commercial water chiller maintenance in MOIndustrial cooling system chillers are an essential component in your operation. Ensuring your industrial chiller is running at peak performance and recommended efficiency levels, it is often required to monitor several components on the chiller.

Any leaks in a closed-loop refrigerant system should be eliminated. In high-pressure chillers, refrigerant will leak out which will reduce the refrigerant charge and air will leak into low-pressure chillers. In a low-pressure refrigerant chiller, the air will collect in the condenser and displace the refrigerant vapor resulting in higher condenser pressure and temperature. This will lead to premature system malfunction and costly repairs. Most low-pressure systems are designed with a purge unit to remove unwanted air…pending your purge unit is functioning properly. It is important to check low-pressure systems for excess air and high-pressure systems for proper refrigerant levels and record all observations in a log book.

Incorrect levels of refrigerant limit a cooling system’s chiller’s capacity, increasing head pressure and energy consumption. Having incorrect levels also can decrease the evaporator temperature. For centrifugal chillers, monitor and log the sight glass levels in the evaporator shell. If there is a significant change in the log book over time, it is a clear indication that there is an issue with the system which should be investigated by a licensed professional. Bubbles in the liquid line sight class on reciprocating units indicate low level and high discharge pressure or low refrigerant temperature leaving the condenser for high levels. Again ensure that any out of the ordinary results in the log book are reported and investigated. Industrial chillers are relatively safe overall but a lack of preventative maintenance, such as monitoring leaks and levels can lead to disastrous situations.

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