With the temperatures outside at below freezing, you may forget that your business is still using its cooling system.  Many older industrial buildings use a balance system called a hot and cold deck system.  Basically both systems run 24/7 with the heating and a/c running at the same time. Dampers control whether or not a certain room gets heat or cooling. This system makes temperatures comfortable in all of the rooms of your business. These systems are not usually found in newer buildings because of new codes and laws that demand more energy efficient systems.

Now if you are not getting proper maintenance, one of these systems could go down and that is when you will have some serious problems.  Usually the air stream is split into two separate ducts and either heated or cooled by a coil. The air is then mixed, right at the unit outlet in a multi zone system or at the terminal unit in a dual-duct system. The coils are designed to operate with no water-flow control.

These systems depend highly on their temperature sensors. Logs are kept of the temperature changes.  A repair professional can tell if they are not reading correctly. If the sensor is not placed in the correct location the system will not work properly.  Costing you money in wasted energy costs. Energy is wasted when the air flows get out of balance usually overtime due to alterations and changes in the internal heat loads. The farther apart the heat and cool temperatures are, the more energy is going to be wasted due to the excessive mixing at the terminal units.

So save your business a lot of time and money and have a proper maintenance routinely scheduled by your Florrisant heating and cooling specialist