cooling for commercial rooftops in MOAmerican Services Cooling and Heating installation near Fairview Heights knows that if your business is located in a hot climate, you may be interested in learning more about some simple ways to save on cooling costs.

Did you know that by simply painting your roof white you can save money on cooling costs for your commercial building? By making a roof more reflective you decrease the energy needs for cooling the building.

Cooling Your Commercial Building

Designing your roof to reflect sunlight allows it to absorb less heat by the sun.  There is a highly reflective paint, or a commercial sheet covering as well as highly reflective shingles and tiles that can be customized to just about any building.  Of course, when you roof is more reflective, the amount of energy to cool the building is significantly decreased.

Cool roofs work just like sitting under an umbrella on the beach significantly lowers the temperature of the air.  Just about any type of commercial operation can stand to save money by installing specialized tiles, shingles, paint or reflective covering designed specifically to cool the roof down by reflecting the sun.

Standard roofs can reach temperatures as high as 150 degrees in hot sunny climates, but a cool roof can lower that temperature by as much as fifty degrees, according to

Other benefits of cool roofs include;

  • Lowering cooling bills by decreasing air conditioning needs
  • Cooling indoor temperatures to increase comfort for spaces that are not air conditioned
  • Lowering temperatures significantly on commercial roofs which may also extend the life of the roof, decreasing overall maintenance expense
  • Decrease demand for  peak electricity
  • Lowering emissions from power plants which will help decrease the commercial buildings carbon footprint

To learn more about saving money on commercial cooling in Missouri, contact us today at American Services in St. Louis.