industrial cooling in MissouriAmerican Services Industrial Cooling Service near Ballwin knows that with industrial cooling there are many options. Some of the most common systems are air cooled water chillers, industrial process chillers, closed-loop systems, and dry-type.

Air cooled water cooled chillers are typically compact units with an integral tank and pump that is designed to in temperatures up to around 110 degrees. New technologies with water cooled chillers allow for easy inspection and service as well as complete and easy monitoring of its operations.

Industrial process chillers are designed to be an all-in-one system to maximize productivity and minimize cost. These systems are easy-to-use and are flexible enough to be adjusted to meet individual requirements while accepting a wide range of water temperatures and fluctuating water flows.

Closed-loop water-cooling systems are designed for the most demanding equipment cooling requirements as well as severe environmental conditions. When the ambient temperature is extreme, these systems will consistently supply a water/glycol coolant mixture ranging between 20-90 degrees.

Another closed-loop system is the evaporative type cooling system. This type of system is a cost-efficient way to maintain consistent equipment cooling temperature with varying heat loads and environmental conditions. This system has improved cooling capacities that can be combined with dry-type and evaporative type cooling systems.

The dry-type cooling unit is also another type of closed-loop system. It is designed to prevent corrosion and provide high efficiency heat transfer. New technology in these systems allow for complete automatic operation. With the design to prevent corrosion, the service life is increased because scaling, liming and corrosion on coils, water jackets and heat exchangers is prevented.

Each system provides differing benefits. Make sure you check with an expert to determine the best solution for your application.