of your equipment.  This prevents the break-down of the systems within the units, allowing for the most efficient use of energy, which saves you money!  Secondly, if your equipment is properly maintained and repaired, your business will encounter less down-time due to malfunction or failure.  This keeps your business open and able to make money.  Finally, purchasing a service contract will save you money on things you will already pay for – such as emergency call-outs and preventative service.  Negotiate with your service contract writer to get a discount on parts or labor, or both and ask for a guaranteed response time.  All of these aspects can work together to keep your equipment in good shape, while allowing your business to run at an optimal level.

American Services has been serving the St. Louis market for many years and our team wants to serve you too!  Our professionally trained service contract writers can help you save thousands on the service, repairs, and maintenance you need to keep your unit running without interruptions in to your business. Feel free to contact us about getting your free estimate.  There is now obligation and we promise to treat you with the highest respect.  Thank you for considering American Services for all of your heating and cooling service near Overland!