industrial cooling systems repair MOCooling systems such as industrial chillers designed for large commercial buildings must depend on either air flow, or a liquid like water as a distribution medium.

The cooled air is then circulated throughout the building through air ducts.  When water is utilized in industrial equipment for cooling, the chilled water is distributed through pipes. These are the very most common types of commercial air conditioning systems for large commercial buildings because it’s more economical.  Water has a higher heat capacity and the pipes take up far less space than the huge air ducts.  Chilled water is much more flexible to be utilized for zone control as well.

Chilled water will cool the air in the work space by being used by a distribution medium.  Industrial chillers work through air handling units or fan coils.  Usually air handlers are found in large commercial buildings, hospitals, and other oversized spaces.  In smaller commercial spaces such as small hotels, fan coil units are usually found. These units are usually controlled by thermostats.

In water chilling systems cooling towers and chillers comprise the commercial cooling system. Chilled water distribution systems utilize the same piping system as hot water systems use.  These systems could also supply heat.

There are 2 pipe and 4 pipe systems in chilled water air handlers and fan coils used to cool.  In a 2 pipe system there is only one water loop and one return pipe for each handler.  The commercial building can be in what’s called “switch over dates” when the chiller is shut down and the industrial boiler is started up.  The disadvantage to the 2 pipe system is that if the weather suddenly becomes unseasonable, it is not very likely that the cooling system can be suddenly switched back on.

A 4 pipe system on the other hand, uses 2 different water loops, one for heat and one for cooling.  This allows for simultaneous heating and cooling in separate parts of the building.  Consequently, a switch over is not necessary.  Of course 4 pipe systems are a bit more costly due to more expensive coils, controls and the extra water loop.

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