industrial cooling services in MOThe implementation of misting fans is considered the most effective method of cooling for large area commercial facilities. Some of these misting fans can provide up to 11,000 cfm. High pressure misting rings are attached to the surface of the fan. The moving air combined with the natural evaporative cooling power of mist is capable of cooling an area by 35 degrees if used properly. The result is an effective warehouse cooling tool that can cover up to 3000 square feet.

The best strategy is said to arrange cooling fans in opposite corners; if possible in all 4 corners of the warehouse.  Misting fans should be mounted up high in the corners. One misting pump can efficiently service all 4 misting fans.

Another effective cooling system is evaporative cooling; these systems can be ideal for spot cooling or warehouse cooling for smaller specific areas. The average sized evaporative coolers look similar to the 4×4 swamp coolers. Evaporative coolers are available with a revolving mist spout that effectively spreads cool air over a greater area. These are better applications for spot cooling in assembly areas or on loading docks, where approximately 500 square feet or less requires spot cooling. Another option is a 4 sided model that blows cool air from all 4 sides; however these do not cover a very large area. Place these 4 sided models into operation in the center of a designated work area for the spot cooling of everyone around the radius coverage of the machine.

The employment of misting systems can also be used for warehouse cooling applications, where open overhead doors or vents funnel warm air into the building. Installation of high pressure misting systems can be extremely effective in these environments. The goal is to suspend a wall of mist across every door. The process works like this, warm air coming in is evaporative cooled as it seeps through the warehouse in addition with high pressure misting.  The water actually evaporates into the air, with each dock door performing like a large evaporative cooler.

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