cooling maintenance in MO American Services Industrial Heating and Cooling service knows that Industrial Cooling Systems in Missouri have become commonplace in the United States and throughout the world over the last 50 years. Improved indoor environments and cooling systems enhance productivity in additional to lengthening the shelf life of perishable products, minimizing breeding grounds for bacteria, and make long distance transportation of products possible. The largest and most efficient cooling systems use water to cool the refrigerant. New technologies have improved the water treatment process in industrial cooling systems.

Hydrodynamic Cavitation (HDC) water treatment has been around for about 15 years and is one of the most innovative technologies for industrial cooling system water treatment. Two side-stream water loops are connected into the sump of the cooling tower. One loop acts as a side stream filter while the other loop is where condenser water passes through a pair of vortices and is accelerated to a very high velocity at the discharge. At the point of discharge, the two opposing water streams whose internal rotation is opposite from one another, collide, creating hydrodynamic cavitation, shear force and vacuum. The result is a sudden decrease of pressure into a vacuum state which forces the release of dissolved carbon dioxide from the water. The release of the carbon dioxide causes calcium carbonate to drop out of the solution into suspension where it is removed by filtration.

As with any industry, there are many other methods for water treatment. However, HDC has been identified as somewhat of a more “bulletproof” technology. Additionally, the system is relatively easy for operational personnel to see if it is working since it can be monitored remotely or on-site.