Measuring Attic Energy EfficiencyIt may be a little discouraging, but no matter how efficient or well cared for your HVAC unit is, if your insulation isn’t up to par, you will continue to waste money on your energy bills.  This is because your insulation forms the barrier that keeps the seasonal elements out and the cooled or heated air in your establishment.  Today, let’s answer just a few simple questions about insulation.

Should I have sheet rolls or blown-in insulation installed?

This depends on the type of space you are insulating.  Both styles of insulation will do the job as long as they are installed properly and in relation to the space it will be in.  This is due to the fact that insulation needs to fill all the cavities that need to insulated.  Having gaps in the insulation’s coverage will allow leaks that hurt the performance of the material.

Can I install insulation myself?  Is it safe?

Sheet rolls of insulation are fairly easy to install, but you will need to protect yourself when doing so.  When working with insulation it is important to wear protective clothing, eye gear, and gloves.  If you decide to DIY insulation without taking these precautions, you will end up with itchy, irritated eyes and skin.

How do I prevent condensation build-up in insulated areas?

To prevent condensation, you will need to use a vapor barrier.  This is something you do not want to skip as condensation build-up will lead to mold in the areas where it is not used.

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