hissingIs your HVAC system making frequent clicking noises that have you going a little bonkers?  Well, we have been chatting about heating and cooling systems here on behalf of your cooling installation in St Louis MO near University City.  When the weather starts to turn cold and you turn the heat for the first time, clicking should be a welcome sound as it signals your system is powering up. However, if your system is already on and you hear frequent clicking, something might be wrong.

From clicking to knocking, all the way to hissing, we are still spending our time discussing random noises emitted by your heating and cooling system in St Louis MO that may or may not be a problem requiring professional assistance.  According to our recent research into the nature of the noise, on behalf of your St Louis Cooling install near University City, we found that “If the recurring clicking sound is coming from your control panel or the outside compressor, this typically suggests that there’s a disruption in system relay. Our best advice is to monitor the clicking frequency and then consult an HVAC technician to help you resolve the issue.”

What about hissing?  “There’s good news and bad news when it comes to HVAC hissing.”  The good news, according to our recent heating and cooling research is that we rare quite sure there is no snake involved in your HVAC hissing.   The bad news is the reason you’re hearing the hissing is mostly likely because your ducts are leaking air.  Leaking ducts can lead to a sizable increase in energy costs as your system overworks to compensate for the lost air.  This can also lead to higher expense in HVAC repair, according to your Cooling Repair in St Louis MO.