Industrial cooling chillers in MOIndustrial cooling chillers are a necessity to ensure productivity in the workplace.  Industrial rotary screw air cooled chillers incorporate new technology to ensure the same high reliability of previous chillers but allows for lower sound levels, increased efficiency, and a reduced footprint.  Specifically, advances in compressor design and performance make rotary screw air cooled chillers a viable option when seeking replacement of old equipment or when building a new facility.

The screw compressors were initially designed to replace design flaws that are found in reciprocating compressors.  One company leading the pack with the design of rotary screw air cooled chillers is Trane.  Trane has designed a helical rotary compressor and research has demonstrated a 99% reliability rating for the compressor during a one year period.  It is important to know that screw type chillers are produced by many companies and when seeking information, ensure that the company is reputable and will stand by their product.  It is also worth asking for contact information for other clients that have had similar systems installed to ensure the equipment has operated as expected.

With the use of helical rotary compressors there is no longer a need for a lot of extra moving parts.  A reciprocating compressor can have more than 15 times the number of critical parts as a rotary screw compressor.  Any time you have a mechanical piece of equipment, any part that moves has the potential to need replacement.  One of the great benefits of the helical rotary system is the reduction in parts that will potentially break.  Additionally, helical systems will typically have more durable parts compared to the reciprocating counterpart.

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